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  1. roysid

    Did anyone saw the big4 news conference

    Its there on YouTube. The funny thing was that even there was a banter between federer and Djokovic Question was Memorable match with federer.. Djokovic said 2007 us open final which i lost. Roger interrupted being nice Novak said i havent finished. And then added wimbledon 19
  2. roysid

    Does alcaraz no. 1 come with an asterisk

    I cant help but wonder that alcaraz has become no.1 with winning 1 slam at just 19 years old. He also won 2 masters this year. But how much is because of luck and political decisions. Djokovic - 2000 points taken away, AO and USO - another 2000 + plus points taken away. The 4 NA masters ...
  3. roysid

    Nadal Djokovic QF will be night match

    No doubt about it. Alcaraz gets night match in 4th round and Nadal Djokovic day match. So their match provided they win will be night blockbuster. And night conditions should help Djokovic that goes without saying
  4. roysid

    Ranking points explataion please

    I couldnt make out the ranking points dropping from atp websiite 1) Medvedev droping 250 points. Last year his IW points was 90 and that too in October. In Acapulco he had 180 points which he earned two weeks back. So which points are being dropped. This us massive because he loses no.1 because...
  5. roysid

    Why didnt zverev withdrew

    Im still perplexed. - If you play a singles match till 5 AM, why dont you the doubles match. After all, doubles is fun for top singles players - Even if you have to play, just show up and play a half ass match. Im still amazed by the stupidity. There have been meltdowns by top players but all...
  6. roysid

    Aginst the other two members Big 3, who damaged federer more

    Record against other two Big 3. Nadal 16-24 Djokovic 23-27 But who of the avove 2 hurt federer most, defeated continuously, took away the biggest tourneys. Recent years would suggest djokovic but also remember the years from 2006 to 2010 and have an overall view
  7. roysid

    Biggest underachiever in tennis
  8. roysid

    Anyone going to Pune ATP tournament, India

    Hello to folks from India. Anyone planning to go to TATA maharashtra open at Pune, India. Its currently going on. Two recognized names are Aslan Karatsev and Muesti this time. Obviously tennis enthusiasts from Pune and nearby cities are likely to go. Anyone from this forum
  9. roysid

    Which Federer win elated you most

    Obviously for Federer u must get elated
  10. roysid

    Final slam count of Big 3

    Now with Nadal reaching 21 , which many thought he would never reach, what do you think final count of slams each Big 3 would go to achieve. My take Nadal : 23 ( he wins FO 22 and USO 22/ FO 23) Djokovic: 25 ( Wimbledon 22-24, AO 23, another AO/USO) Federer : 20 ( there might be a fairy tale...
  11. roysid

    Why Federer is so delighted with Rafa win

    Obviously he prefers Rafa rather than Novak to have the GS record. But it also means that he has lost out on the race. Also means - He has messed up many wins, particularly W19 else he would be still there at 21. Then USO 09 match. - When age was still there i.e 33-35 years range, he could not...
  12. roysid

    Had there been automated line call

    - Does djokovic loses AO 13 match against Stan. On a 5th set BP, Stan hit a great return right at novaks feet. It was called out. - Stan didn't chalenge the call. Point went to Novak. Had there been automated line call, no way Novak could play a shot after that. Stan would serve for the match
  13. roysid

    What would Djokovic be thinking right now

    What royal mess he did by not getting vaccinated. It was his slam to win
  14. roysid

    Whom would Novak prefer to win

    The obvious choice is medvedev, but more practical choice is Nadal
  15. roysid

    The only good thing that came out of this..

