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  1. Craig Sheppard

    Return after Torn Hip Labrum

    Has anyone here had a torn labrum in their hip repaired? How long did you take to get back to hitting? I had mine repaired in 2 places about 5 weeks ago and just got off crutches. Feels good to walk again, wish I could go hit some but I know I can't. Wont even be trying to get on court for 4...
  2. Craig Sheppard

    Ugliest tennis shoes ever?

    Holy crap I can't believe this thread is still going...and on the first page of the shoe board. Man I haven't been around TT in years... 5 years on though, those Reeboks are still freaking ugly!
  3. Craig Sheppard

    Twitter users?

    Wow nice to see it only took 6 months to get this thread warmed up... :) Twitter is still a pretty geeky community and is even controversial within my industry (IT), but it does allow direct access to many people and organizations you wouldn't have access to before twitter, so I think it's...
  4. Craig Sheppard

    the wilson k pro tour is on sale!

    Wondering if this is being discontinued...
  5. Craig Sheppard

    Wilson Kpro Tour 96

    Naah, doesn't really seem any thicker than most modern rackets. Days of thin box beam stuff are long gone... I mean, if that's your thing then cool, but I didn't notice the beam width having any detrimental impact on how the racket played at all.
  6. Craig Sheppard

    Wilson Kpro Tour 96

    I switched from my Fischer Magnetic Tour rackets to the KPro Tour 96 this year. I play various 4.0 leagues (mostly doubles), and 4.5 tournaments (mostly singles), so I get a good mix of style & level of play. Strength is my serve, and have a 1-hbh. Regardless of what most people say, I think...
  7. Craig Sheppard

    K-Swiss Defier Misoul & my wide-load feet.

    No sweat...your review is what got me to buy them in the first place. ;-)
  8. Craig Sheppard

    Any love for Fila?

    Guy on my tennis team says his Fila Alfas are like wearing slippers... loves them.
  9. Craig Sheppard

    New Ballistec 1.3 Colorway For Summer

    Hello 1991, barely missed ya...
  10. Craig Sheppard

    K-Swiss Defier Misoul & my wide-load feet.

    Wanted to add my 2 cents to the Misoul party since a few other TWers had tried them. Bought the K-Swiss Misouls off TW about 2 weeks ago. Got a chance to play 3 times in them, 2 hard court & 1 clay session, about 6 hours in total. Bottom line first: These are solid, classic feeling tennis...
  11. Craig Sheppard

    Prince NFS Cobra Mid review.

    Not disputing you Al, but it would certainly be a miracle if they can get good cushioning in a sub 15 ounce *mid* shoe... that seems unbelievably light for such a shoe!
  12. Craig Sheppard

    can someone understand what this person says?

    nm, I was thinking about a different quote. Sounded like he was just being complementary to Michael, not referring to the '06 maneuver.
  13. Craig Sheppard

    can someone understand what this person says?

    "What Michael done today is amazing. I don't understand why the guy stop". He is referring to Schumacher "parking" his car on the qualifying lap in Monaco back in '06 (IIRC). He basically made a "driving error" in a tight turn that forced him to park his car, ending up blocking the track so...
  14. Craig Sheppard

    K-Swiss Defier Misoul review with Photos.

    Great to hear, half my league matches are on clay. I just ordered up a pair, hopefully have them by the weekend and get a quickie review up to see if I can corroborate what everyone's saying. This is the first shoe I've looked forward to slipping on in a while. In recent history I've worn...
  15. Craig Sheppard

    K-Swiss Defier Misoul review with Photos.

    I felt like the "performance" insole was a better fit than the "cushioning" insole--which did you use? The cushioning sole was definitely plush, but felt like it rode pretty high, the white performance one felt a little more aggressive, while still being comfortable. Need to get a pair of...
  16. Craig Sheppard

    K-Swiss Defier Misoul review with Photos.

    Wow, I tried these on this weekend in a shop, they had to be the most comfortable shoes I've ever tried. They felt like they'd require zero break-in, and the cushioning was very plush. Couldn't buy a pair right then, but they really surprised me for K-Swiss. I've worn the Defiers and tried a...
  17. Craig Sheppard

    Job Security

    Pretty secure, work for a company in the health care sector. Government, health care, and education... best bets in a recession.
  18. Craig Sheppard

    K61 90 to Babolat PD+ Cortex - bad volleying

    That is true, but if I couldn't hit a volley worth zip, I wouldn't even consider switching to a racket if it helped my groundies, but that's me. Philosophies vary such as playing to your strengths or helping your weaknesses. Anyway, you just switched from a 12+ oz frame to a sub 11 oz frame...
  19. Craig Sheppard

    K61 90 to Babolat PD+ Cortex - bad volleying

    Uh, just wondering... why did you switch if you volley badly with it?
  20. Craig Sheppard

    What's my best replacement for the n6.1 95 when I hate the k6.1 95

    Call me crazy, but I used the Pro Staff Classic for 10 years, n6.1 for a little while (ok, not great), then the k6.1 and didn't like it...and just demoed the KPro Tour and liked it. It's not exactly the same and yeah it swings somewhat lighter--but it gave me a certain "swing feel" I really...
  21. Craig Sheppard

    TW Demo Racquet String Tension????
  22. Craig Sheppard

    If You Were Sponsored What Would It Be?

    What no Le Coq Sportif or Tacchini? Come on man... incomplete poll! Who wouldn't feel fly sporting the rooster? Tacchini has made some nice stuff recently... ...but I voted for Fila. It's pretty tight looking stuff and it's not the same ol same ol that the big two put out. See what I"m...
  23. Craig Sheppard

    Removing Bumpergaurd

    Keep in mind most bumper guards have the head's grommets integrated into them. So you'll have to cut the grommets off in the center channel of the racket and put them back in to the racket. It can be done, but just be careful doing it. Other than that, the bumper guard is for protection only...
  24. Craig Sheppard


    Bump... Any news on new Yonex shoes?
  25. Craig Sheppard

    European Tennis Warehouse domain name

    Chris, Yeah obviously you're going to buy all types of europe, eu, tennis, and warehouse names... What about this: That way you keep the brand name and that URL tells me you're associated with the same...
  26. Craig Sheppard

    Fischer racket question

    What are you talking about? The rackets are on their web site, they don't have the Granite line b/c they have not been released in the US yet. Fischer has been notoriously bad about updating their web site, but just b/c they...
  27. Craig Sheppard

    those KPS88s are already turning up on the 'bay by the boatload!

    Vendors have had them in their possession for a while, plus some dealers sell via the 'bay... it's just another sales channel. If you can buy them at a shop, you can buy them on the 'bay...
  28. Craig Sheppard

    Twitter users?

    Just wondering if there are any twitter users on here? Did a search, didn't come up with anything... Searched twitter and found a few mentions of Tennis Warehouse. Follow me @craigsheppard if you want... Anyone else tweet tennis-related stuff?
  29. Craig Sheppard

    Just got the new Vapor VI

    I tried on the white Vapor VI's today... they were the stiffest pieces of crap I've ever tried on. I mean, The upper feels like plastic, barely conformed to my foot, and the arch are cut into my foot. These are supposed to be slightly wider than the Vapor V's, but I don't see it. Vapors used...