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  1. CrocodileRock

    Texas sectionals

    Out of nowhere? We were defending champions in 2019! 2nd in our flight in 2017. Come on man!
  2. CrocodileRock

    Texas sectionals

    Two of the guys he wiped out are out of level themselves. I'm guessing his correct NTRP is 5.0, UTR probably about 10.
  3. CrocodileRock

    Southern's 18 Sectionals...

    The Texas team that Intermountain beat had 3 guys bumped to 5.0!
  4. CrocodileRock

    Texas sectionals

    It looks like the top two teams are NOHO and Austin, both with multiple players with UTRs 8 and above, including at least one 9.14! Ridiculous for 4.0, and they play each other in the first round, so the rest of the tournament will be anticlimactic.
  5. CrocodileRock

    Texas sectionals

    Waco played NOHO in flight play, and pushed them to 3 match tiebreakers, but ended up losing all three. San Antonio won 2 matches in straight sets, so it looks like they had 2 unbeatable lines, but the bottom of the lineup just couldn't hang with NOHO, since they put 5 high quality lines on the...
  6. CrocodileRock

    Southern's 18 Sectionals...

    Maybe, but I doubt it. It's more likely that his league NTRP is understated due to mainly playing doubles and closely managing the scores, so as not to trigger a dq. In tournaments (which don't count in dynamic league dqs), he is free to play to his ability, winning blowout matches against...
  7. CrocodileRock

    Southern's 18 Sectionals...

    8.7 UTR is pretty ridiculous for 4.0 NTRP, but check out a guy on Austin's 4.0 team: UTR is 9.14!
  8. CrocodileRock

    Week 3 of Nationals is a big one - 18+ 4.0 and 4.5, 40+ 3.0 and 3.5

    It could be a repeat of last weekend's semis. Same captains, several of the same players on each team.
  9. CrocodileRock

    Where have you gone, Mackenzie McDonald? Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you...

    1. This thread belongs in the pro player discussion, not adult leagues and tournaments. 2. He only played 4 matches in May, losing all 4. 3. His bio says that he had hamstring surgery in June (maybe the reason for his losses?) 4. He's probably still recovering from the surgery. 5. Great title...
  10. CrocodileRock

    2018 YE Ratings Hype Thread

    Seems like USTA was kind of lenient this year. Our team got 4th place at nationals, and only lost 4 guys. I was expecting 6, but prepared for 7.
  11. CrocodileRock

    Predicting the Nationals winners 18 & over 4.0 men

    I believe he means "Oklahoma" as opposed to "Okay".
  12. CrocodileRock

    Predicting the Nationals winners 18 & over 4.0 men

    Eastern was last, but had two factors working against them. First, their top player couldn't make it, for whatever reason. Second, their strength of opponents was among the hardest, including 2nd place Florida, 4th place Texas, and Southwest and Northern were also strong. They were still a very...
  13. CrocodileRock

    Predicting the Nationals winners 18 & over 4.0 men

    Our thanks to you guys for knocking out So Cal. And to Mo Valley for knocking out Southwestern. If we were a cat, we'd be running out of lives.
  14. CrocodileRock

    Predicting the Nationals winners 18 & over 4.0 men

    Pretty good predictions Kevin. Texas and Florida are in, but Caribbean and Southern round it out.
  15. CrocodileRock

    New format for USTA League Nationals for 2018 - What might happen?

    You mean a lossless (undefeated) team misses the semis? That's gonna be a pretty bitter pill to swallow if it happens.
  16. CrocodileRock

    Wittiest team names

    Our 18+ team is Swerve and Volley. Our 40+ team is Rice Krispies (we snap, crackle, and pop).
  17. CrocodileRock

    Are you getting bumped, friend or foe team??

    For us, it was more extreme than 2009, when we won our flight at sectionals and lost ten guys. This year, we lost eleven, and didn't even make it out of our flight.
  18. CrocodileRock

    Need Ideas for USTA Team Name

    We are Swerve & Volley, after my own untrained style. The best name I ever heard is The Deucebags.
  19. CrocodileRock

    Need Ideas for USTA Team Name

    Baby Got Backhand
  20. CrocodileRock

    Points per Position System in the Works?

    I filled out mine to leave it the way it is.
  21. CrocodileRock

    Points Per Position Survey for USTA League

    Each court needs to count the same, or you will have situations described above, where teams win without the best records, and vice versa. That's just wrong, and I filled out my survey accordingly.
  22. CrocodileRock

    The most likely court to be thrown is ...

    I have been sacrificed many times, and done the sacrificing as captain a few times, and never once has anyone seemed to resent it. Remember, in team tennis, you should do what helps the team to advance, regardless of what happens to some of the individuals involved. Sometimes it just makes...
  23. CrocodileRock

    2012 4.0 Nationals. Who's going?

    They rolled over us 5-0, although some of the matches were close. They should do very well at nationals.
  24. CrocodileRock

    Question for captains

    You sound like my kind of captain storypeddler. I would play for your team any time.
  25. CrocodileRock

    Texas Sectionals 4.0 and up

    It was a great weekend of food, fun, and tennis. Nice to finally meet you in person atatu. We were one of the victims of the "Category 5" Hurricanes, but not complaining. They were excellent players and good sports as well. I'm predicting great things form them at nationals. Best of luck.
  26. CrocodileRock

    Isn't it amazing?

    I still think Fed has another GS title in him. Look at Agassi, Sampras, and some others. Fed is at least as good as them, and they did it. All the stars have to align, but I see it happening at least once.
  27. CrocodileRock

    Nadal & Djokovic completely ruining tennis...

    I care. At this insane level of tennis, they both need a little rest between points.
  28. CrocodileRock

    was this match the GS final with most breaks in history?

    Combination of great returners, and not the strongest servers on tour. Not weak by any means, but more known for their groundstrokes.
  29. CrocodileRock

    What was Nadal thinking in the 4th set?

    I'm wondering if he had cramps or just exhaustion. After such an exhilarating 3rd set, he could barely move in the 4th.