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  1. Craig Sheppard

    Return after Torn Hip Labrum

    Has anyone here had a torn labrum in their hip repaired? How long did you take to get back to hitting? I had mine repaired in 2 places about 5 weeks ago and just got off crutches. Feels good to walk again, wish I could go hit some but I know I can't. Wont even be trying to get on court for 4...
  2. Craig Sheppard

    K-Swiss Defier Misoul & my wide-load feet.

    Wanted to add my 2 cents to the Misoul party since a few other TWers had tried them. Bought the K-Swiss Misouls off TW about 2 weeks ago. Got a chance to play 3 times in them, 2 hard court & 1 clay session, about 6 hours in total. Bottom line first: These are solid, classic feeling tennis...
  3. Craig Sheppard

    Twitter users?

    Just wondering if there are any twitter users on here? Did a search, didn't come up with anything... Searched twitter and found a few mentions of Tennis Warehouse. Follow me @craigsheppard if you want... Anyone else tweet tennis-related stuff?
  4. Craig Sheppard

    Fischer Magnetic Tour grommets?

    Has anyone found a source for these? I placed an order for 6 w/ TW a while ago, but they're on backorder w/ a "who knows when" type date... Checked most major online retailers, nothing doing with these... it seems Fischer grommets in general are hard to come by. Has anyone had better luck w/...
  5. Craig Sheppard

    Review: Wilson Trance All Court

    For the past 3 weeks I have been wearing the Wilson Trance All Court. For some background information, I have a rather wide, E-width foot with a higher arch and a lot of volume trough the middle--a very rectangular shape and admittedly hard foot to fit. For comparison's sake, I currently wear...
  6. Craig Sheppard

    Problem with "View Large" product image

    Is anyone else having trouble when you click on the "View Large" icon in any shoe product page? It takes me to another page, but no product image is displayed. Wondering if others are having this trouble too.
  7. Craig Sheppard

    How many calories do you burn in a normal day?

    Pretty much the title... how does one calculate how many calories you burn in a normal day, say w/o any extra exercise, just normal walking, talking, and sitting, etc.? I have heard on average it's 2000, 2500, 3000... clearly it has to be different for a 130 lb male w/ little muscle mass and a...
  8. Craig Sheppard

    K-Swiss Ascendor SN SLT

    TW, do plan on stocking the synthetic leather version of the Ascendor SLT? Thanks!
  9. Craig Sheppard

    Push-ups, pull-ups, and the shoulders.

    For the fitness experts out there, do you think doing various kinds of push-ups and pull-ups provide enough work for the shoulder joints to help reduce shoulder injuries in tennis? I am wondering if by doing exercises of this type, am I missing anything that other exercises would provide for...
  10. Craig Sheppard

    Lotto Raptor Syn-Pulse Review

    TW, A few of your reviewers of the Lotto Raptor Syn-Pulse commented that the toe box of this shoe really opened up after some initial break-in. If any of the reviewers are available, could they elaborate on this at all? Would they say that it opened up as much as a 1/2 size? Maybe a...
  11. Craig Sheppard

    Any new K-Swiss?

    Does anyone know if any new K-Swiss models are coming out shortly? Maybe in the 1-2 month time frame, I really need a new pair to kick off the season...
  12. Craig Sheppard

    International shipping newbie

    Could anyone explain the best way to ship a package internationally from the US? I've followed the debates/arguments on shipping from TW, but what about in general? Specifically I'm talking about shipping from US->UK. Nothing overly large or heavy, just a normal package, maybe size of a...
  13. Craig Sheppard

    Zym tablets, recommended usage

    What is the recommended amount of water to use w/ the Zym tablets? In other words, how much electrolyte drink does each tablet make? Would 1 tablet flavor 8 oz of water, 16 oz, 1L, etc? Thanks.
  14. Craig Sheppard

    Thank Gawd the NFL is back

    Wow is it nice to park it on Sunday and watch the games!!!! Nothing's as good as the NFL.
  15. Craig Sheppard

    Courier quotes Agassi about poly strings...

    Did anyone hear Jim Courier's quote last night about what Agassi said about poly strings? When they were testing out new Luxilon strings back in the day, Agassi strung some up for the first time, took it for a test drive, and told whoever (I believe he said the ATP), "You have to either make...
  16. Craig Sheppard

    OMG J-Mac says Colin Farrell is GOOD LOOKING!

