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    Nike Vapor 9.5 AJ 3

    These look... interesting. No word on how limited the release is: August 26th Zoom Vapor Air Jordan 3 White/Fire Red - Cement Grey $200 709998-160 per: j23App twitter
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    What shoes was McEnroe wearing

    What Nikes was he wearing in the doubles final he won? Can't get a clear shot, looks like a Vapor but coloring seems off.
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    Nike Courtposite Breakdown

    I had these sitting in a box for about ten years, never thought they were that comfortable, but forced myself to use them this spring. The glue had deteriorated from lack of use and age and they basically came apart as I played in them. They were pretty comfy at the end of their run, and the...
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    CB 1.3 Lunarfoam Breakdown

    Finally wore out my last pair of CB 1.3s, thought I would break them down to check out the lunarfoam as I've never seen how Nike actually works it into the midsole. Basically the same as a regular air or zoom air unit. It is a totally separate insert of foam, but covers a much larger area of the...
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    New Life for Vapor V zoom air

    My Vapor Vs were on their way out so I decided to take out the zoom air packs to put into a new pair of Cole Haans that have heel Nike air but no forefoot air.
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    Personal Nike Collection

    I've seen multiple collections of shoes on the boards, never had a chance to post any of mine. Nothing extraordinary, just thought I would share. [/url] IMG_0206 by tcsparks, on Flickr[/IMG] [/url] IMG_0208 by tcsparks, on Flickr[/IMG] [/url] IMG_0209 by tcsparks, on...
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    Nadal RM027 Tourbillon Watch

    $525K?? This is pretty crazy The article mentions that he will wear it "on the court," but I assume it will be similar to when Fed puts his sponsor's watch on for trophy presentations.
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    Federer Trainer 1 PE

    Looks pretty sharp, not sure if it is exactly the colorway he wore at his last Davis Cup match. Too bad no release, just a PE for him alone. Via
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    Nike Ads from the 80s and 90s

    I was cleaning out a closet and found a file folder with a ton of Nike ads I had pulled from Tennis Magazine and SI during the 80s and 90s. Scanned them in to share. There are a few more I decided not to scan in because they were pretty boring pairs of Air Aces and other early 90s bland Nikes...
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    Michael Stich's mystery Nikes

    Anybody have any clue about these? Seems like he wore them around 96-98. White and red for Wimbledon and white and navy for hardcourt. Looks like a precursor to the Oscillates, with the stitching on the upper, but its hard to tell from the pictures. Interesting shoe, never saw it on anyone else...
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    Marcelo Rios' Mystery Nikes

    Any body know anything about these Nikes: Rios wore these in 1998 and early 1999 while making some deep runs at the...
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    Federer +41 Nike Product Installation

    some more limited nike items for Fed. no word on if any of these items will be released or promoted further. the +41 stuff is usually just for the installation and is treated as an art show. interesting stuff though, wonder if some of these logos will show up on future federer tourny shoes...