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    Is tennis players still looks for college tennis recruitment guide in US?

    What exactly players look for in college tennis recruitment guide. Is there any relevant platform to obtain a perfect guide for college tennis?
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    College tennis recruitment

    College Tennis Recruitment – 1000’s of tennis parents across the world want their kid to play US college tennis. They do not know the compliance rules across divisions and bodies, do not know the levels, have no connections to coaches or how to find the right fitment. They can spend months doing...
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    how much can you improve your UTR in one year?

    It's a tough question as it depends on many factors such as effort, players talent, proper tournament prep etc. In the lower UTR levels like UTR 3 to UTR 6, players jump up 2 UTR spots often in a calendar year. As they move up, it's harder to jump up and 1 UTR jump a year is a very good...
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    Time to put restrictions on on court coaching

    On court coaching a two-way sword. In junior tennis, we feel a player can improve tremendously if a coach can point out mistakes on the spot. However, it makes the field uneven. What about players who cannot afford coaches to be onsite? They will have a distinct disadvantage. The no coaching...
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    Can a 4.5 play with a 3.0 in 7.5

    Yes, in a USTA combined doubles event, a 4.5 can partner a 3.0 in a 7.5 NTRP doubles event.
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    How are college team line ups determined?

    Coaches do it subjectively. Sometimes it is based on challenge matches, sometime based on individual match ups and rarely purely on UTR.
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    I play Division III college tennis, AMA

    Coaches main goal is to win team matches. At this level, coaches rarely overhaul massive technique. If techniques break down, they sure take time to refine it. They focus on improving speed, strength, tactical awareness.
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    College players in US summer Futures and Challengers

    Several aspects make playing college tennis hard. Few on top of my mind are: 1) Coaches pick from a global pool of players so if makes it very competitive to get in and get a slot. 2) There is no one selection criterion. Academics combined with UTR, ITF / ATP of WTA ranking, WTN now are all...