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  1. Tuskarr

    most breathable shorts?

    looking to buy some more shorts and most interested in breathability. would like some suggestions on shorts that let the wind cut through them. much appreciated.
  2. Tuskarr

    The Nike Tee - Athletic cut

    Any shirts currently for sale with athletic cut? Same fit as the nike RO8ER shirt after federer won his 8th wimbledon.
  3. Tuskarr

    Indian Wells ticket - free

    Have a night session ticket for tonight. Court 1 Section 111 row L. Pm me for coordination.
  4. Tuskarr

    Shorts similar to Sergio Tacchini Men's Club Tech Pro Short

    Any shorts similar to these on TW? Thanks
  5. Tuskarr

    Yonex Power Cushion Durable 3

    When will this shoe be available through TW? Which colorways?
  6. Tuskarr

    Shreveport, LA

    If anyone is in the shreveport area and is interested in hitting Wednesday morning then private message me.
  7. Tuskarr

    2016 Spring Lotto

    Will TW carry the 2016 Spring Lotto Medley Collection?
  8. Tuskarr

    String in Prince tour 100p demo

    Which string is used in the Prince textreme tour 100p poly demo?
  9. Tuskarr

    What are your post-match shoes?

    I've been considering getting a pair of shoes to wear after my tournament matches. Currently, I just loosely lace my tennis shoes a la nadal. Most of my tennis friends wear sandals. I'm looking for something lightweight, breathable and super comfy. I was thinking maybe a 'trainer' shoe? TW has...
  10. Tuskarr

    Customizing Wilson Six.One 95L

    My girlfriend is in search of a new racquet. She hit with the Wilson 95s and loved the way it felt; however, she is turned off by the decreased string durability due to the more open string pattern (I'm not sure how big of an issue that is, tbh). She hit with the 95 16x18, but...