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    Pro Staff future?

    Wilson Blade is dominant on the pro circuit, used by men and women. Clash is a cash cow unseen on the pro tour. Does anyone know how many pros, in total, use any version of the Pro Staff? I'm guessing very few. I'm not predicting the extinction of the Pro Staff but what does Wilson do with it...
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    Anyone know about Zus Rackets?
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    Jim Courier, Commentator.

    Jim Courier has grown into the role of tennis commentator, now he is clearly the best bar none. Wide vocabulary, doesn't lean on clichés, knows the players and of course knows the game. Supplements the match, you'll learn by listening to him.
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    Nadal’s chances of winning the 2022 calendar year Grand Slam?

    ‘Nole removed himself from the AO by being an anti-vaxxer. (I’m not trying to get into a debate about the apparent miscommunication between the AO officials and the Australian government). And it appears the FO along with the French government will also not allow him to enter their tournament...
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    Has anyone tried RTP overgrips?

    Has anyone tried Road to Pro overgrips ? They are available in black and white, made in Taiwan, and 3 neon colors, green, yellow and orange made in USA. Unusual. Found at $25.00 for 15 isn't inexpensive but maybe just for a try? My usual is Yonex Super Grap.
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    The Riddle that is Novak.

    I don’t believe calling Novak a hypocrite, a racist, a sexist or labeling him as any one thing answers the riddle of Novak. Remember his healing water statement “…I know some people that, through that energetical [sic] transformation…turn the most polluted water, into the most healing water…”...
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    At this moment Tennis Channel is showing a Federer interview, ESPN 1,2,3 are showing anything but live tennis while the Kyrgios-Humbert match is being played, let me guess is it being shown on Tennis Chanel Plus? Something else we are supposed to subscribe to? Or not being shown at all? I don't...
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    Tier One Sports tennis strings?

    Does anyone have experience w/this line of strings, From what I can tell their strings are available only through direct sales via the web site.
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    Yonex REGNA Racquets

    Yonex Regna Racquets are again available. When might we see an extended review of the 98 and 100 sq inch frames explaining what sets them apart from the Yonex line, understanding Yonex is a superior manufactured brand anyway.
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    Benoit Paire apparently tanking matches
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    Stenciling string bed help with volleys?

    Does anyone know if stencil ink on the string bed would help in lining up the center of the strings to the ball to hit a better volley? The stenciled image, always highly visible, is at the center of the string bed so it might provide a target to aim at the ball. Or does the volley happen so...
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    Should the three set match now be the standard?

    ATP Finals won by Daniil Medvedev over Dominic Thiem, 4-6, 7-6 (2), 6-4. Should the three set match now be the standard? There were no boring tanked sets of 6/0, 6/1 or 6/2. With only three sets every point and game is important and dramatic; w/5 sets a player can afford to give one entire set...
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    No US Open 2020 ?

    I'm willing to bet there will no US Open this year. The French Open pulled a sly move in changing their dates to after the US Open so one may suppose European players, men and women, have little interest in flying to NY, back home, then to Paris or going directly from NY to Paris. I can live...
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    Tennis TV or Tennis Channel Plus?

    Any thoughts on which is better. As I have a Ruko streaming device I can't get Tennis Channel, for some reason one still must have a cable, dish or direct TV subscription to get Tennis Channel. So which would be the better choice, Tennis TV or Tennis Channel Plus, and advantages /...
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    Angle Racquet Question

    What is the difference between the Tour and Custom racquets? I would be ordering a 105 sq inch frame and notice the Tour versions have a custom build option. So if one choses the Tour version and has it customized to the same specs as one would want in a Custom racquet, is it the same...
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    Angell Racket question.

    I’m very curious about the line of Angell rackets. I currently use the must current version of the Babolat 107sq in. (2015 I believe). I’ve added a leather grip w/dry tack over grip as well as lead tape on the handle and inside of the frame. I use Tonic gut string w/string savers strung at...
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    Anyone Tried Sarinia's New Racquet ?

