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  1. lud

    So, Medvedev still didn't recovered from AO loss..

    I have that feeling. . This is kind of record.. Almost one year passed and he is still angry... Hell, even Federer make peace after THAT loss and beat Djokovic at WTF 2019.
  2. lud

    You know how to be sure if player is 'Real Deal'

    When opponents are too nervous to close sets,matchs,even break serve. We saw it today and we saw couple of times these year. And we saw it ag. Sinner,most notably. Even Djokovic and Nadal were nervous vs Alcaraz at big points. No player since Big 3 and maybe Murray put pure fear,intimidation...
  3. lud

    Describe contradiction: Nick Kyrgios & Casper Ruud.

    Kyrgios - rude,arrogant,spoiled,agressive,bad. Ruud - nice,humble,fair,hard working. Yet, everybody cheers for Kyrgios to win this Us Open and everybody are against Ruud to snatch No.1 position. Why?
  4. lud

    Is this first time since Rome 2006..

    That player lost tiebreak without winning single point. In any Final? I can't think of any.
  5. lud

    Zverev at 25 is GOAT of BO3 already.

    GOAT of slamless player. This time he can put himself inthere :) Guy is such a beast in M1000,WTF even won Olympics. He def. surpass Davydenko,Enqvist,Rios.. etc. Alcaraz reminds me of him.
  6. lud

    Greatest back to back wins of Big 3 ag. eachothers

    Two wins in a row of Big 3 against each. FEDERER vs Nadal - IW 2017 & Miami 2017 vs Djokovic - WIM 2012 & Cincy 2012 NADAL vs Federer - WIM 2008 & AO 2009 vs Djokovic - Canada 2013 & USO 2013 DJOKOVIC vs Federer - WTF Final 2015 & AO 2016 vs Nadal - WIM 2011 & USO 2011
  7. lud

    Players who never played ag. eachothers?

    Sampras and El Aynoaui NEVER played single tennis match. Both are born 1971 and were long enough on tour. Very strange. Hewitt and Ljubicic played only match in Cincinnati 2001.
  8. lud

    Top 3 favorite and least favorite Non GS Player Ever?

    Fav - Enqvist,El Aynoaui,Soderling Least - Coria,Kiefer,Gonzalez
  9. lud

    Worst 2x GS Champion?

    Or weakest. I think we can all agree that Gaudio and Verkerk are worst combination of Winner and Finalist. Both in RG(2004 and 2003) and both defeat Coria along the way .
  10. lud

    Do you think Big 3 will become Big 2 for a few years?

    If Nadal and Djokovic finish their careers with 23-25 Majors. Which is highly possible simply because state of ATP players now is pretty under average. I don't see Tsitsipas,Zverev,FAA,Kyrgios,Medvedev beating them. They have nothing to improve anymore. And,most importantly they are mental...
  11. lud

    What's up with US playera?

    They are either super Nice or jerks. Super nice,humble,respectful: Blake,Sampras,Isner,Fish,Tiafoe,Ashe,Chang,Querrey,Davenport,V.Williams,Stephens Jerks,arrogant,rude: Agassi,Roddick,McEnroe,Connors,Tarango,Sock,Evert,S.Williams,Collins,Capriati
  12. lud

    What is most important backhand passing shot of all time?

    Backhand passing winner that changed match,GS,and history. Could be any GS match between 5+ GS Winners. For forehand it's either Djokovic 2018 vs Nadal or 2019 vs Federer. Wimbledon's. What about backhand passing winner? Djokovic vs Wawrinka at 2013 AO match point maybe?
  13. lud

    Would you consider this player GOAT?

    Let's say both Nadal and Djokovic finish with 23. For 10-20 years,some new extra player shows up and won 18-20 GS. But,with CYGS. Would you consider him GOAT?
  14. lud

    Mentally toughernSlamless/1-2x GS Winners - 90's-00's era or 10'-20's era

    Vote and Discuss Here. Muster vs Thiem Korda vs Cilic Krajicek vs Del Potro Kafelnikov vs Medvedev Stich vs Roddick Philipoussis vs Kyrgios Davydenko vs Zverev Rios vs Fognini Ferrero vs Alcaraz Mecir vs Berdych Soderling vs Shapovalov Nalbandian vs Dimitrov Ferrero vs Nishikori Todd Martin vs...
  15. lud

    Were Nastase,Connors,McEnroe nasty,bad,despicable as Kyrgios?

