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  1. djokovicgonzalez2010

    Roger Federer to do AMA on Reddit

    Unsure if there are any Redditors on here, but if there are, upvote it and ask Fed something!
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    Legalizing racquet breaking

    I think it needs to be done. Anyone want to join me? The rule hurts entertainment value, and probably quality of play as well. I know so many people who would like tennis more if there was more emotion on...
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    RG qualies

    Is there no thread on this? Didnt see one Final rd Bolgomolov v Darcis Veic v Bolelli Hernych v L Mayer Kuznetsov v Robert (Brezack/Gremelmayr) v (Lorenzi/Jouan) Marti v Harrison (Meffert/di Mauro) v (Reischick/Falla) Schoorel v (Agulair/Souza) Phau v Minar (Bautista-Agut/Gensse)...
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    ATP 250- New Haven (w/incredible Qualifying Draw)

    2 Top 32 players are in qualifying... I guess they were too late to enter. Kinda funny in an event with 3 top 32 players total. Also, is Andrew Anderson Kevin's brother? He beat Fognini in r1 of qualifying... Anyways... Verdasco is the defending champion, but not playing. Davydenko, last...
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    Incredibly Awful Mental Match

    Prior to yesterday, I had never lost a match from a set down, and was generally regarded by fellow players as one of the people with the best mental strength. well, this should change that. I lost: After winning the 1st set After having match point After serving for the match After being 2...
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    Rank The Top 32 Mentally

    Or Top 8, 16, whatever in order of mental toughness
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    Who looked strongest in early rounds?

    Federer- Has dropped 3 sets Nadal- Has dropped 2 sets Djokovic- Has dropped 2 sets Murray- Perfect set record Roddick- Has dropped 1 set Soderling- Perfect set record Has not dropped serve Ferrer- Has dropped 1 set Tsonga- Has dropped 3 sets Berdych- Perfect set record Who do you...
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    Cleanest match in history?

    If you believe these stats, Montanes made 14 UEs in a 5 set match. Real?
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    Murray, Soderling, or Davydenko at #4?

    It all hangs on Wimby... And given Murray's recent level of play, it does not seem unlikely. A Murray 5155 N Davydenko 4785 At Wimby, Murray is defending SF. Given his recent form, reaching this seems a bit of a stretch. Davydenko is defending 3r. Potential changes Murray 4r...
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    ATP 250- 's-Hertogenbosch

    Becker defending champion. Draw released tomorrow.
  11. djokovicgonzalez2010

    ATP 250- Eastbourne

    Simon has reportedly gotten a WC, can't confirm though... Tursunov defending champion, but can't see that he's playing. Draw released tomorrow.
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    Davydenko is back (finally)

    From the Halle website, and translated incredibly poorly If you speak German, I'd like some help here Nice to see him back at last, sad how he just missed his best slam though
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    Week 2 of RG

    Alright, so congrats to the 16 survivors, including 7/top 8 seeds (Roddick, 3r) My little conclusion: Roger Federer (SUI-1) - No sets dropped, but the form isn't too great at the moment. Reister domination, but really, Reister? Still, playing a headcase next round, that headcase being...
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    RG RO32: Söderling vs Montañés

    I think this is gonna be a good one... It'll be a classic Soderling 6-1 6-4 4-6 6-7 (3) 6-4
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    Mac mini

    I am tiring of using my mother's computer or my PC (aaah!) So I was thinking of getting a used Mac mini and a cheap (Asus, I think) monitor. What I was wondering was is it really powerful enough for an active computer user to use it as their chief computer? 1 GB memory sounds a bit underpowered...
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    Nalbandian could well miss RG

    :confused: Oh, david...
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    ARAG World Team Cup

    First held in 1978, the ARAG ATP World Team Championship is a prestigious competition between nations hosted at Düsseldorf’s Rochusclub. The first seven countries with the lowest aggregate South African Airways ATP Ranking position of their top two players on November 17, 2008 qualified for this...
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    ATP 250- Open de Nice Côte d’Azur

    The ATP in December announced a change in the 2010 ATP World Tour calendar with a tournament in Nice (France) replacing Kitzbuehel (Austria) in the week of 17 May. The ATP World Tour 250 event will be played on the clay courts of the Nice Lawn Tennis Club the week prior to Roland Garros.The Nice...
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    Rank the top 16 best clay courters pre-RG

    2010 ONLY 1. Nadal 2. Ferrer 3. Verdasco 4. Ferrero 5. Djokovic 6. Montanes 7. Gulbis 8. Federer 9. Almagro 10. Murray 11. Monaco 12. Andreev 13. Wawinka 14. Soderling (rather lackluster this year so far) 15. Hanescu 16. Querrey Gonzalez will play RG, but missed the rest of...
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    Top 8 win-loss records vs themselves

    The current list * Federer is 13-5 * Djokovic is 7-5 * Nadal is 0-13 * Murray is 4-5 * del Potro is 7-3 * Davydenko is 9-6 * Soderling is 8-10 * Roddick is 4-3 THE FOLLOWING IS NO LONGER TRUE AND IS ARCHIVAL ONLY Federer is 14-5 (74%) Djokovic is 7-6...
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    The Injury Thread

    Other forums have this, and I thought we should too... Injuries of major players in the ATP.... any you know of, let me have em... I'll start us off Nikolay Davydenko - Wrist- Nice? Juan Martin del Potro- Wrist- Late 2010/Early 2011 Fernando Gonzalez- Knee- Roland Garros Gael...
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    Serbia Open- ATP 250

    Rochus and Gasquet sure love each other.
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    Glad to see Nole breaking rackets again

    After becoming really emotionless, Djokovic is finally reacting to losing the way he should. He plays off emotion, as he must. Just compare his losses to Verdasco in the scoreline, and how much more of a fight he puts up when he dares show emotion. He can win on fight alone vs lower players...
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    TTW Spamming question

    In response to the ever-present request for streams in the Pro Match Results forum, I created a website Using the free services and While response has been mostly positive, there have been some people who have said that, even though the site is not making me money (the ads are...
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    (2) Soderling vs (5) Verdasco- ATP Barcelona Final

    Who will win? Uploaded with
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    Collapse of the Top 8

    What has happened??? The end of 2009 looked great for 2010, all the players (excepting Nadal) in good form and promising. The AO 2010 went according to the script and then.... it all went wrong 1. Roger Federer- What has he done? Seriously.... Since the AO, he is 0-2 against Top 32...