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  1. lacoster

    New VCORE 2022?

    Yonex just teased the new VCORE 2022 on Facebook (looks like a darker red/garnet color)…I find it odd since they just released the new EZONES literally a few weeks ago.
  2. lacoster

    Serena Williams blacked-out Wilson

    Any news on this? In her first round doubles match with Wozniacki, it's definitely not the Blade SW104 v7 paintjob...
  3. lacoster

    New Prince Beast/Warrior PJ?

    I randomly saw Shuai Peng playing the USOpen qualies and saw that she was swinging a new Prince PJ. Is this the new Beast or Warrior PJ, which she previously used? Or a totally new line?
  4. lacoster

    Qiang Wang's new "Yunlop" paintjob is quite possibly the worst I've ever seen.

    Dunlop just signed a deal with Qiang Wang, China's new #1 singles player, but it's blatantly obvious that there's still a Yonex VCORE SV98 under that Dunlop CX200 paintjob. Here she is at Indian Wells with her "Yunlop," where you can obviously see it has the pronounced triangular VCORE throat...
  5. lacoster

    Are Barricades discontinued?

    I haven’t seen a Barricade 2019 or a new Barricade Classic being introduced yet. Are they being killed off? I don’t see any new 2019 adidas shoe with the adiwear 6-month outsole warranty....
  6. lacoster

    Carry-On 9-12 Racquet Bags?

    Has anyone had any luck travelling with Babolat Pure Line 12-pack bags as a carry on? That's my current bag. I was planning on using it to carry all my clothes and toiletries in addition to my 4 racquets. Thanks, in advance!
  7. lacoster

    Yonex pro tour racquet bags?

    Anyone else notice that the pro tour bags that Yonex gives its pro players are completely different from the retail version? I bought mine from here, but was disappointed to see it only has one molded side compartment, whereas all the pros have two molded side compartments. Anyone know where I...
  8. lacoster

    Babolat Bags 2017

    I've only seen the Pure Strike Bags (nice, but there's too much white that easily shows dirt), and I'm curious to see the Aero and Drive bags. Does anyone have pics?
  9. lacoster

    Anyone else see Radwanska's racquet break off completely on a routine backhand?

    I was watching the Agnieska Radwanska - Kimiko Date third set and saw Radwanska's racquet break completely off the handle on a backhand return. The racquet head broke off completely at the top of the handle....I've never seen that before! I'm wondering if that is something inherent in Cortex...
  10. lacoster

    Sharapova using Ozone Tour (or new EXO3 Tour);
  11. lacoster

    Ancic: Done?

    Any new developments with Mario Ancic? I know he is a lawyer now, and that he gave a guest lecture at Harvard Law this past spring semester. Among the things he spoke about at Harvard: law in pro sports, ATP legal issues, and endorsement contracts (surprise, surprise). I don't think his head...
  12. lacoster

    Joachim Johansson comeback

    I thought he retired from all the shoulder surgeries he's had? He's a wildcard in the main draw of the Malaysian Open, and he draws Lleyton Hewitt in the first round.
  13. lacoster

    Davydenko is back playing with discontinued O3 Tour

    I was just perusing the Yahoo site and came through this: He made such a big fuss about his new Ozone in Miami, but now he is back to playing with the discontinued O3 Tour...
  14. lacoster

    Pro Racism towards the Chinese;_ylt=AvsclMi9Fdf6bg2zf_KCQSyqaJh4?urn=oly,100968 This is posted by a whistleblower before Spain's Anabel Medina Garrigues and Virginia Ruano Pascual are to face China's Jie...
  15. lacoster

    2008 Olympic Tennis Team Nominations. Wildcards annouced.

    Does anyone know or have a complete list of official Olympic nominations for tennis? I know there are sponsor and shedule conflicts that already rules out some players, as Andy Roddick is defending his title in DC and Anna Chakvetadze is doing the same in Cincinnati. A complete list of main...
  16. lacoster

    Hingis out; Vaidisova in. Nicole switches to RQis-2 Tour

    I think I know why Hingis has always had a penchant for 'powder white' racquets during her career... no PJ here. Notice the pronounced rounded edges of Nicole's RQis-2:
  17. lacoster

    Ankle Brace Questions - Please help

    I am nursing a ruptured achilles tendon and am anxious to get back on the courts. I know I have to start wearing ankle braces from now on to minimize a re-rupture. My question is: do you guys have any experience with other ankle braces other than the ASO (Roddick brace) one on TW? It seems a...
  18. lacoster

    Pros who have never switched racquet brands?

