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  1. Powderwombat

    Can someone explain why "Year End #1" is even given the time of day?

    This seems like such a pointless statistic. Some people use this instead of weeks at #1, which makes much more sense. Why does it matter who is #1 at the end of the year? Someone could be #1 for 50 weeks and could drop to #2 at the very end of the year - they still had a better year than the...
  2. Powderwombat

    Doubles tactics

    How the hell do you win doubles matches when your net man just sits at the net and you end up rallying endlessly crosscourt with the enemy? I've resorted to being ultra aggressive and just going at the net man to either hit a winner or force an error, rather than simply looping the ball...
  3. Powderwombat

    Driving through the ball at contact

    This is one of those things that everyone talks about but I'm trying to understand why/how it helps, because I feel that it does. The ball makes contact with the strings for only a split second, so what does "driving through the contact zone" do if the ball is only interacting with the racquet...
  4. Powderwombat

    Let's talk about the word "pusher"

    Too many players get called a pusher - I guess by clueless fans who don't understand the sport. I've seen Nadal, Djokovic, Medvedev all get called pushers. To me, a pusher is someone who maybe is just starting out and say they're playing a competition, their strokes are horrible so they rely on...
  5. Powderwombat

    Technifibre Quality Control

    In terms of buying 2+ racquets of the same model, how does Technifibre stack up against the other brands in terms of specs remaining as close as possible?
  6. Powderwombat

    Kyrgios has a shot at the AO

    If he can hang with Roger Federer like he did tonight he might go real deep in this tournament. He's playing super well. Let's see what he does.
  7. Powderwombat

    Nick Kyrgios is the most genuine guy on the tour

    Especially compared to the big 3. Federer - false modesty, temper comes out when he starts losing. Must be real hard to be classy when you win like 85% of all your matches your entire career. His statement in response to Greta Thunberg was as if a PR person wrote it. Nothing but corporate...
  8. Powderwombat

    Fastest player at their peak - De Minaur or Hewitt

    Both lightning quick - what do you think?
  9. Powderwombat

    Thoughts on this bit of coaching from Nick Bollittieri

    At about 0:50 he goes up to the kid and is criticising his backswing size. Starts telling him to take it straight back ala Connors and McEnroe. What's he on about? The kid's arm doesn't even go above his chest level on the backswing. Wonder how many shots this guy has destroyed in his years. His...
  10. Powderwombat

    Key elements of Agassi forehand

    What do you think the best takeaways are from Agassi's forehand. I love how simple and efficient it is. Seems to be racquet straight back to 5 o'clock, he does bring his hands up to about shoulder level on takeback for a bit of a loop. Left hand stays on racquet a long time for good shoulder...
  11. Powderwombat

    How is Djokovic so CONSISTENT from the baseline?

    Yet he seems to be hitting just as hard as Federer or at least in the same vicinity during their rallies. How the hell does he miss so rarely? I mean this is nothing new but it was really noticeable during the final.
  12. Powderwombat

    Noone likes Novak lol

    Fedsie gets a standing ovation with forced stoppage of play when he gets 2 break points ROFL.
  13. Powderwombat

    What was Agassi's baseline game strategy?

    He looked as though he was absolutely caning every single ball, and yet made very few unforced errors. How was he able to basically hit hard and consistently?
  14. Powderwombat

    Has Rafa ever written about his mindset during a match?

    Has he written anything in his books at all? Interested to know how he controls his emotions so well. What about Sampras/Fed/anyone else? How do they do it?
  15. Powderwombat

    Barricade 2018 causing blisters on side of instep

    Has anyone else had this issue? I had the 2017 (yellow + black) model and they also have the plastic bit...I seem to recall it hurt once or twice in the same area but after a few times wearing them they were fine. The 2018 version I've worn probably 5 or 6 times and still am getting rubbing on...
  16. Powderwombat

    Buttcap trap door issue - Yonex DR98

    Hello TW, I have just noticed my buttcap trap door is quite ugly now - I think the plastic covering has somehow come off and whatever it is underneath (silver foil or something) has been all scratched up. Pic here: I'm guessing the green has just come off...
  17. Powderwombat

    Yonex buttcap has basically turned completely silver/gray (rust maybe?)

    Has anyone ever had this happen to their buttcap? It's very strange, on one of them it's completely covered in it and seems to be outside the plastic area, and the other one is mostly normal but you can see it starting to form on the logo, but the plastic cover is still untouched. This is just...
  18. Powderwombat

    How do you determine when you want a new racket?

    This is for the people who use a particular model of racket exclusively - how do you know when you should switch to something else?
  19. Powderwombat

    Why is tennis scored on sets and not games?

    What's the reasoning for this? Why not count total games and award the winner based on that? Besides "it's the way it's always been done"??? What's the logical reasoning?
  20. Powderwombat

    League decides winner on total GAMES won, not sets

    We have lost quite a few matches after winning on sets but losing by 1 or 2 games it's absolutely infuriating to have won more sets but get judged the loser because you won 1 or 2 fewer pointless GAMES. This is such a stupid scoring system, as it's just not the way tennis is scored. It has...
  21. Powderwombat

    How does Federer get such massive lag on his forehand?

    Is it simply that his grip is THAT relaxed it allows the racket to flip back?
  22. Powderwombat

    Is this an easier way to explain directionals to someone?

    I've seen that Wardlaw video about the directionals, and he goes on about you have to think about where the ball is coming in relation to your body, whether it's crossing or not crossing, then you have to think about whether you need to change direction or NOT change direction of the ball. But...
  23. Powderwombat

    Does anyone else get sheepish announcing the score when you're demolishing someone?

    Like If it's 4-1 40-love or something I kinda feel awkward yelling the score out since this guy's just being destroyed, the last thing I want to do is rub it in. But I know that it's good practice to do since it avoids confusion in the score.
  24. Powderwombat

    Mixed doubles ladies complaining about ball being hit near them

    So opponent man is serving, I'm receiving, couple of shots from the baseline and I get a short ball at the service line, I move in and pound it down the line, lady at the net is really nowhere near it, but starts ******** about "ohh yea that bodyline stuff is not alright by me" or something. I...
  25. Powderwombat

    Things to say to doubles partner when they make an error

    At the moment I'm just saying bad luck or something...any better things to say to give them a boost?
  26. Powderwombat

    Which direction is weak/strong grip?

    If someone has a "strong eastern forehand grip", does that mean it's more towards semi-western or continental? Which direction is classified as "strong" and why?
  27. Powderwombat

    Which direction is weak/strong grip?

    If someone has a "strong eastern forehand grip", does that mean it's more towards semi-western or continental? Which direction is classified as "strong" and why?
  28. Powderwombat

    Asics tread patterns

    What's up with all the Asics tread patterns? They call them "modified herringbone" but there's very little herringbone on them...compared to Adidas which generally have more. The Asics would be fine on hard courts but on syn grass covered with sand where you need a bit of grip, they look pretty...
  29. Powderwombat

    Tips for doubles 1 up 1 back vs 1 up 1 back?

    The league I play everyone plays this formation, including my own are there any good strategies besides avoid hitting to the net player? Is that the basic strategy of this? I mean it sounds almost too simple. Rallies basically go crosscourt baseliner to baseliner until there's a...