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  1. Underdog

    What is the best performances on clay ever for both a tournament and a match?

    I’d like to hear your thoughts on this :)
  2. Underdog

    What about the Medium 3 Murray, Wawrinka and Delpo is there were no Big 3?

    How would their careers be affected and what would they achieve in addition? if* in the thread title
  3. Underdog

    How good is Andy Murray really?

    I mean, it’s obvious he’s not on par with his fellow Big 4, but how good he really is? Dude’s been runner-up 8 times, reached the final of every Slam including 5 times at the AO, won 14 M1000 titles missing only MC and IW (the latter he lost a final to Nadal), won two gold medals on different...
  4. Underdog

    Is Murray the greatest second fiddle ever?

    Is he? I mean, not only he was second to the most accomplished players ever, but also played amazing matched and got a few accolades for himself as well. If not him, who?
  5. Underdog

    The Big 3 retirement predictions

    Just for a bit of fun, what are your predictions on when, where, against whom and on which round will be each of the Big 3’s last career match. Federer - 2023, Wimbledon, Sinner, QF Nadal - 2025, Roland Garros, Alcaraz, SF Djokovic - 2026, Belgrade, Rune, F
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    Tennis best coaches right now

    Who are your top picks for best coach? Maybe a top 5, top 10.
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    How do you think Nadal’s early years compare to what we seen from Alcaraz physically?

    Not only the mind blowing athleticism, but also the body demand. A lot of people, myself included, believe that Nadal’s defensive physicality and never die mentality hurt his body on the long run. Do you think Alcaraz does the same?
  8. Underdog

    The Nadal serve at USO 22

    It’s pretty clear by now that Nadal isn’t playing his regular serving motion this US. I’ve seen many people here claiming the difference lies within his toss and thus he has been able to keep most of his power, but has struggled with precision and %. How do you think his serve now compares to...
  9. Underdog

    Is this draw really a cakewalk?

    Fognini on 2R, then from 4R on Tiafoe, Rublev/Norrie, Alcaraz/Sinner, Med. Is it truly as much a cakewalk as some people have been claiming it to be?
  10. Underdog

    The Big 4 as coaches

    Who do you think would make for a better coach between them? Also, if possible, which youngsters would you like to see coached by which Big 3 member? I think Murray would be the better coach and I’d like to see Nadal coaching Iga.
  11. Underdog

    Nadal coach staff

    Nadal is currently coached by Moya and Roig. Should he replace Roig for someone that would improve his fast court game? Maybe some serve, slice, flat hitting tweaks?
  12. Underdog

    Can the Ashe carry Serena to a last glory?

    Kontaveit put blame on the crowd after her loss yesterday. It’s clear the crowd has been pumping Serena up, but it surely will affect every opponent she faces. Can it be a deciding factor over her lack of match fitness?
  13. Underdog

    Kyrgios, what??

    Did Nick just spit on court after getting broken in the third being up 2-0?
  14. Underdog

    Coolest kit at USO 22?

    Thoughts? :)
  15. Underdog

    This pink addition to Nadal’s kit is horrendous

    The V shaped chest design doesn’t quite please me, but the pink details are terrible. If it were monochromatic it’d be an amazing kit. Loved this main color (burgundy?)
  16. Underdog

    Best match level ever for a Runner Up

    I’d like to hear your opinions. AO 09 and W 08 obviously come to mind, as well as AO 12. Not runners up, but Wawrinka AO13, Djokovic RG13, Nadal W18 and Verdasco AO09 deserve a shout out. I have to say Nadal AO 2012.
  17. Underdog

    An invitation on Rafael Nadal

    So, this isn’t by any means a GOAT thread. I don’t care if you think his a lesser player or you hate his antics (I get annoyed by it sometimes myself), but read this with a open mind, heart, actually: You see, sports are about people doing amazing stuff and letting it touch your heart and move...
  18. Underdog

    The Nadal Serve

    “Which serve?”, I know. I have been wondering if by now, considering how close he probably is to retirement, he should try going for that USO10 service motion. I understand it affected his health, but I wonder how much of a difference it could make for him in the last competitive faster court...
  19. Underdog

    Borrow one Big 3 shot

    Okay, here it is: Pick a player who never won a Slam, give him ONE shot from someone from the Big 3 to make him a Slam champion. I’ll go Monfils with the Djokovic BH. I like Gael and wish he’d win sometime.
  20. Underdog

    Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic are freaks of nature

    All right, so I went and watched the 2020 US Open final condensed and both guys were completely broken physically and mentally heading into that tiebreaker before the 4 hour mark. Meanwhile, at the AO12, Nadal and Djokovic were going at each other like their lives depended on it after 5 and a...
  21. Underdog

    Most unplayable sets ever?

    When a player gets his A+ game going. What are the best one set performances that you carry on your mind?
  22. Underdog

    Clutchest holds of serve ever

    So, in your opinions, which are the standouts for hold of serve when the serving player is facing a 0-40 and clutch his way around it?
  23. Underdog

    Post Big 3 era

    I know a lot of people, including myself probably, consider this particular generation of players weak and fear for what is to come after B3 retires. I’ve been thinking that we may actually have a very interesting future here. Of course we won’t be having five set EPICS like we’ve had between...
  24. Underdog

    Greatest Nadal level in a Slam

    It’s hard not to go with RG’ 08 here, I know. Stil, I have to say I truly admire the USO ‘10 level. All of it was amazing, from mindset to the night kit. What do you guys think?
  25. Underdog

    The Low-Powered Poly Census

    Hi, everyone. I’d like to hear your top 5 picks for low powered, control, spin oriented poly strings. Comfort not really an issue right now. For me: 1. Confidential 2. RPM Blast 3. Hyper G 4. Cyclone 5. 4G
  26. Underdog

    Post Big 3 rivalry wishes

    How do you see them coming after we lose the Big 3? Right now, all the half rivalries don’t like any interesting. They lack any spice, be it level, big stage match ups or conflicting styles. The most fun thing we have close to a rivalry is Med v Tsi because they mostly dislike each other lol.
  27. Underdog

    Solinco Confidential vs field

    How do you feel the Confidential compares to other high end copolys? Especially against HG and TB from Solinco itself I’m looking for a low powered, spinny, controled poly that maintains tension wel for a poly and won’t cost a kidney
  28. Underdog

    Pure Strike 3rd Gen vs TF40 305 vs EZONE 98 16x19

    How do you feel these racquets compare, which you consider best and which other sticks do you think fall along the same style and how they compare
  29. Underdog

    Best looking racquets

    Would like to hear your picks :) Performance racquets
  30. Underdog

    The Djokovic Backhand

    Every ATG has had an arsenal, a weaponry to blast through the field on their way to claiming titles, that’s well known. Still, do you guys feel that Djokovic’s backhand is the most pivotal for a player of them all? As in, the resource that makes the most difference. His backhand is so much more...