    These three stands out. If anything they used this antics to get better of opponent. Were they worse than Kyrgios? Behavior and talking wise? Or they were bad,BUT had limits. Connors was probably worst of three.
  16. lud

    If Djokovic wins ,he is current GOAT and Wimby ATG

    21 GS 7 WIM 1 less GS and 1 less WIM << No.1 weeks , H2H , 7x GS(AO,WIM) , NCYG , Double GS + M 1000. He beat Nadal in everything except GS and 3:0 vs Federer in WIM Finals. No doubt.
  17. lud

    If Djokovic was defeated by Sinner,would Nadal withdraw?

    Eternal question..
  18. lud

    Imagine if Djokovic take MTO ag.Kyrgios after Kyrgios lead?

    That will distract Kyrgios 100% given how mentally fragile he is. You can only imagine how rude Nick will become after that.
  19. lud

    Is there any Rafa fans who think he fakes his injuries lately?

    Foot,knees,elbow,abdominal you name it .. Yet,he run like wild animal .. I personally think it's all psychological game to distract opponent. And what about retirement in the middle of the match?? If he was badely injured vs Fritz,why didn't he just retire? He did that vs Cilic,Delpo in 2018...
  20. lud

    Potential Djokovic vs Kyrgios Final..

    Do you think Djokovic never beat Kyrgios will play role?
  21. lud

    Big 3 - Losing SF & FINAL matches ag. non atleast 3x Slam Winners

    Federer 2005 AO vs Safin 2009 USO vs Del Potro 2014 USO vs Cilic 2016 WIM vs Raonic Nadal 2008 AO vs Tsonga 2009 USO vs Del Potro 2018 USO vs Del Potro Djokovic 2010 WIM vs Berdych 2014 USO vs Nishikori 2019 RG vs Thiem
  22. lud

    Djokovic fans: What is most frustrating Us Open Final loss for ya'?

    2007 - had set points in first two sets. 2010 - had he not being tired after SF vs Federer ,he might won. 2012 - hurricane final, Only HC GS for Murray. 2013 - you know, 4-2 and 0-40 at 4-4 in 3rd set. 2016 - how many break points he choked? 2021 - Once in lifetime opportunity for CYGS. Mentally...
  23. lud

    Who is 2nd favorite for Wimbledon 2022?

    Alcaraz Auger-Allissiame Berrettini Cilic Federer Nadal Opelka Tsitsipas Zverev
  24. lud

    Hey TT members - In your opinion what is best tennis match ever?

    Let's vote. Your picks for best BO5 and BO3 tennis matches of all time? BO5: WIMBLEDON 2018, SF: Djokovic vs Nadal 6-4,3-6,7-6,3-6,10-8 BO3: OLYMPICS 2012, SF: Federer vs Del Potro 3-6,7-6,19-17
  25. lud

    Who do you think is most charismatic out of Big 3?

    Federer Nadal Djokovic
  26. lud

    2022 SF, ROLAND GARROS: Marin Cilic(20) vs Casper Ruud(8)

    H2H is 2:0 in favour to Ruud. Who will play in RG 2022 Final? Cilic - he played in every GS Final so far except RG. Can he complete collection? Ruud - he never played major Final. Can he make his first GS Final?
  27. lud

    2022 SF, ROLAND GARROS: Rafa Nadal(5) vs Alex Zverev(3)

    H2H is 6-3 to Nadal Both were underdogs in QF. Who wins SF clash?
  28. lud

    It's incredible that Djokodal played 58 Times without situation when someone served for match and lost it

    Same scenario in Fedal rivalry. Only they played much less time. Did Djokovic served for the match in their epic 2009 Madrid clash?