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  1. gold325

    November 14th - Prince Brand Week? Didnt start?

    Hi November 14th week was supposed to be Prince Brand Week But the website hasnt changed. When it is going to go live?
  2. gold325

    General Purpose Cheap Round Poly

    Hi All Need a General Purpose Cheap Round Poly Reel for 1) Occasional full bed use in Medium & Open Patterns 2) Crosses with Syn-gut mains 3) Decent Tension Maintenance 4) Not Mushy feeling Contenders so far are Isospeed Baseline 1.25 $40 from TW Signum Pro Poly Plasma 1.23 Euro 47 from TWE...
  3. gold325

    Paddle with decent spin that will not wear out

    Hi All Tennis player who wants to play PB because knees dont always allow tennis. Looking for a paddle with 1) decent consistent spin 2) that will not wear out and lose spin within a couple of months like the top paddle seem to do. 3) Also want a BIG tennis style grip. 4) last me 1 year My...
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    What is this string?

    What is this string and what is it used for? Online search has been of no use so probably predates the mass market version of the internet.
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    Top players cheating?

    @ Tennis TV quizzes ROTFL Any cheating here?
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    Prince Classic Graphite 107 Grommets

    Hi TW When are the "Prince Classic Graphite 107 Grommets" coming back in stock?
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    Kirschbaum Synthetic Gut Black - Feedback?

    Hi All Kirschbaum Synthetic Gut Black Reel is available for pretty cheap. Any feedback on this string in this color? Does it play like the Natural? Does it mark the balls?
  8. gold325

    Clamp Base Slop - Adjustment.

    Hi All Machine is an older model Pro's Pro Hornet w/ 3 finger clamps. Clamp Base Issue. One of the two clamps has some rotational drawback or slop. Visible in the video below. Unsure how to get rid of it. If I tighten the inside of the...
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    When if ever will Djokovic be ATP Rank #1 again?

    When if ever will Djokovic be ATP Rank #1 again?
  10. gold325

    Pro's Pro Setup Hornet Help

    Hi Guys My Machine came with this part not installed. Any ideas on how I can put it on? Manuals ignore this part as it probably comes preinstalled from the factory. I realize the spring inside needs to be pretorqued to help the tooth engage to the main drum when it rotates clockwise and...
  11. gold325

    Bought a Pro's Pro Hornet

    Hi Blindly bought this machine used with no research. The version I got looks slightly different from the one on the pro's pro site. Anyone have any comments on this machine? Also are the Alpha Pioneer DC Plus and Pro's Pro Hornet the same machine? Website Version What I got Looks...
  12. gold325

    Alpha Mate Electronic Machine - Opinions? Any thoughts?
  13. gold325

    Ghostwire 18g vs Isospeed Baseline 18g as a cross string

    Hi All Can anyone who has used both more than a couple times compare Ghostwire 18g VS Isospeed Baseline 18g as a cross string? I guess a 17g vs 17g comparison is also valid Baseline is not available to test in sets.
  14. gold325

    HEAD Synthetic Gut vs Synthetic Gut PPS - Same string?

    Hi All HEAD Synthetic Gut vs Synthetic Gut PPS Are they the same string? Just a rebrand? @dak95_00
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    Nick Krygios will win US Open 2022 - I beleive!

    Destroyed Medvedev. Showed humility in the post match interview. He will probably win USO 2022. I beleive!
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    Is TourBite softer than Hyper-G?

    Is TourBite softer than Hyper-G? And TourBite loses tension so much faster than Hyper-G? Or has the way TW measures strings changed? @TW Professor
  17. gold325

    Gamma 5003 6pt floor machine opinion?

