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    Prince Official - Racquets

    YES, on all counts including limited edition.
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    2022 Prince Phantom Update

    Bumping up this thread, any new news on this front, anyone ?
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    Questions on Topspin Cyber Flash 17/1.25

    Love CF, in FB or in main for me. Crisp, good feel and control, fairly soft. Using 1.30, never tried 1.25
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    Soft & control oriented polys

    Recently started to use topspin cyber flash (TCF), a very nice string indeed. Comfortable for a poly yet very direct feel, good control, predictable for many hours and cost only 7$. Great value imo.
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    Yonex poly tour pro 130 tension maintenance

    For me FB 125 plays great for 2h then becomes so low power that i need to restring (in open string pattern), so i started using 130 at lower tension, mid to high 40s in my frame, which works nicely - prob should try this with 125 in cross. The 130 is also a nice cross for gut in open string...
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    Yonex Polytour Fan Club

    DR98 is a great frame. I personally much prefer yptp 1.25 cross on that one tho, fairly tight 16x19.
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    Yonex Polytour Fan Club

    I do, in 16g. For me it has a 1h break-in period during which it plays a tad boardy (compared to proline2), after which it is perhaps the most well-rounded gut/poly hybrid i know, with excellent blend of control spin feel and arm friendly, a relatively high launch angle without being extreme...
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    Yonex poly tour pro 130 tension maintenance

    @landcookie How did you like YPTP 130 ? I like it a lot as a cross, keeps tension well and has good feel, never tried FB tho.
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    Prince Phantom X (New 2019/2020) - The next upgrade of Phantom 100/ 100 Pro?

    I do as well. Excellent frame (both 305 & 320), good blend of everything and certainly has enough control for advanced players, even tour pros imo. Prince no more spends big money on pros these days for whatever reason, but their frames are as good as ever.
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    Cyclone Tour tension drop is insane

    Bottom line is, official numbers (tension loss) only matters if it affects the string characteristics. VCT is fairly special in that it “settles well” for a soft string and preserve most of it’s predictability and playability after its initial drop. Forget about the app, only matters how it...
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    Hyper-G soft and Cyclone Tour

    @landcookie which one you think is most arm friendly, vct 16g or hgs 16g ?
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    Isospeed cream or Tier one ghost wire?

    Anyone can comment on spin potential of GW vs Cream at similar gauge ? (1.27 vs 1.28 or 1.22 vs 1.23)
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    HEAD.lynx.tour vs

    @1HBHfanatic Interesting. Also looking into SPE, can you compare to HG or HG Soft if you tried them? Thanks
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    Looking for Dead feeling Poly or String

    Lux 4G
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    Soft & control oriented polys

    @blai212 @FIRETennis Have you gents tried Ghost Wire 1.27 ? Cream 1.28 was not sufficiently controllable for me, not on heavy shots at least, hoping GW is more predictable. Sounds like i should also try Element 1.30 when time allow.
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    Soft & control oriented polys

    Interesting. Can you compare to full bed of YPTP or Revolve ?
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    Soft & control oriented polys

    How does a full bed of GW compares to Cream ? Is it more control oriented and spin friendly or about the same? Thanks.
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    Tennis Warehouse playtest: Solinco Hyper-G Soft!

    Think you mentioned you did not see reasons to use hg vs hgs, that’s all. Guess i had a few min to kill and share my 2 cents.
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    Babolat Natural Gut Sale

    Personal preference for ngut is bab tonic with pacific tough gut as close second. Too bad we can’t buy tough gut anymore, top notch string.
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    Tennis Warehouse playtest: Solinco Hyper-G Soft!

    Seemingly small differences in string characteristics for average club players can make a world of difference at more advance levels. From what i gather most TT participants play at roughly 3.0 to 4.0 level, while strings like hyper g, alu power, hawk etc... are designed for more advanced...
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    Hyper-G soft and Cyclone Tour

    VCT 16g (1.30) is among the softest poly, a tad too powerful for my taste but keeps tension reasonably well. Very good spin potential imo, at same 16g has more spin than any round poly by some margin, but not quite as predictable and control oriented as round polys such as hawk, alu power etc...
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    What is currently the best round string (17-16/1.25-1.30) for topspin?

    Tried yonex poly tour pro? Solid string, muted but checks all the boxes especially for 4.5+ players. Otherwise Alu Power obviously comes to mind.
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    Technifibre Triax 1.28 is the truth (Golf Elbow recovery)

    Anyone that can compare it to isospeed cream 1.28 ?
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    Wilson Natural Gut vs Babolat VS gut?

    Could not agree more.
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    Good muted poly that has control at low tension?

    Revolve and poly tour pro.
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    POLL: What is the lifespan of your poly strings?

    Answers to these questions are entirely dependent of level of players, string gauge, and string pattern of your frame. For example, a string with 25h lifespan in 1.20 for an avg 3.5 could easily be done after 2.5h for an avg 5.5 even in 1.30 .
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    What are the disadvantages of using a thicker cross string?

    More durable, less spin, less power. Different feel, not necessarily less.
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    Wilson Revolve is Junk

    Wilson Revolve (16g, never tried 17g) is a high quality string: durable, spin friendly, and arm-friendly for a control oriented poly - a rare thing. Could not disagree more with the title of this thread.
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    Soft & control oriented polys

    For the record, now that i've tried it... Wilson Revolve is a high quality string, very well-rounded control poly with no big weakness. Good durability too imo (1.30 that is, have not tried 1.25).