    Djokovic and Kyrgios are now buddies. Djokovic thaked kyrgios for his support. From bitter rivals taking potshot at each other to now having healthy respect amongst.
  16. roysid

    Did Djokovic lie or hide regarding exemption reason

    I am seeing multiple reports that Djokovic got exemption over the reason that he got covid within past 6 months. Now I wonder when did he contact covid. - its well known that he got covid during adria tour in june 2020, but that was 18 months ago - if he indeed got covid in the past 6 months...
  17. roysid

    Rank Djokovics no. 1 years

    In terms of impressiveness, dominance and competition. 2011 2015 2018 2021 2020 2012 2014 Actualy he was more dominant in 2016 than 2012, 2014 and 2020. But Andy Murray really stepped up. 2018 was impressive because he was no where after 6 months. And he became no. 1 with just 6 months...
  18. roysid

    Thank you Danill Medvedev for saving tennis

    This thread is long due..and I felt there should be one for appreciating what Medvedev did. He saved tennis..ok mens tennis but he did that. What he did - He prevented the tour from being an utterly dominated one to a tour having competition. - He saved next gens reputation from being a...
  19. roysid

    What it means for Roger and Rafa

    This year Djokovic has completely overshadowed everyone and particularly Roger and Rafa. Had he won calendar grand slam, he would have put them in permanent backburner if not erase from history. That would have been insurmountable But with the loss , the difference isnt that huge now. They also...
  20. roysid

    Djokovics secret is out - Why is noone talking about it

    In the match bewteen zverev and tispy, zverev straight way told the umpire that tipsy would get coaching at his cellphone and the umpire said he cannot do anything about it. So tipsy started what Djokovic is doing for a lot if time. I always wondered what happens in the break that Djoker will...
  21. roysid

    If its Tokyo 2020 its not technically a golden slam

    I see olympics being held as Tokyo 2020. So its a 2020 olympics helf in 2021. Now once Djokovic wins olympics and us open (who can stop him) it wont be a golden slam. It will be 4 grand slams in a year aka Laver 1969 but not Graf 1988. Thats my viewpoint
  22. roysid

    Two kinds of tennis players

    There are two kinds of tennis players. Those who love the game wholeheartedly and everything that comes with it. Those who play the game but for various reasons don't love it if don't love it wholeheartedly More to follow...
  23. roysid

    Seems like 2016 all over again

    Djokovic on a roll having won both AO and FO Rafa lost FO, has some injury. Promptly withdrew from Wimbledon Roger is targeting Wimbledon but not at his best. Who can stop Djokovic in Wimbledon..looks like noone from planet earth
  24. roysid

    Djokovic received coaching in his final

    From a little boy no less. But his coaching advise was spot on.
  25. roysid

    WTA : Win slams out of nowhere

    I saw Crezikova winning Roland Garros and was amazed how unlikely winner of a slam in WTA. Last year we had swiatek, then barty, then ostapenko. It seems at WTA and particularly at Roland Garros there is chance for everyone who has a good tournament to win slam. A few years back..who was...
  26. roysid

    Nadals possible opponents in 3rd, 4th rnd and QF in RG21

    Looks like Sinner, Swartzman and Djokovic in that order
  27. roysid

    Im calling it right now. One of Nadal or Djokovic will lose....

    In the semifinals. And my prediction is 99.99% correct
  28. roysid

    Best loss of Roger Federer

    In strange scenario, sometimes a loss may turn out to be good. One such loss in 2015 FO quarterfinal loss to Stan Wawrinka. Not that Federer lost purposefully, but he was pretty relaxed in the match even after being 2 sets down. He already had sights on Wimbledon. And that loss turned to be...
  29. roysid

    Is Federer the tragic hero

    As i saw djokovic won his 9th AO, I was thinking about Federer. His achievements are huge: 20 grand slams, 8 Wimbledon's, 310 weeks at no.1, 6 YEC and not mention the popularity. Before him, nobody has achieved what he has done. Still what will be more remembered is how his main rivals...
  30. roysid

    Doesnt support, but definitely admire Djokovic

    The circumstances in which he pulled up the win in Australian Open was extraordinary. 99% would have thrown in the towel in that 3rd round against Fritz. But he kept going and played super aggressive in that 5th set. Of course, had some luck in 20.min break and Fritz not taking the...