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  1. brewcrew

    Is the need for a fairy tale happy ending an American thing?

    It wasn't Americans boo'ing Tiafoe for trying to win.
  2. brewcrew

    Laver Cup 2022

    Forehands in the middle. It’s the way the Bryan brothers always played.
  3. brewcrew

    Line call pet peeves

    The best part of clay court tennis is not a lot of line call disputes, but we had an opponent in a doubles league match last week call a ball out that was clearly half on the line. We could see the mark from our side and told him it was a really bad call and that he can check the mark after the...
  4. brewcrew

    Mac says Iga was borderline cheating.... I think not.....

    I think it should be considered a hinderance. But it's not "cheating" if the umpires clearly see it and choose not to award the other player the point.
  5. brewcrew

    Help with OHBH height/depth control - with video

    I haven’t read through all the comments, so apologize if I’m repeating anything already said, but an easy queue on making sure you are probably getting the full take back is to keep your head facing the ball and turn your body enough that you can place your chin on your shoulder. This should...
  6. brewcrew

    Why exactly is Jack Sock always in Laver Cup?

    Are they going to replace Isner since he’s hurt? They need to add big Foe.
  7. brewcrew

    Is it ok to swing the raquet on the wrong side of net.

    If the ball bounces on your side of the net and spins back over the net you can reach over the net to hit it. If you touch the net you lose the point. If you hit the ball out of the air on your side of the net and your follow-through takes you over the net to their side, that is ok. Again...
  8. brewcrew

    Wawrinka or Roddick the superior tennis player?

    If not for Fed, Roddick would definitely have several more GS. Roddick lost to Federer in 8-grandslams. 4 GS finals, 3 semifinals and 1 quarterfinal.
  9. brewcrew

    Simulate feel of 2 month old hardly used Poly

    Prestrech and then string in the low-40s?
  10. brewcrew

    I wouldn't say Alcaraz is finished, but is he not as good a player as we initially thought?

    He lost a final. Not like he was bounced in the 1st round. He is still 41-7 YTD, which is not bad for a 19 year old. Yes, anyone who thought he would win every single match this year over hyped him.
  11. brewcrew

    Medvedev Enters His 10th Week at #1

    Wimbledon doesn’t count, so of the one’s that count Med, Nadal and Djok all have 1.
  12. brewcrew

    Can only the "entitled" in America become top tennis players?

    The 100th best tennis player in the world barely makes a living. The 100th best baseball or football player might be the best player on their team and making 10M per year. It’s a calculated risk for the highly atheletic kids.
  13. brewcrew

    Serve Advice

    A couple things: - Your arm motion is very smooth. - Your unit turn is good, but you come out too early and all your weight then goes on your front foot. This is what is causing your front foor to slide forward. Try practicing serving with your front foot slightly off the ground, which...
  14. brewcrew

    Serve worse on clay courts?

    It’s probably in your head. Spin and placement matter more on a clay court, because serves tend to slow down and sit-up more than on a hard court. I generally don’t hit a flat serve when I play on clay except as a change of pace. Try to focus on putting more slice and kick than you normally...
  15. brewcrew

    Life after Srsh Thread

    What is this place? And why did I just stay up all night reading 400 pages of gobbledy-gook?
  16. brewcrew

    Horror stories of choking, losing big leads, etc.

    Lol! Truth is a good high deep ball with a lot of topspin is tough for anyone. It is way too tempting to go for too much too soon. The only effective way to attack it is to stand on the line and take it early, and that's a riskier play.
  17. brewcrew

    Horror stories of choking, losing big leads, etc.

    You would think so... :-D The main thing I have to learn is patience, which is not my strong suit.
  18. brewcrew

    Horror stories of choking, losing big leads, etc.

    I was up 6-0, 5-2 and serving for the win against a guy in a league match a couple years ago and he started moon balling me. I lost my rhythm completely fell apart and didn't win another game. Lost 6-0, 5-7, 0-6.
  19. brewcrew

    Why are Djokodal so hard to beat in BO5?

    I would gander they spend less time and effort on fitness. I think it is a symptom of a generation that came of age in the internet and social media era. Too many mental distractions to build the foundation.
  20. brewcrew

    2022 Wimbledon R16: [2] Rafael Nadal vs [21] Botic van de Zandschulp

    Botic spraying UFE all over the place. Clearly could never control the nerves. Rafa never had to do anything special. Served well, but otherwise played safe balls.
  21. brewcrew

    Should Kyrgios-Tsitsipas Be On Centre Court?

    I don’t think they want any 5-set matches on center. Need to preserve the grass.
  22. brewcrew

    D1 programs with indoor tennis facilities?

    GA Tech has indoor courts.
  23. brewcrew

    Laver cup teams... if anyone is interested

    It was mostly a poor attempt at a Brexit joke.
  24. brewcrew

    Laver cup teams... if anyone is interested

    Shouldn’t Murray being playing for team World?
  25. brewcrew

    Gotta admit it, I’m pissed

    Be mad at the corporatist cronyism and the politicians bought out by big pharma.
  26. brewcrew

    Nadal Won't Play Wimbledon

    I imagine he will still want to make a go at the Tour Finals since he has never won it.
  27. brewcrew

    Rafa fans. Who do you want to see him play in the final? Cilic or Ruud?

    Not a Rafa fan, per se, but I would say the points with Cilic will be shorter, so should help him to go longer (although it being a final he's going to lay it all out regardless), but he probably matches up better with Ruud.
  28. brewcrew

    Zverev's Fall Looks Painful

    We have ****ty clay courts so I have done this a few times sliding and getting my foot caught. It's so hard to tell on these injuries until they can get in and do an x-ray. I rolled my ankle very similar to this on a clay court and heard an audible "pop" and couldn't put any weight on it, but...
  29. brewcrew

    2022 Roland Garros R4: [2] Daniil Medvedev vs. [20] Marin Cilic

    This is the last Peacock exclusive match.