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  1. lidoazndiabloboi

    Tennis Warehouse Playtest - Head Hawk Power 1.25!!

    Tension(s) used for playtest: 52 lbs Regular string set up: Head Lynx Tour 17 at 52 lbs Racquet used for test: Wilson RF97 v13 Control/Power of test string: I think control is the biggest quality of this string. When making contact, I felt very connected with the strings and which direction...
  2. lidoazndiabloboi

    Novak new Racqet ???

    What are the differences in the mold of the MG Rad MP and the PT346.1? Is the MG Rad more round, less oval? I don't have the rackets to compare, so would love to hear your insight.
  3. lidoazndiabloboi

    Fed live from Tokyo 11/19

    IMO, Fed looked the best under Nike. But in his final years with Nike, the on court tennis gear was getting bland and repetitive, and the short term RF brand that Nike created for Fed was over priced and just did not sell, with many items seeing Nike Outlet or Marshalls racks. I believe Uniqlos...
  4. lidoazndiabloboi

    Kokkinakis blacked out racket again?

    Would you care to share a picture?
  5. lidoazndiabloboi

    Kokkinakis blacked out racket again?

    2013 aeropro drive most likely. That was his previous racket
  6. lidoazndiabloboi

    One handed backhand-releasing the off hand too early

    @Curious I haven't gone through all the posts to see what others have said. But here is few things you can try. 1. More dominant with the left hand. Use the left hand to pull the racket back while keeping the right hand loose. 2. Lower your racket take back. A lower take back has less distance...
  7. lidoazndiabloboi

    Optimal String for Saber Training Racquet

    I just strung mine ATW with a leftover Dunlop S-Gut at 25 lbs. used 16.5ft of string.
  8. lidoazndiabloboi

    Steam 99 Prostock with Blade Paint vs Steam 99 NOS

    Would love to see side by side differences of the two. Thanks in advance!
  9. lidoazndiabloboi

    Wilson Pro Staff RF97: A summary of people's experiences with the racquet

    At 370SW strung, you looking at around 335-338SW unstrung with a heavy 16 gauge string. That's pretty absurd. Are you sure there wasn't any lead under the grommet? I've measure many many RF97s through the years including my own, and various clients. On the low end, i've seen some around 298SW...
  10. lidoazndiabloboi

    Line Judges - I Cannot Watch the ATP Finals

    Let's compromise. Hire people to stand there looking like line judges, and allow them to advertise the clothing, while using the electronic line calls. You can even charge fans for an oncourt experience, to stand there like a line judge
  11. lidoazndiabloboi

    Felix Auger Alliassime racquet specs

    FAA uses the 2016 Pure Aero VS, so it has woofer grommets in the throat
  12. lidoazndiabloboi

    Steam 99 Prostock with Blade Paint vs Steam 99 NOS

    If you get a chance, can you also compare it to the Wilson Blade Team v7/v8. I'm curious how similar or different they are.
  13. lidoazndiabloboi

    holger rune aero 2022

    Looks like leather grip?
  14. lidoazndiabloboi

    Holger Rune specs?

    Regarding whether Rune or Alcaraz are using stock rackets, IMO, they must have it customized, one way or another. I own 2 PAVS, both in stock form, 1 with a 295SW unstrung, another with 276SW unstrung. With variances like that, it's highly unlikely Babolat would be able to find 100% matching...
  15. lidoazndiabloboi

    18x20 Wilson Shift prototype

    5 throat grommet set on the 18x20? That's unique. 16x20 looks like 4 grommet set
  16. lidoazndiabloboi

    18x20 Wilson Shift prototype

    Saw some pics on IG
  17. lidoazndiabloboi

    Wilson Pro Staff V14.0

    There were clips of Fed practicing with the V14 pj last few months. I was surprised he didn't use that version at the Laver Cup. If he had, it would have been an instant buy for me. But I agree with others, if Fed is not using it, I might not upgrade.
  18. lidoazndiabloboi

    Favorite Wilson Pro Stock

    The Blade Pro 16x19 and H22 16x19 drill patterns are different, so the grommets are indeed not interchangeable. But has this been confirmed for the 18x20 versions? From the pictures I've seen, they look pretty identical.
  19. lidoazndiabloboi

    Dimitrov racket

    He hasn't been getting deep enough into tournaments for us to notice any equipment changes
  20. lidoazndiabloboi

    Dimitrov racket

    In Vienna, custom drilled 18x18 pattern with no shared holes. On ProStockTennis site, he has acquired an 18x18 Dimitrov racket with shared holes.
  21. lidoazndiabloboi

    Player A or Player B

    Since the start of the WTF (ATP Finals) in 1970, there have only been a total of 25 different champions. You are amongst a great list of champions if you are able to win one. Whereas there are many 1 or 2 slam winners through the years. Being able to win 7 WTF is a greater tennis achievement...
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    Can't just say "nice shot."

    If your opponent kept playing the ball, and went up to the net, then he would have had a easy forehand volley to your forehand open court. No one to blame but himself.
  23. lidoazndiabloboi

    Is this a aeropro drive original fake?

    The drill pattern is completely wrong, no foam molded handle. Seems 100% fake to me
  24. lidoazndiabloboi

    Carlos Alcaraz is using a stock Pure aero vs

    Sorry, could you explain what you mean? The grommets look the same to me.
  25. lidoazndiabloboi

    Carlos Alcaraz is using a stock Pure aero vs

    No dots on the new version?
  26. lidoazndiabloboi

    Blade pro or H22 or something else?

    I think that confirms its a H22. Great find! How much did you get it for?
  27. lidoazndiabloboi

    Blade pro or H22 or something else?

    This looks like an H22 16x19 to me. Can you check the side grommets, and where it ends at the bottom. Does it look like it's cut off?
  28. lidoazndiabloboi

    How do you measure your string?

    I do a similar thing as you. For 16x19 rackets, i pull slightly less than 3.5 wingspans for mains. For crosses, I pull slightly more than 3 wingspans. If I am doing an 18x20 racket, i'll pull my regular amount and add the additional mains and cross. I like to measure the cross first, cut and...
  29. lidoazndiabloboi

    Head Auxetic Radical

    This might be a custom paintjob, as you can see black grommet head guard, especially since UC is known for this custom work.