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  1. *Val*

    Losing the will to play! Tips needed

    Hi guys Need a bit of help improving my game and finding the motivation to keep on with the sport really. Recently I've been practicing more regularly, but with people quite above my level and it can be quite disheartening constantly being the worst player on court. It's winter so I'm only...
  2. *Val*

    Swollen knee

    Hi guys I'm having an issue with a really swollen (left) knee and need some advice. I don't think I hurt it playing tennis, but since tennis is my sport I thought I'd come here. The thing is, I'm not sure how I've hurt it, I think I may have bashed it but I can't fully remember. I just...
  3. *Val*

    White nike dri fit shorts changing color

    I bought a couple pairs of the nike 'showdown' shorts in white, and recently washed 1 of the pairs and noticed after it totally changed shade of white! I did soak it in cold water to remove a small blood stain, cause I had a cut on my finger when playing, then put on (quite a lot) of this stain...
  4. *Val*

    I guess it doesn't matter that Berdych knocked out Fed...

    If Fed played against Murray today in those windy conditions, I think chances are he would have lost. Murray plays well in these conditions. So I guess Fed getting knocked out by Berd didn't really make a difference in the long run?
  5. *Val*

    Tsonga what the hell

    Seriously... what the hell... lost for words
  6. *Val*

    Murray still wearing the BV?

    He wore a BV paintjob this Wimbledon: Compare that with the actual B7 Novak was wearing: I wonder if he'll ever switch? I guess the BV support is best for those dodgy ankles of his...
  7. *Val*

    Dunlop Biomimetic 300 Tour

    I currently play with the Dunlop Aerogel 4D 300. Would this frame (the Biomimetic 300 Tour) be the logical progression for me? I played with the MFIL before the Aerogel, and for me it was a big step up from that model (awesome feel, more forgiving), though the specs were very similar. The...
  8. *Val*

    Nike dri-fit half cushion crew socks - really high

    Gave these socks a try cause people seem to rate them, and you can get a pack of three for the price of a single pair of thorlos! Tried them on and they come up really high on your leg though, almost like a football sock. Are they all like this or have I unwittingly bought some weirdly high...
  9. *Val*

    Nike courtballistec 4.3 lace eyelet system

    Do they basically break without fail after 2 months or so?
  10. *Val*

    Hoag 50 or Ballport 36 (baskets)

    I've narrowed down which ball baskets I want to buy, and wondering if anyone can give any input on these two? I'm looking for a lightweight ball basket mostly for personal use, I'll probably be carrying it to and from court so ease of transport is important. I don't need to hold a huge amount of...
  11. *Val*

    Cleaning tennis socks

    Okay this might seem like a stupid question and non-specific to tennis, but on the insole of my white adidas barricade Vs, the black adidas logo wears and marks off onto the heel of the socks, and when I run my socks through the wash they still come out looking dirty in that area. I wear thorlos...
  12. *Val*

    Problem with unstable courtballistecs & rolled ankle

    Hi guys I wore my new nike courtballistec 4.3s on court today - I haven't worn the courtballistec line before and have always worn barricades (especially BV). I did notice they're not as substantial as the BV's or indeed the CB3.3s (I own a pair but haven't worn them) but I like the...
  13. *Val*

    1HB - do you roll your wrist over in the follow through?

    Another thread on 1HBH grips got me thinking about this - I play with a more extreme eastern backhand grip, with my heel pad moved over more towards the 2nd bevel (rather than on the top of the grip, on the 3rd bevel). I feel this gives me better control and a more secure stroke, promotes a...
  14. *Val*

    Serve follow through question - wrist pronation

    Should you always aim to pronate your wrist on every serve, both first and seocnd, with the result that the racquet face you used to strike the ball is facing outward (so pointing right if you are right handed)? I seem to do this more when aiming DTL rather than CC with my serve, and it seems to...
  15. *Val*

    How often should you restring anyway?

