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  1. threehandedbackhand

    (poll) Nadal vs Djokovic slam race at the end of 2023?

    It's Nadal +1 (22-21) now. Four slams to be played in 2023. Nine possible outcomes. Feel free to vote. Voting ends at the start of AO23.
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    List of the best YEC runs 1986-2022

    (RR era, since 1986) M S S% G G% TBs TBs% 1986 Lendl 5-0 11-0 1.00 67-41 .620 0-0 2003 Federer 5-0 11-1 .92 74-38 .661 2-1 .67 2001 Hewitt 5-0 11-1 .92 70-41 .631 0-0 2010 Federer 5-0 10-1 .91 64-35 .646 1-0 1.00 2004 Federer 5-0 10-1...
  3. threehandedbackhand

    Zverev will win 2023 ATP Finals

    It's a pity he wasn't able to compete in 2022 finals to defend the trophy as Sascha in his traditional November shape is extremely hard to beat. Therefore I don't consider this as a bold prediction: you can put his 3rd YEC title in the 2023 calendar. 2018 - 2021 - 2023
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    Kindly reminder: Casper's surname is RUUD, not Rudd

    ✔ Ruud, not ✗ Rudd by the way: ✔ Aliassime, not ✗ Alliasime ✔ Medvedev, not ✗ Medveded ✔ Hurkacz, not ✗ Hurcakz ✔ Berrettini, not ✗ Beretini ✔ Musetti, not ✗ Musseti ✔ Schwartzman, not ✗ Schwartzmann and in at the finish ✔ Ruusuvuori, not ✗ Rusuuvori Have a nice day :)
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    2022 ATP Finals F: [3] Casper Ruud vs Novak Djokovic [7]

    H2H Ruud 0-3 Djokovic Vegas odds (as of 19 November) Sources:
  6. threehandedbackhand

    Odds To Win Men's Australian Open 2023

    In the Vegas market Djokovic is the main favourite, however his chances are clearly below 50%.
  7. threehandedbackhand

    AO23 seedings

    It has been pretty much determined as there are almost no tournaments between YEC and AO. Only Ruud and Fritz can improve their effective seedings (those relevant during the draw procedure), but Turin win is necessary to do that. Rublev is locked in a 5-8 range. Djokovic is locked in a 5-8 range...
  8. threehandedbackhand

    2022 ATP Finals SF: [7] Novak Djokovic vs Taylor Fritz [8]

    H2H Djokovic 5-0 Fritz Vegas odds (as of 18 November) Sources:
  9. threehandedbackhand

    41 years old Rojer shows at the 2022 ATP Finals that age is just a number

    Rojer (born in August 1981) with a good chances to reach the ATP Finals SF from the Red Group! All he needs to do is to win the 3rd RR match on Thursday.
  10. threehandedbackhand

    2022 ATP Finals RR: [3] Casper Ruud vs Taylor Fritz [8]

    Hey, why there's no talk about this match? Both undefeated, the group winner plays here. Fritz a slight favourite. First meeting. Fritz winning 2-0 will leave a SF door open for Nadal.
  11. threehandedbackhand

    Djokovic at the AO23. Two months away, what result do you predict?

    Poll open till the end of November 2022.
  12. threehandedbackhand

    Rafael Nadal still can win 2022 YEC and become YE#1

    As it stands: M S G 1. FAA 1-1 2-2 22-20 2. Fritz 1-0 2-0 13-7 3. Ruud 1-0 2-0 13-10 4. Nadal 0-2 0-4 14-25 but with the scores: Fritz vs Ruud 6-4 6-3 Nadal vs Ruud 6-3 6-1 Fritz vs FAA 6-2 6-4 it will look as follows: M S G 1. Fritz 3-0 6-0 37-20 2. Nadal 1-2...
  13. threehandedbackhand

    2022 ATP Finals RR: [1] Rafael Nadal vs Felix Auger-Aliassime [5]

    Most of people expected both players to win in an opening round. Meanwhile FAA lost to Ruud 0-2, Nadal lost to Fritz 0-2. Who will prolong the chances for the SF? Vegas odds: Nadal R. - Auger-Aliassime F. 2.25 - 1.67
  14. threehandedbackhand

    How have they made 2022 Turin draw step-by-step

    1 took a map 2 drew a vertical line 3 done
  15. threehandedbackhand

    How many matches will Nadal win in 2022 YEC Turin?

    YEC is a highly specific tournament. You can win just one match to be promoted to the semis. You can win two matches just to be eliminated in the RR phase. You can win just three matches (1xRR + SF + F) to get the trophy. You can win four matches (3xRR + SF) and go home with empty hands...
  16. threehandedbackhand

    2022 ATP Bercy results are very strange

    1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2 Come on... what are the odds of that kind of pattern?
  17. threehandedbackhand

    Zverev out of Top10 after 275 weeks

    He will be down to #11 in November 2022. First time out of Top10 since July 2017. Not good. Get well, Sascha!
  18. threehandedbackhand

    Zverev injury update as he hopes to emulate Djokovic

    No rush. Good.
  19. threehandedbackhand

    Why did Medvedev retire in Astana?

    Exactly eight seconds after the end of 2nd set TB Medvedev suddenly decided to retire. But why?
  20. threehandedbackhand

    Rare ATP update: Zverev abuse investigation remains 'ongoing'

    October 2022 update from ATP:
  21. threehandedbackhand

    Berdych: "Federer had moments when he acted like a boy and did stupid things"

    Tomas Berdych: Source:
  22. threehandedbackhand

    Novak becomes a father again

    Google translation: Congrats! Source:
  23. threehandedbackhand

    Will you follow 2022 Laver Cup?

    2022 Laver Cup 5th edition O2 Arena, London, 23-25 September Are you interested? Feel free to vote.
  24. threehandedbackhand

    Srdjan about Federer retirement

    Nothing so far unfortunately. But can't wait for it!
  25. threehandedbackhand

    Forecast. Djokovic will never again play US Open

    That bad streak shouldn't be continued. 2019 unfortunate ending with an injury. 2020 line judge drama. 2021 big upset in the final. 2022 vaccination drama. Novak won't play there anymore.
  26. threehandedbackhand

    Carlos Alcaraz should marry Iga Swiatek

    19 years old Carlos is a brilliant match for 21 years old Iga. That would be the greatest tennis couple since Agassi & Graf undoubtely. Can you imagine their children with such perfect genes? A daughter destined to be a WTA unstoppable force. A son destined to be an ATP monster. Carlos...
  27. threehandedbackhand

    Let's go back to 2017 Rome for a moment

    It's 20-years old Sascha in his epic win against Djokovic in the M1000 final. "A Star Is Born" as ATP announces. And we have 14-years old Carlos. Tiny kid playing junior tournaments. Would you believe 5 years later who is the first to win his maiden slam title?
  28. threehandedbackhand

    Iga Swiatek Slam Count - what's your prediction?

    After RG20 and RG22 she's just grabbed her 3rd trophy in New York. It makes her perfect score 3/3 100% in the Slam finals. At the age 21 (born in May 2001) Iga's timeline looks as follows Assuming no injuries there will be 34 GS attempts more (9 AO, 9 RG, 8 WIM, 8 USO) before her 30th birthday...
  29. threehandedbackhand

    Nadal's increased testosterone level during AO22 eventually cost him the USO22 title

    As we all know Xisca is in a 33rd week of pregnancy, so that means it all started in Melbourne in January. Very wrong timing. Nadal should have waited a couple of weeks longer. In such a scenario Xisca's pregnancy issues wouldn't have troubled Rafa in New York and he'd have easily won his #23 at...