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  1. sargeinaz

    Volkl V-Sense 10 Tour update?

    Hi, Just wanted to know if you had any information on whether or not the Volkl V-Sense 10 Tour will get an update/second generation or not. Thanks!
  2. sargeinaz

    Volkl C10 Pro advanced stats

    is it possible for TW to measure the advanced stats for the c10 pro? Things like the power map, twist weight, vibration frequency etc. I can't be the only one who's wanted to know this. Thanks in advance.
  3. sargeinaz

    Volkl c10 pro advanced stats

    is it possible for TW to measure the advanced stats for the c10 pro? Things like the power map, twist weight, vibration frequency etc. I can't be the only one who's wanted to know this. Thanks in advance. Edit: my apologies. I meant to post this in the TW questions/comments section. I'll...
  4. sargeinaz

    Adidas GTM/GTO rackets?

    I see a lot of these on the bay and was wondering if anyone had info about either stick like specs and also how they hit? They look pretty cool, almost like a more modern version of the white stars. Are they anywhere as good as the old kneissls or the original lendl adidas rackets? Any info...
  5. sargeinaz

    Volkl Tour 10 MidPlus Gen 1 re-release?

    Hi TW, Is there any possible way that TW could have volkl make a run of volkl tour 10 Gen 1 midpluses? There are a few board members who still swear by them and many people claim it's volkl's best 10 series racket ever. I remember it was one of the options on the poll you had before the PS85...
  6. sargeinaz

    Yonex grip replacement

    I know that stock yonex grips are really thin. They are also very difficult to find, TW does not carry yonex replacement grips or pretty much anywhere I look (I tried searching for the RDS001 base grip). So my question is, what do you all use to replace your yonex base grip with that would...
  7. sargeinaz

    Yonex R-20 specs/info?

    Does anyone know the specs of the yonex R-20? What its composition is? Or have any hitting impressions of it? It seems to be less popular than some other R-series sticks. Thanks in advance, it would be much appreciated!
  8. sargeinaz

    Volkl Tour 10 V-Engine Midplus questions

    Can anyone provide some feedback on this frame? Anyone still swinging it? The specs TW had of it look right up my alley. 16x19 pattern that's on the stiffer side for a volkl, yet still under 12oz and a swingweight of 320 which are my ideal specs. I heard it had nice pop as well which I would...
  9. sargeinaz

    Turbotwist gauge with n95

    Hi everyone, I have a wilson n95 in the 16x18 and Ive decided I want to try turbotwist for the first time (this would also be my first poly ever) and wanted to know if I should get the 17 or 17L gauge and why? Im not a string breaker so thats not an issue and I normally use either vs17 at 55lbs...
  10. sargeinaz

    String choice for ProStaff 85

    Just wondering what string people use in their PS85 and why? I've never used a PS85 and was curious as to what string goes well with it. I know people use VS gut, but was curious is people have had success with multis or polys as well. Thanks in advance. Edit - whoops, thought I put this in...
  11. sargeinaz

    Sergio Tacchini warm up restock?

    Hi TW, I noticed you have sold out of all the small and medium sizes of the Sergio Tacchini Men's Tamarindo Warm-Up. I wanted to know if you were going to be getting any more of them, particularly in the Smoke Grey w/Cobalt & Limoncello colorway. Thanks in advance.
  12. sargeinaz

    ceramic fischer string tension question

    I had a question regarding the stringing and tension of the old fischers with ceramic in the lay up. Ive read they are extremely tension sensitive. For example if the tension range is between 55-57 lbs, whats the safest tension to ask my stringer to make sure that the feel is correct since Ive...
  13. sargeinaz

    volkl c10 pro grommets

    I didnt see them on your site. Do you sell them? Thanks in advance.
  14. sargeinaz

    Pacific X Force Pro racket specs

    Is the beam width really 23mm/21mm/20mm on the new Pacific racket? The old fischers were always 25mm/23mm/20mm, so Im wondering if this is a typo. Thanks TW.
  15. sargeinaz

    Kneissl rackets?

