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  1. Powderwombat

    The Best Tennis Channels of 2022?

    Essential Tennis is at an all time low with their match play and commentary from Ian and a bunch of random fanboys. Also the talks they give to the camera after each change of ends - give me a break. As if they're some master tacticians LMAO.
  2. Powderwombat

    Can someone explain why "Year End #1" is even given the time of day?

    Maybe read my post again. I never said a year is 50 weeks Einstein.
  3. Powderwombat

    Can someone explain why "Year End #1" is even given the time of day?

    This seems like such a pointless statistic. Some people use this instead of weeks at #1, which makes much more sense. Why does it matter who is #1 at the end of the year? Someone could be #1 for 50 weeks and could drop to #2 at the very end of the year - they still had a better year than the...
  4. Powderwombat

    Fans need more solid arguments towards Djokovic’s claim to GOAT

    Someone who tried to murder a poor lineswoman cannot be considered the GOAT. Sorry!
  5. Powderwombat

    Doubles tactics

    How the hell do you win doubles matches when your net man just sits at the net and you end up rallying endlessly crosscourt with the enemy? I've resorted to being ultra aggressive and just going at the net man to either hit a winner or force an error, rather than simply looping the ball...
  6. Powderwombat

    Anybody else think today’s SF was a battle between ATP and WTA styles?

    I like the fact that Medvedev's style isn't a generic clone of everyone else's. His shots are very distinct and interesting. Goes to show there's no real one way to play the game.
  7. Powderwombat

    Driving through the ball at contact

    This is one of those things that everyone talks about but I'm trying to understand why/how it helps, because I feel that it does. The ball makes contact with the strings for only a split second, so what does "driving through the contact zone" do if the ball is only interacting with the racquet...
  8. Powderwombat

    Let's talk about the word "pusher"

    Ivan Lendl and Andre Agassi, both thought of as power players, but were both VERY consistent from the baseline. They did not make many unforced errors. You simply cannot be a successful player if you don't have consistency, no matter how hard you hit. Agassi actually dialled back his aggression...
  9. Powderwombat

    Let's talk about the word "pusher"

    Too many players get called a pusher - I guess by clueless fans who don't understand the sport. I've seen Nadal, Djokovic, Medvedev all get called pushers. To me, a pusher is someone who maybe is just starting out and say they're playing a competition, their strokes are horrible so they rely on...
  10. Powderwombat

    Murray's Playing Style

    You know someone doesn't play tennis when they moan about Murray "not aiming for the lines" and "only hits 2 feet in from the sidelines". LOL. Yes he's a smart player who understands the game. Unlike you.
  11. Powderwombat

    Possible to take away opponent’s fitness advantage?

    It's 2020, noone serves and volleys anymore. Grind crosscourt and get fitter.
  12. Powderwombat

    Post videos of yourself playing well.

    The guy TTPS is hitting with is a paid actor. You have been duped.
  13. Powderwombat

    Building the game around the forehand is the one way to become better?

    ok admiral bulldog im reporting back - I hope you're fast! Much easier way of playing tennis is to only hit off one side of the body I agree.
  14. Powderwombat

    Returner going to the back fence and delaying after I caught the toss

    Not sure why it's so difficult unless it's really windy, to toss the ball up a little and hit it. I see guys catching 30% of their tosses and it's hard is it. Can't you throw a ball? You know what else is annoying? These people with herky jerky service motions. Like I'm trying to...
  15. Powderwombat

    Why doesn’t Babolat make lower flex racquets ?

    Isn't the appeal of Babolat that they make thick, stiff racquets that "supposedly" give more power (I don't notice a difference whenever I've tried one). That's their entire brand image IMO. You see a Babolat and think "easy power".
  16. Powderwombat

    Frustrating match last night, and a bad decision that bit us in the @ss

    Tell him he's playing league tennis, noone is watching, noone cares who wins, and there's no money to be won.
  17. Powderwombat

    Building the game around the forehand is the one way to become better?

    Yes if you're twice as quick as De Minaur just run around your backhand and hit forehands all the time. Report back with results.
  18. Powderwombat

    The Six Playing Styles Described

    All the pushers I've seen are pretty bad. Once you reach a certain level you can't be a pusher anymore. These are guys with garbage strokes who tap the ball over. People who call Murray a pusher are kidding themselves. He's more a defensive baseliner, but he doesn't push the ball. I mean all...
  19. Powderwombat

    King Jolly and the Racquets of the Round Table.

    why even bother with HEAD. Racquets are horrible.
  20. Powderwombat

    doubles with a partner who is not playing well

    Tell him to train more or you'll dip.
  21. Powderwombat

    Net Clearance

    Depends on the shot - the speed and spin on the ball. There's no right or wrong answer. Someone like Rafa hits a lot higher over the net than Medvedev due to the difference in topspin. That's just to start with, but then each player will hit higher or lower depending on their shot selection. You...
  22. Powderwombat

    Best of 3 sets (video)

    First one I watched I was waiting for one of those Happy Gilmore serves where they take 3 steps during the motion, but he didn't move forward at all lol.
  23. Powderwombat

    Frustrating match against pusher

    I note that ballbashers have a habit of calling anyone with a modicum of consistency a "pusher" because they can make more than 2 balls in a rally. Look at Agassi's career for a guy who scaled back on over-aggressiveness under Brad Gilbert and honed in on smart percentage tennis for an example...
  24. Powderwombat

    Best of 3 sets (video)

    Why does your opponent serve from 1 metre behind the baseline?
  25. Powderwombat

    I may have cracked the 8.0 mixed code (3.5/4.5 edition)

    Protip: Blast the ball at the female's mid-upper torso for easy points. Won't win you many friends, but WILL win you matches.
  26. Powderwombat

    Would the partner saying "you missing makes me feel better about myself" make you play more relaxed/better?

    "if you miss another _____ing shot im walking off this court, you _______" usually with some expletives thrown in.
  27. Powderwombat

    my strokes (5.5) if interested

    Good but TTPS would crush. If you don't know him he is 3.5 level but hits as hard as an ATP top 100 player.
  28. Powderwombat

    What old model (<10 years) would be released today and sell like crazy?

    Topic is less than ten years old