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  1. OKUSA

    Switching from full poly to multi/poly and overhitting

    Since I am getting old and swinging with full poly has started to cause arm pain I made the switch to hybrid of multi/poly. I previously used full RPM blast at 50# or hyper G at 50#. Now I am trying a hybrid of wilson NXT in mains at 55# and hyper G in crosses at 50#. My arm is feeling fine even...
  2. OKUSA

    Can top players take a break from the tour?

    I was wondering if say Federer wanted to take an extended break from tennis, like 6+ months is it allowed? John McEnroe took a few extended breaks in his career but today with sponsorships and the ATP it might not be possible
  3. OKUSA

    Will Murray ever win a legitimate Major?

    As we all know his US Open win was due to the fact that the conditions were windy. It doesn't matter that the wind affects both players, clearly Murray's win is credited to the wind because he won the match. Furthermore, we all know his Wimbledon win was due to Del Potro tiring out Djokovic...
  4. OKUSA

    How to say Jerzy

    It's not: Jersey Yersey Yerzy Whatever else It is: Yeh-zhuh That is all
  5. OKUSA

    Lower Back Pain When Serving

    I recently started to play tennis again (About 3 times a week now) and when I serve I get lower back pain. I assume this is from leaning backwards before jumping and hitting the ball. I never had this before, but I was in a lot better shape and probably stronger back and abdominal muscles as...
  6. OKUSA

    What string is this? is it this: or this:
  7. OKUSA

    Best Cheap Racquet?

    Unfortunately, I forgot my racquet in New York and I'm based in Texas for the summer and been itching to play tennis. I was wondering what are my best options for a racquet under $40-50? I usually play with a Wilson BLX Pro Tour (96 in.) with big banger luxilon strings if that matters
  8. OKUSA

    Why Didn't Djokovic Serve and Volley?

    Pretty much every 1st serve Nadal just floated back the return, I don't think I saw him hit one top spin return other than when he ran around his backhand on 2nd serves. Is there any reason for this? He's not a terrible volleyer, and he did do it a few times. I think he won around 60% of his...
  9. OKUSA

    Donald Young

    This is his last chance, I feel to finally get something going. At least make Simon work, he basically got back from injury a few weeks ago
  10. OKUSA

    Did the surface hurt Soderling's game?

    Everyone always talks about how Soderling would prefer a slower court since he could get set for his huge strokes with large backswings, but it seemed like today that wasn't the case. Either Soderling was off, but he made a boatload of errors and he still couldn't hit winners off Nadal in many...
  11. OKUSA

    How hard to Grip

    I believe I am gripping my racquet too hard, mostly by going to the doctor today and finding out I have some mild tendinitis in my thumb. I had this same problem ice climbing where I would grip the tools too hard and my hands would start hurting and cramping. I know it's not an issue of grip...
  12. OKUSA

    The French forgot

    Q. Have you ever played such a big hitter as Soderling today? ROGER FEDERER: Yes. Q. Who? ROGER FEDERER: Del Potro. You've forgotten him because he's injured.
  13. OKUSA

    Davydenko is playing Barcelona?

    He's listed as an entrant on their website @ also Soldering and Del Potro, have they just not updated it in a long time?
  14. OKUSA

    Babolat Stringing

    First time stringer here, I'm trying to string a Babolat Aeropro Drive Cortex racquet and I'm using one piece as less knots seem less complicated. Anyways, it says to skip the 8H and 8T holes for the crosses when you're doing the mains, so I did. But when I go to do the crosses (says to start...
  15. OKUSA

    No/Low Padding Tennis Shoes

    I was wondering what tennis shoe has the least amount of padding on the bottom of the shoe. If there isn't any, then what would be a viable option? I ask because padding hurts my feet, I had stress fractures in my feet from running with shoes with high padding in the heel and had to get...
  16. OKUSA

    Harder to Achieve? Grand Slam Final or ATP Masters 1000 Title

    From the looks of it, it seems like a no brainer (Only 4 Grand Slams a year, as opposed to 9 Masters 1000 events). But in reality to get to a Grand Slam final there can be 8 different people, and only 9 different people can win a Masters 1000 event. Grand Slam finals are over the course of...