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    FIFA World Cup 2022

    That rebound was illegal although. Attacking player entered penalty area too soon.
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    word association game

    Beg your pardon?
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    The new King of Qatar

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    Will Wimbledon 2022 repeat?

    j Wimbledon decision wasn't a mistake. ATP decision was a mistake.
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    word association game

    Lord of the Flies
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    word association game

    Yo-Yo Ma
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    word association game

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    FIFA World Cup 2022

    People just love the rebels.
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    Toni Nadal: The YEC is too difficult for Rafa because he has to play the best from match one unlike Slams!

    Toni 'Big Mouth' Nadal shouldn't say that. This is really embarrassing for Rafa.
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    FIFA World Cup 2022

    Dojković, coach of Serbia.
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    word association game

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    word association game

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    Better career- Tsitipas or Ruud?

    Tsitsipas has got a bigger potential, I think.
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    Nishikori News

    What's happening with this 32 years old guy? It is understood he had a hip surgery early in 2022. He's still active, but no longer in the ATP rankings. Seen last weekend umpiring an exho match with Roger Federer in Tokyo.
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    Ruud thinks he has overachieved

    When you are a runner-up but you are more happy than a winner.
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    Who do Federer fans prefer more as it stands? Nadal or Djokovic

    Nadal two weeks ago:
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    (poll) Nadal vs Djokovic slam race at the end of 2023?

    That's why 2023 is going to be really interesting season.
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    Alexander Zverev - Comeback in Saudi-Arabien

    Wise move. No pressure. Perfect opportunity to make a decent warm up ahead of storming the tour in 2023.
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    Ruud x Djokovic ATP Finals Analysis: Ruud now technically great across the board

    Great analysis. Surprising that Fritz's BH was stronger than Djokovic's.
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    (poll) Nadal vs Djokovic slam race at the end of 2023?

    It's Nadal +1 (22-21) now. Four slams to be played in 2023. Nine possible outcomes. Feel free to vote. Voting ends at the start of AO23.
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    Now that the dust has settled, whose 2022 season was the biggest failure?

    Medvedev failed terribly in the AO final. Zverev failed terribly at the AO (he had a nice way to the #1). Tsitsipas failed terribly at the RG (draw of the dreams).
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    Roger doesn't have Olympic gold by ATP

    Leader ranking - what a turnaround since then! Then: Federer 3 (GS, YEC, total) Djokovic 0 Nadal 1 (M1000) Now: Federer 0.5 (YEC tied) Djokovic 2.5 (M1000, total, YEC tied) Nadal 1 (GS)
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    Roger doesn't have Olympic gold by ATP

    Doubles is a totally different category than singles. Different sport. Would Djokovic winning Olympic gold in mixed doubles with Nina Stojanovic be considered as a gold owner? No. Nobody cares about non-singles competition.
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    2022 ATP Finals F: [3] Casper Ruud vs Novak Djokovic [7]

    His two final losses were also a two-setters. He apparently doesn't like long YEC final matches.
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    Djokovic surpasses 1000 points in the UTS Goat list

    There are certain things that numbers can't convey.
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    Alexander Zverev - Comeback in Saudi-Arabien

    17 days left. The world of tennis needs Zverev more than ever.
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    Djokovic completes the 2022 set

    Yeah, but it's hard to forget 2021.
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    Djokovic chances at RG look higher than Nadal chances at WIM. Anyway Federer is not Finnish. He has just played a match in Tokyo with a great result.