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  1. drhopz

    the weirdest(unintentional or not) shots you've hit

    LOL, i unintentionally framed a shot and it went flying to the streets and hit a blue camry in motion. =]
  2. drhopz


    Oh, i didn't intend to be so negative about school, but just not looking forward to exams and such, but we all have to take care of responsibilities. I hope all of you have a great time at school because your hs and college years are the best. You'll meet amazing people and have the funnest and...
  3. drhopz


    WOOO COLLEGE!!! Yea, LA is huge. Traffic is bad here too.
  4. drhopz


    Yea i know, i'm actually excited wooooo.
  5. drhopz


    Lol, Senior year is the best. I don't remember much academic strains.
  6. drhopz


    What's so bad about UCLA?
  7. drhopz


    I don't wnat to deal with traffic. Commuting defeats the college experience.
  8. drhopz


    Suxs. Anyway, I just moved into my dorm at ucla, have you guys started packing or moving yet? Long live federer...
  9. drhopz

    Does no one here get bored of tennis?

    I have withdrawal after straying from tennis because of tennis elbow or lack of time.
  10. drhopz

    I Will Shave My Head If Roger Federer Wins Usopen08

    lol. federer prevails.
  11. drhopz

    Lol Ucla

    Wooo go bruins!!!
  12. drhopz

    Helping 10 Year Old Emotions When Down?

    Remember to have fun Remember its just a game Practice Practice Relax its just a game kid Easier said than done, this being a non contact sport makes it so hard to control your emotions.
  13. drhopz

    Wisdom teeth

    The pain killers were so good, i played tennis an hour later after surgery. I was one of the lucky ones that didn't swell up
  14. drhopz

    Wisdom teeth

    <3 porridge and soup
  15. drhopz

    Jobs for a 14 year old?

    Sell lemonade
  16. drhopz

    Jobs for a 14 year old?

    clean chimnees
  17. drhopz

    Addicted to Facebook

    Never got into applications, but did you say tennis application?:twisted: INVITE!
  18. drhopz

    So, I managed to hit myself in the head last night

    I used to hit my leg when on serve.
  19. drhopz

    Which memory foam to buy?

    Thanks guys, i normally sleep on a hardbed, but my dorm bed is oh so damn soft.
  20. drhopz

    Which memory foam to buy?

    I live in at a dorm at ucla, and the beds are killing my back. As a tennis enthusiastic, i feel that this bed will ruin my posture and my ultra heavy nadal spinning top spin sharapova shrieking forehand. Any who, what kinda of memory foam or bed acessory will ease my back pain. Love, drhopz
  21. drhopz

    What is YOUR definition of "tennis"?

    Green fuzzy bouncy balls
  22. drhopz

    Not feeling it w/ Doubles

    I'm sure many people do not adequately get warmed up with doubles because i feel constrained to my half of the court.
  23. drhopz

    The Tennis Dad club...

    Go tennis dad!
  24. drhopz

    Warped Racquet need help

  25. drhopz

    The Cheap Players Club

    Flat balls Basketball Shoes $120 Nblade Basketball shorts and T-shirt Okay by far the cheapest thing i do. I cut overgrip in half.
  26. drhopz

    Warped Racquet need help

    I think you need to buy a Kblade like everyone else
  27. drhopz

    Where can I get this t-shirt?

    I wouldn't wear that shirt around my neighborhood.
  28. drhopz

    Obama vs Clinton...Super Tuesday.

    I don't like either of them very much. Although, i was happy with Bill Clinton's years as president. I really liked Edwards, but he dropped out of the race. I dont know if it's just me, but where the hell are they gonna get money for a universal health care? TAXES? my point exactly.
  29. drhopz

    Any High Schoolers here DECA members?

    Oh... i thought you were talking about Academic DECATHLON.
  30. drhopz

    How to stop roommate from snoring

    Lol thanks for all the suggestions, this serious topic has turned into quite a humorous thread. I'll be sure to use your advice.