    Hi All I found a Gamma 5003 6pt locally. Does not seem to be the latest model. Can anyone with experience let me know their thoughts about this line of machine? Also what would be a fair price? I want to be able to quickly resell in case stringing is not for me. I can send some in pics via...
  18. gold325

    Simulate feel of 2 month old hardly used Poly

    Hi All Let's say a racket is string at 50 lbs with Poly. Played once for an hour or so, felt boardy and then put away for 45 days. Then you take it out again and it feels beyond awesome in every way - feel, pocketing, power, control. How do I simulate that without waiting - String @ 40 lbs...
  19. gold325

    Stringer won't straighten crosses

    Hi My stringers at the tennis shop won't straighten the previous crosses between cross pulls and I end up with a nice rainbow because of pressure from their management to finish quickly. They use premium Wilson Baiardo machines. How much should the cross tension be increased to compensate if...
  20. gold325

    Need a better wristband - One that will retain shape and compression after a wash.

    Hi Tennis Players Need a better wristband - One that will retain shape and compression after a wash and hopefully last 20 washes or so. I have been using the WIlson Wristbands below for $3.17 from Walmart. But after a wash they are less useful from a compression standpoint which i need due to...
  21. gold325

    How would Luxilon 4G do in Spin-effect and ESP frames?

    Hi Anyone with experience or knowledge - How would Luxilon 4G 16g do in Spin-effect and ESP frames? Other strings I am considering are Black Knight 4G 15g I have a Prince Tour Pro 100ESP 16x16 Will get a Wilson Pro Staff 95S 16x15 Both are very soft, headlight rackets Normal racquet is...
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    Top players should threaten to boycott Wimbledon.

    Top (Djokovic, Nadal and many others) players should threaten to boycott Wimbledon. This WILL make them reverse their decision. They won't actually have to not play... Just the threat will make Wimbledon overturn it.
  23. gold325

    Gravity MP vs Gravity Tour - Is the flex profile about the same?

    Hi Anyone who has played both racquets does the MP and the Tour flex the same in hand? Basically do the "feel" the same through contact, balance and string bed feel aside. I am wondering if I can get the MP, load it up in the handle to match my Tour and have a higher launching spinner version...
  24. gold325

    String Bed Stiffness vs Different String Patterns

    Hi All Let's say we had the same exact racquet (including layup) and string but it was drilled in a few different ways. 1. 18x20 2. 16x20 3. 16x19 4. 16x16 What would be the ratio of string bed stiffnesses? Say I strung a racket at 48 lbs in 18x20... What would be the tension needed to get...
  25. gold325

    Backhands - Why do pros use the shoulder heavy shovel style backhand?

    Hi It is quite obvious that if you want to win grand slams consistently a strong full body driven top spin backhand is required especially in the baseline basher tennis era. This category has players like Djokovic, Roger, Rafa Then why do so many players still play with a flat shoulder...
  26. gold325

    Head Gravity Tour String Help

    Hi All My Current Setup Head Gravity Tour @ 330g / 7HL / 315SW Head Hawk Tough 18g @ 48 lbs (Round Medium Stiff Poly) Love the impact feel, pocketing, power and spin. Would like to add a little launch angle since I am either hitting the net or hitting just out a little more than I would like...
  27. gold325

    Clash v1.0 + LXN 4G : comments from users?

    Hi Clash v1.0 + LXN 4G 16L @ 52 lbs Tried this setup today from a hitting partner. Was pleasantly surprised. Low Launch and controlled Power from both wings with nice soft feel. Volleys felts nice from center of racquet but felt and behaved like metallic sounding nonsense everywhere else...
  28. gold325

    Can serve without a person on the other side.

    Hi Guys Sorry messed up the title. It is... Cant* serve without a person on the other side? I just can't serve without a person on the other side to receive. My instinct allows me to aim a serve relative to existing target (other player) Multiple people told me to pick a point on the wall...
  29. gold325

    Tennis Elbow Survey - Racquet / String / Tension

    Hi Just a survey. If you are interested please provide single line response using following format. Basically list the Racquet / String / Tension (if available) / Type of Topspin Backhand that you were playing with when you got tennis elbow. OPTIONAL info if you want to provide is forehand...
  30. gold325

    Is 25 year old NOS synthetic gut usable?

    Hi Some new old stock (but discontinued) strings I have like periodically pop up on auction / resale sites - Price is good but not throwaway. What is your opinion on what if anything happens to unused synthetic gut that is stored for a long time? (say 25 years, indoors) Thanks