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  1. finalfantasy7

    Best 12 racket bag quality

    As the title suggest, what's the best 12 racket bag, I'm looking at quality more than anything. I've been looking at these two:
  2. finalfantasy7

    Monfils racket - anyone one actually owns it on it?

    If you do could you please put pic of it, a rough idea of the spec, and how it feels while playing with it
  3. finalfantasy7

    Adidas adizero Ubersonic v asiscs speed 3

    So basically i just want to know if anyone has tested these two, and the pro's and cons of each, ive read the reviews on both at TW, just like to know your lots opinion. So far im leaning towards ubersonics ion black/orange as the look better, as asiscs colours are too crazy and they lack...
  4. finalfantasy7

    Volkl PB 10

    Ok so ive been using this racket since last November, rotate this racket with PC600, ive current used all poly in it at 55lbs, and my last setup off big banger original has been at 44lbs - just to try a low tension. I preferred poly at 55lbs - as its generally my setup every time, that i can...
  5. finalfantasy7

    Need help - difference in PT10& PT10B?

    I know about the pt10, but whats the pt10b? whats the difference: a guys saying he has the pt10b in a actual flexipoint and not the flexi paint job- it actually has the holes on the side. So can you lot explain to me the difference between the pt10/pt10B. Edit 1 more question - in the...
  6. finalfantasy7

    Outdoor people HELP, cleaning+waterproof solution needed

    Basically i've got a waterproof berghaus , and it needs washing, ive lost the booklet which came with it, on tag it just says wash in non biological solution. My question is what should i be washing this with? what do you use, and after what should i be using to re-waterproof it- what do you...
  7. finalfantasy7

    Head custimisation help

    Dont know that much about tennis, i play semi western, flat hitter, tend to stay on basline. i use a head prestige mid TGK 237.1 my problem: I want to move my sweetspot to 12 0'clock (been told to put some lead tape at that position) but im looking for any tips in this thread, How much? (i...
  8. finalfantasy7

    curious handle foam?

    just wanted to know what type of foam do they use in a wilson k90? also anyone know what foam they use in a pro stock head prestige mid (tgk237.1) just curious as i really love the feel on the silicone in my head, might (if possible) try and buy some silicone and put it in my k90 handle? but...
  9. finalfantasy7

    Tretorns Tennis Balls

    has anyone used these balls , I've heard that they can last for months, what I'm wondering are, how do they play e.g comparable to other brand ball in spin, durability, power, feel? are they good to use outdoor? around how long they lasted you outdoor? which ones of there lines would you...
  10. finalfantasy7

    are tennis trainers better to use than running trainers

    as the title suggests, is their any difference between running trainers and tennis trainers. Ive never used tennis trainers, but i wear asics kayano 16 because there so comfortable. As my feet sloap inwards all the time - these asics stop that and have thick soles
  11. finalfantasy7

    MARAT SAFIN racket specs/mould

    i keep forgetting his specs/mould? can you lot actually tell me the mould numbers - is it pt57a/PC600??? is it a Head Liquidmetal Prestige or a Prestige Classic help me out please
  12. finalfantasy7

    DRY INK on carpet - help

    got a large ink stain on my thick cream carpet, what would you lot suggest to get it off, by the way im from the UK, so alot of ur U.S products are not sold here. ive typed in google and found basically everyone using RUBBING ALCOHOL, just bought some but wont come for a few days. last...
  13. finalfantasy7

    SLAZENGER tennis balls

    i play indoors and i gennerally use head radical - which i really dislike because they just good for hard hitting, can never get top spin out of them. when i pick up balls left by other people on the side which are slazengers - absolutley love playing with them, but dont know what model of...
  14. finalfantasy7

    opinions on fav synthetic guts

    basicaly just wanna know your lots opinions of really good synthetics guts? as this forum just really talks about natural/poly's as a student im finding it expensive to buy poly's and natural guts and only played tennis for 1.5yrs and play 1 a week, what ive read about people keep talking...
  15. finalfantasy7

    how to spot a fake racket?

    basically got another k tour 90 really cheap, it feels same as my first one, but on newly bought racket it says made in china on the bubble cap, wheres as my first k90 doesnt but both do say on throat designed in US made in china. how would i tell if its fake? is it easy to take off...
  16. finalfantasy7

    lead tape?

    basically want to add some extra weight a the head of racket, (k) SIX.ONE TOUR), but not sure where to attach it, heres pics below; or is is same position but where the grommets are - so inbetween the strings...
  17. finalfantasy7

    babolat black rubber strip

    basically on babolat rackets ive noticed that you get this (usually black strip) which is rubber and it goes ontop of the overgrip at the top to secure the overgrip. anyoneone know whats it called and where to purchase a few of them
  18. finalfantasy7

    Black Ops

    talk anything about black ops on here, how u doing, what level, likes/dislike about game and even add other people if you wanna give ur online name havent played on it that much because of uni work, just finish uni for christmas today so hopefully be playing on it loads, on on level 36- not...
  19. finalfantasy7

    1 question

    if a string says: 1.15mm 1.20mm 1.25mm 1.30mm could anyone help me, could you lot next to which one is 16gauge,17g,18g?please
  20. finalfantasy7

    got few strings, but which one 2 use

    got a wilson k factor tour 90, i play with a semi western grip, got signum pro tornado 1.23, mosquito bite, solinco tour 17, luxillon big banger, wilson natural gut... Ive already used the lux with wilson, but which other set up u think i should use, im a 4.0- baseline player player, barely go...
  21. finalfantasy7

    Tecnifibre X-One Biphase 17

    just wondering how many of you lot used this string? if so did you like/dislike it, how would you recommend this strings compared to other strings like: black code, signam tornado pro, barb wire, tour bite, black code etc. is it better to use as a full bed or just either on mains/crosses...
  22. finalfantasy7

    Need help please....

    hi, basically i use a k factor tour 90 - and just started to use semi-western grip including backhand, i only play 1 a week for 3 hours, problem is my knowledge of tennis isnt great here a few points i need help on: 1) friend keeps telling me to get synthetic gut - rather than poly's -...