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  1. heftylefty

    Fila: from Borg to Serv-bots

    The icon Italian brand seem to be the prefered kit of some the tallest serve bombers on tour. How did Fila go from the Go-To brand of the country club set during the Golden Age of Tennis to uniform of tennis' giants?
  2. heftylefty

    Schwartman's Heart

    What tennis player you wish you could put Diego's git, fight and Heart into? My three candidates: Zverev Fognini American Men's Tennis
  3. heftylefty

    John McEnroe Today

    I am not a fan of McEnroe, but I would be a fool not to admit this guy had ungodly talent. Even today, he can hang with 20, 25 years his junior. That's amazing. My question: Is John McEnroe the world's best player in his age division if he plays ITF Senior Division? My answer is a resounding...
  4. heftylefty

    Sharapova and US Open

    It appears that Sharapova will not be given direct entry into to main draw of U.S. Open. Her ranking wouldn't be high enough. She will get direct entry into the Qualifying. When will she get her ranking high enough for a direct entry into a Slam?
  5. heftylefty

    Yeah Google!

    Way to go Google for honoring a great champion on the Opening Day of the US Open with a doodle. Thank you for the Shout Out to Althea Gibson!
  6. heftylefty

    Brave New World...

    I love the modern game. What is lost in regards to touch and guile is made up for athleticism. I think the touch and feel that once was a hallmark of “old school tennis” will return. Tennis as a sport is not immune to evolution. With that said; enough with the excuse making regarding...
  7. heftylefty

    Switzerland: Land of the OHBH

    World, You're Welcome. Love, Suisse
  8. heftylefty

    Happy Birthday Billie Jean King

    Happy Birthday to a tennis pioneer and native of my hometown of Long Beach, California.
  9. heftylefty

    Who's DROUGHT to end next?

    Congrats to the United Kingdom. This was long overdue. Now, There are still some serious drought left. Australian Open: last winner Mark Edmondson 1976 Roland Garros: last winner Yannick Noah 1983 U.S. Open: last winner Andy Roddick 2003 Which of these countries will end...
  10. heftylefty

    Why does US Davis Cup Uniform Sucks

    Is there any real reason with the sweats of the US Davis Cup Team sucks? The rest of the world have sweats I would buy; and the US team looks like a 3.5 USTA squad. Marketing is not the USTA strong suit, I guess.
  11. heftylefty

    What are the best shoes to wear with an Ankle Brace

    I sprained my right ankle about 3 weeks and ready to get back on the court but not without solid ankle brace. I was wearing the Nike Air Cage II but the run a little snug and I can't imagine wearing that shoe with a brace. The brace I am looking in to is the McDavid Ankle X. I am open to...