    Reading a thread about so many pros switching brands made me think that there are only a handful of "lifers." Can anyone name any current (or former) top pros that have always been loyal to the same racquet brand since the junior circuit? I'll start it off: -Hingis and Yonex -Kournikova...
  19. lacoster

    How does this happen?

    Ana-Lena Groenfeld swings and misses on a backhand, due to a broken racquet...? How did she break her Fisher right at the top of the handle? I've never seen this... Pic at mid-swing: Another shot of...
  20. lacoster

    Could Dunlop sue Prince?

    for infringment? Clearly, James Blake is not using a Prince, but his "Prince Experimental" is hardly a Prince. The frame has Prince Logos and a Butt Cap, but it clearly is not a Prince engineered frame. Even the Blake camp admits that it's still his old frame underneath the markings. It's...
  21. lacoster

    O3 Tour doubts?

    I've just now hit with the O3 tour Mid (funny their 95" is mid). It looked cool, but the 'wow' factor when playing with it was not there. My shots lacked the 'buttery' feel and it felt too powerful for me, almost like a trampoline (it was strung at 60#). My normal playing racquet is the...
  22. lacoster

    Pro's and their here.

    All pros have some kind of rituals to keep them sane. Some are bounce the ball twice, some are unique. Do you know of any unique rituals? I've caught little things when I watch tennis, so I'll start it off... Sharapova... always brushes her left ear, then her right ear before...
  23. lacoster

    Barricade Lineage

    I've been a Barricade II wearer for ages it seems. I've been circulating two for the past 4 years now. With the Barricade IV out, are the II's going to be completely discontinued now? It seems like adidas is doing that for the III's . I never really bothered with the BIII's anyways since I...
  24. lacoster

    New Barricade IV Colors!!

    They're all over Europe: Here's a link to the Euro colors: ________ Silver surfer review
  25. lacoster

    Clay Shoes on Hard? Santoro?

    I just found new Original Oscillates (Navy/White) shoes for $20- great deal, but they are clay shoes. I don't play on clay that much, but what happens when you use clay shoes on hard courts? If anyone has experience with doing that, I was just wondering if there were long term foot pain or...
  26. lacoster

    Paradorn the interruption

    Can someone explain where his game and head is right now? I know hovering around the top 40-50 is good for the pro ranks, but Schrichaphan was a top-tenner over a year ago. ________ AVANDIA CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS
  27. lacoster

    Babolat and midsized racquets?

    I normally play better with non-widebodied, smaller-headed racquets, but I noticed that Babolat doesn't make any after going down a demo list of racquet companies. I am in love with VS gut, but am not impressed by their racquet offerings. Is Babolat engineering an 18-21mm, 85-93 sq. in racquet...
  28. lacoster

    Lacoste and Yonex tennis wear?

    Is there a chance of getting Lacoste and Yonex wear from TW? Nike and Adidas seem too ubiquitous and generic. I don't understand it when absolutely no e-tailer carries their tennis-specific sportswear, but they sponsor so many players on tour. I wouldn't mind shelling out $$ for classic...
  29. lacoster

    Lacoste Tennis Shorts?!

    I have been looking everywhere for Lacoste tennis shorts, but no luck anywhere, not even the Lacoste boutique here in downtown Charleston carries the tennis line. I prefer wearing Lacoste or Polo Ralph Lauren over Nike or adidas sportswear. Does anyone have any sources? ________ Headaches /...
  30. lacoster

    Stencil Ink Help

    One of our young juniors came into the clubhouse and requested green stencil ink for the new stringjob to match her Prince NXG Graphites. Unfortunately, I have never seen green stencil ink, or any other colors other than black or red. Should I advise her to use household paint or spraypaint...