    Hi TW, I just saw a thread in the racquet's section regarding kneissl being back in the tennis business. Have you heard about that and if so will you be getting them? Thanks in advance.
  16. sargeinaz

    MG Radical MP grommet question

    Will the head Ti Radical MP grommet fit the MG Radical MP? Ive heard that grommet is much better made than the MG grommet which is prone to chipping off and breaking. Thanks in advance.
  17. sargeinaz

    Average specs string question

    When you take the average strung weight of your rackets, what string and what gauge do you use? Thanks in advance.
  18. sargeinaz

    Gauge and swingweight question

    Lets say you string the same racket with the same string (a multi for example) and string it with a full 16G, 17G or 18G string job. What would the difference in swingweight be as you go up a gauge? Does anyone have an idea? Thanks in advance.
  19. sargeinaz

    Reusing a leather grip?

    So I just put a leather grip on one of my older Head rackets. I was wondering if in a month I can just take the leather grip off the Head racket and put it on an old PK Copper Ace I have back home. They are both a size 3 grip (granted I know the handle shape is different). This way I can...
  20. sargeinaz

    Head leather grip

    Will TW be selling the leather grip Head is using for the Speed Pro? I know it is not the Head Finest Calfskin, so I assume it will be cheaper. Thanks.
  21. sargeinaz

    Does anyone feel the MG Prestige mid...

    Does anyone feel that the MG Prestige Mid has more pop than the midplus? It may have been the strings, but I have played with both (the midplus a while ago) and I feel like the Mid has more pop and swings nicer than the midplus from what I recall. It is like the mid has better balance and...
  22. sargeinaz

    Picked up a Copper Ace and Copper Ace 90 today

    So today I was at Play it Again Sports and found me a Copper Ace for $14 (dark matte paint, a thin copper line going around the frame, 60% fiberglass, 40% graphite) and a Copper Ace 90 for $11 (shiny paint, teal coloured, a more rounded head than the Copper Ace). I read a bunch of great things...
  23. sargeinaz

    Volkl 10 Question? NBMJ? Rabbit?

    Hey everyone I had a question about the Volkl Tour 10 generation 1 MidPlus and the Volkl Catapult 10. I am looking to buy one of these frames because I want to try a Volkl out and wanted to know if anyone could compare them. Do they both have the shock absorbing system in the handle? Are they...
  24. sargeinaz

    Were Puma rackets any good?

    I was watching some Boris Becker videos on youtube and I think that it's pretty cool that he used a Puma racket and that they even made rackets. So I was wondering how were they? Did they compare to the Dunlops, Heads and Wilsons of the tennis world? Were they popular? Any input would be...
  25. sargeinaz

    Asics Gel Challenger sizing question

    Hey everyone I really want to try out a pair of asics gel challengers, but Im not sure how asics are as far as sizing. TW says true to size, but I read a few people here say they run a 1/2 size small and to order up a half size from your normal size. Does anyone here own the shoe and can...
  26. sargeinaz

    Barricade 3 sizing question

    I was wondering if the Barricade 3 has more toe room than the barricade 4. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. ________ Dodge Charger (1999 Concept) Specifications
  27. sargeinaz

    Head Trisys 300 headsize question

    Hey everyone, someone wants to sell me and Head Trisys 300 and they state its a 98 sq inch head. Is this true? Or is it a 102 inch head? It has the suspension handle if that matters. Any input would be appreciated, thanks in advance. ________ Modeling
  28. sargeinaz

    Kneissl Red Star?

    Has anybody hit with this frame? How did you like it? It seems to have old school specs and no crazy technologies, can anyone share some info? Its strengths, weaknesses, power level, feel, racket quality etc? Thanks in advance. ________ LINCOLN MKS PICTURE
  29. sargeinaz

    Head Classic Tour Racquet question

    Hey is the Head Classic Tour Racquet that TW sells really a 102 sq inch? Im wondering this because I have read here that Head's 93 sq inch prestiges are actually closer to 90 sq inches so I was wondering if the Classic Tour Racquet is actually smaller than 102 sq inches. Thanks in advance...
  30. sargeinaz

    Open vs. Closed string pattern

    Hey everyone, I was curious to just know who uses a closed string pattern and why do you like it more than the open. I also just wanted to see the percentage of closed vs. open users. Thanks in advance. ________ Weed Vaporizers