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    length added by different butt caps

    I recently switched out the buttcap on an old rebel 95 to the current green one sold by tw so I could use the trap door , and it is now a few mm longer than my other one. I made sure it is flush with the foam pallet. Got me wondering if there are slightly longer and shorter butt caps currently...
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    Hey Prince! Reissue the exo3 rebel 95 please!!

    This is such a great feeling and unique frame, and becoming hard to find in good condition. I really like my ats 95, but the rebel is on another level. If you can reissue the diablo and synergy, could you do this one too?? If it is not too much to ask, could you make it gloss black with black...
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    general Prince O-port sound and feel, or just mine?

    I recently bought an old Japanese Rebel 95 (AFAIK, same basic layup as US version but 310 unstrung) on on a whim and restrung it. It was a bit low on power (adding weight this weekend), but the sound it made on flat serves and forehand drives was really nice. Really loud. The sensation was...
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    I feel like I can always count on (type of shot) with (racquet).

    I feel like I can always count on an inside out forehand with a vcore pro 97hd.
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    Racquets that surprised you by being either more or less comfortable than you predicted

    I thought this might be a useful thread for ppl w arm pain trying to find comfier frames without just relying on RA values. Less comfortable than expected - vcore pro hd. feels flexy in the sweetspot, but found it kind of harsh off center. More comfortable than expected - pro staff 97cv...
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    Prince Japan Phantom F1

    (**edit - as mpournaras points out below, this basically appears to be a repainted synergy 98) For anyone interested, Prince Japan is apparently releasing a new phantom called the "F1" in in April - perhaps something similar coming to the US in 2022? According to the Lafino video, it is...
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    Isospeed Control Classic mains poly crosses tension question

    Has anyone control classic (or professional classic) as the mains in a poly hybrid? I had switched to Control Classic to get over some arm issues, which have since resolved. I have gotten pretty used to playing with it, but I would like to see if I can get a bit more spin out of my setup. So...
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    impact of tension if stringbed stiffness does not really change?

    I noticed isospeed control classic and a has fairly similar stiffness and energy return from 40 to 60lbs, according to twu. If a string has a relatively consistent stiffness at different tensions, are there other aspects of higher vs lower tension that should be considered when deciding what...
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    NXT Control vs Triax

    Has anyone played with both of these strings? I have two Vcore pro 97HDs, and use multis b/c of elbow pain. One racquet currently has triax (17g) and the other has NXT control(16g), both in the low 50s. If you are looking at this thread, you probably already know this, but both Triax and NXT...
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    Ashaway Monogut ZX arm-friendliness

    I currently use Velocity MLT and was interested in a full bed of ZX. However, I was wondering if, as it loses tension, it continues to be arm friendly like a multi would, or does it, like poly, start to get hazardous for your arm? In other words, can you play it safely until it breaks? I have...