    Is he gay? .. .. .. Of course not. You people are ridiculous.
  17. Craig Sheppard

    USTA Player Development Digital Library

    Just thought you might all like to look at this site: It's the USTA's Player Development Digital Library. It contains videos and stills of the shots of many, many pro players. Want to see step-by-step...
  18. Craig Sheppard

    Gamma Revelation 17 mislabel?

    TW, Your product description for Gamma Revelation 17 says it's 1.27mm in diameter. Yet if you look at the product package in the enlarged view, it clearly says 1.32mm on the package. That sounds like a 16 gauge diameter. Have there been some shenanigans in the graphics department? Which is...
  19. Craig Sheppard

    Barricade I fit vs. other Barricades

    Can anyone who owns the BI comment on the fit of these in comparison to other Barricades? They look slightly different to me in their proportions...
  20. Craig Sheppard

    Who uses StumbleUpon?

    Wondering if there are any StumbleUpon fans here? It's probably the best time waster available today! BUT... I have found some of the coolest and most helpful sites on the web using it. It's the best way to kill time on the internet that I know of... Like when you just want to zone out at...
  21. Craig Sheppard

    No-Ad Scoring or Super Tiebreak?

    If you had to chose a way to shorten matches and keep them to a reasonable time, would you rather have full 2 out of 3 sets w/ No-Ad scoring, or a 10-pt Tiebreak to decide the 3rd set?
  22. Craig Sheppard

    Super Tiebreak to decide NTRP matches?

    So just 2 years ago, I was playing 3 hour matches with full 3rd sets. This year it seems everyone has converted to the 10-point "super" tiebreak to decide the 3rd set in NTRP tournaments. Senior age-bracket tournaments don't seem to do this though. Is this a new USTA rule that NTRP...
  23. Craig Sheppard

    USTA Singles League

    Here in the Raleigh area they just started a USTA Summer Singles League. Is this nationwide? If you live in a different area, is your local chapter running a Singles league? It involves a weekly match w/ 3 singles matches, max 7 people on a team. Was wondering how widespread this new league...
  24. Craig Sheppard

    Diadora Attax DA 2

    Anyone wear these shoes? They only have 2 feedback comments and a search pulled up nothing... How do you like them? Also, please post what you also have worn in the past and what size... trying to gauge how the fit compares to other shoes.
  25. Craig Sheppard

    Outseam measurements on shorts

    TW, noticed on the new BB shorts you also listed the outseam measurement. Can i urge you to do this for all new shorts you add to your product line? Using only inseams makes it tricky to gauge how far down a short leg will fall because of the rise of the fly... but the outseam is always the...
  26. Craig Sheppard

    Visiting ATP Masters Cincinnati -- two big thumbs up

    I just got back from the ATP Masters Cincinnati. I went with the goal of seeing as many players as possible in person--either practicing or playing a match. I have to say, Cincinnati blew away my expectations... If you want to see players up close and personal, go as many days as you can. I...
  27. Craig Sheppard

    Is Chris Edwards the Survivorman?

    Come on man, fess up. Was that you in the Kalahari? Survivorman scales mountains, Chris tries to scale the local pier... or maybe you guys just have the same hair stylist? ;-)
  28. Craig Sheppard

    Who taught Roddick how to volley?

    No really, who did? Because he has some of the worst technique I can imagine a pro having. Why does he always look like he's falling down at the net? Is that actually a forehand grip he's using to hit volleys with? There's a reason volleys are supposed to look pretty... it means you're in...
  29. Craig Sheppard

    Head Extreme w/ burgundy paint & crossbar?

    Was at a tournament this weekend and saw a guy playing w/ a racket that had a Head Extreme-type paint job, yet it was dark red / burgundy and had a crossbar. Does anyone know what this racket is? I've never seen it before. I thought dark red was reserved for the Prestige. But the crossbar...
  30. Craig Sheppard

    Help with pull-ups

    So say you want to do pull-ups and don't have access to one of those cool machines that lets you set a certain amount of weight to assist you. All you have is yourself and a pull-up bar. Well, when you're starting out, especially if you weigh a good amount, it's pretty hard to do a lot of...