    I heard as a general rule as many times a year as you play a week minimum. The latest frame I play with is the Dunlop Aerogel 4D 300 and I bought that around August/September last year. Thought it was time for a restring because the (original) strings seemed to have lost their pop and were...
  16. *Val*

    Serve foot position

    I'm been playing with my service technique in the past few weeks and am trying to settle on a comfortable foot position. I'm not sure whether to have my feet further apart throughout the whole motion (like Federer) or to bring them closer together as I toss the ball up (which is what most...
  17. *Val*

    Adidas vs Nike apparel fit

    How does Nike clothing fit compared to Adidas? I wear Adidas apparel right now but am thinking of switching to Nike. I know Nike shoes run half a size larger (which is annoying because a size UK10 in Adidas fits me perfectly, but I need 9.5 for Nike) but how about shirts? Adidas shirts are on...
  18. *Val*

    Should I give up straight-arm forehand technique?

    I have been having trouble settling on a comfortable forehand motion for quite some time, the result being that I actually feel my forehand is the weaker shot. Recently my whole game has been coming together so that I feel comfortable competing (about a year or two ago I'd beat myself too...
  19. *Val*

    Best ball baskets with pickup

    What are your favourite, inexpensive ball baskets that feature an easy pickup mechanism? I'm looking at the 'Hoag professional 50 tennis balls basket'. Are there any in particular that stand out as superior? Thanks EDIT: I'm also interested in lighter ones over heavier ones, so I'm not...
  20. *Val*

    Barricade V vs 6

    Hey guys, Just seen the new Barricade 7 and don't really like the look. So thinking of grabbing a pair of V's/6's while they are still available on the market. I still play in V's but I'm on my last pair. I can grab another pair (in white, I love the look) or perhaps grab a pair of 6's, which...
  21. *Val*

    Where can I watch this US Open (UK)

    Alongside the Australian Open, the US Open is my favourite tourney. I absolutely love the speed and intensity of hardcourts (not to mention Tsonga is always a strong contender in these slams). One problem: in the UK we can watch the AO, FO and Wimbledon all on normal terrestrial TV. Not so US...
  22. *Val*

    New racquet!

    I'm thinking of picking up a new racquet but need a bit of advice about which to choose. I'm still playing with a Dunlop m-fil 300 and think it's time for a change. I find this racquet is great for my backhand side in particular (slice, and 1-handed topspin), serves good, but I've had problems...
  23. *Val*

    Soft heel counters

    I'm on my last pair of Barricade V's and I noticed that it's very easy to push the heel counter (the part at the back of the shoe which cups your heel) down with your hand. Is this normal? Only, I was under the impression the heel counter ought to be stiff and firm to support your heel as it...
  24. *Val*

    How to avoid blisters on hand

    This might sound like a stupid question... but how do I avoid getting blisters on my hand? Specifically, I always develop a blister on the inside of the top part of my right thumb. I think it rubs during my forehand. At the moment (after a period out) I actually feel more confident hitting shots...
  25. *Val*

    Bleep Test for fitness

    I'm basically wondering if you can use the Bleep Test for building up your fitness levels? I figure doing shuttle runs would be conducive to efficient tennis court coverage, and also for general fitness. The only thing is, this is a test of fitness, but can it be used to build fitness too...
  26. *Val*

    Strung strings too tight!

    I got my racquet restrung recently, but didn't know a whole lot about it, but wanted a bit more control from before so was going to get it done at 61lb. My racquet is Dunlop M fil 300 (yes I still use these!). I realized that'd probably be too high, so settled on 59lb, but it still seems a bit...
  27. *Val*

    Caption this =)

    Someone glues Murray's hand to a tennis ball, which is glued to his foot
  28. *Val*

    How is the Nike Air Max Courtballistec 2.1?

    I found this going very cheaply and was thinking of grabbing a pair (right now I only have 1 pair Barricade Vs, returning from injury but will rotate as I play more in summer). Need good cushion for my herniated disc. Any thoughts? I take UK10 in the 'cades. Also what is their normal price? I...
  29. *Val*

    Jo-Wilfried Tsonga videos

    The thread with the best Federer tribute videos gave me the idea for this, so for all you Tsonga fans out there, post your favourite videos! I made this one last year during summer =)
  30. *Val*

    Tennis socks

    Looking for some good tennis socks, white and long... I was wearing these crappy white umbro socks that I got really cheap at sports direct, they were alright at first but last time I played my toes got quite sore, think because after a few uses/washes the material is all harsh and grainy...