    Wilson Blade SW 104 Countervail is 28" long w/a 18 by 19 string pattern. The length is intriguing. The racquet received a better than good but not quite fantastic review w/TW testers w/some caution surrounding the length causing maneuverability problems. Has anyone tried it who would share...
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    Frank Deford’s essay on Graf withstands the test of time and now bears repeating

    Frank Deford: "Graf most Overrated Tennis Player Ever" Steffi Graf had a terrific career, and since she won an Olympic gold medal as well as the Grand Slam in 1988, that year may well be the most distinguished any tennis player has ever enjoyed. So it has become fashionable to rate Graf the...
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    Silicone injection worth it ?

    Would anyone who has gone to the time and trouble of injecting silicone in the handle of your tennis racket please say what were benefits in racquet feel, performance and your play? I in short, overall, was it worth it and why and would you do it again? This seems like a no going back proposition.
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    Any News On An Updated 107 inch Radical

    Does anyone know if Head plans on releasing a new version of the 107 inch Radical that Agassi used for years ? I have been using Babolat but w/in the past year 3 of my tennis friends switched to Head and all three have better games. One switched from Babolat, the other two switched from Wilson.
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    One Handed BH v. Two Handed BH

    Federer, Sampras, Lendl and McEnroe had one handed back hands and did quite well. Today, very fine but lessor players such as Roberdo and Almagro use it but in today’s power game it is understandable that the one handed back hand is over shadowed by the two hander. The two hander is a big...
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    Tennis again shown to be the red headed step child of TV

    CBS cutting from the Sony Tourney just before the tie breaker shows again that tennis is surely considered the red headed stepchild of commercial TV. NCAA basketball has been on for about two weeks and the finals will be Monday but can 15 mins be spared for the tie breaker in Miami? The...
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    Federer reset the bar for others to reach.

    History is now on the side of Roger Federer. The history he made. I don't believe Djokovic, Murray or Nadal will come close to winning the number of major tournaments Federer owns, 17. So we see Federer lose in the 5th set to a player he would have mopped the floor with a few years ago but that...
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    Paraffin wax on strings?

    :confused:I saw someone who talks as if he is knowledgeable about racquets and strings rubbing paraffin wax on his strings. All he said was that the pros’ do that. What? What possible benefit could there be from that?
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    Yonex Question

    On the subject of quality control, uniform weights, balances etc., between similar models, those who voice their opinion almost w/out exception put Yonex on top. I have never hit w/Yonex and see very few used, in fact know of no one who uses Yonex. I use Babolat. I am curious as to why so few...
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    Roddick v. Harrison @ WS Open practice courts

    This afternoon I was able to watch Andy Roddick and Ryan Harrison play several games on the practice courts at the WS Open. The exchanges were so powerful I could hear the ball burn through the air. In Cincinnati Andy lost in the first round because of a back problem? Let me say he has had a...
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    Why poly strings will not be banned

    Someone posted a thread about why poly strings should be banned. It will not happen, nor should it happen. And I want to post a separate thread explaining my reasoning. I won’t call that person a Luddite but I could. And to ban poly strings? And to say they are like spaghetti strings...
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    Just for fun, who is helped most by the rain delay and why?

    The rain delay will help Nadal and hurt Djokovic. Nadal will now have time to regroup his thoughts, settle down and regain his focus. Uncle Tony will play a huge part in this. Djokovic will have the same time to think about the match and what has transpired and time off the court will...
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    Do string savers work for natural gut ?

    After having used Gamma Pro Live Wire 17g for years thought I would try a more current string and tried Babolat Hybrid RPM Blast 17+ VS 16 String. I loved it but it didn’t love me, after about 4-5 weeks I was developing tennis elbow so, just for fun, I tried Babolat Tonic + 16g. I love this...
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    Any Power Pad Users Out There ?

    Does anyone out there use power pads ? I see two modest advantages; they can increase the length of the string slightly thus increasing the power by a margin & they might reduce vibration a little. Sampras used them, some pros still may, but would they be worth the effort for 3.5 - 4.5 players ?