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  1. tennis4jags

    How many more GrandSlams after 22

    I know this is a hypothetical question and you geeks might have already discussed many times. However, after reading post-match interviews, I'm asking question myself. Look like Nadal is motivated to go for more trophies than coming back with any excuses. In my guess, he may grab 3 more grand...
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    New ATP Ranking - Is Djokovic not going loose AO point?

    I was just checking live score and see that just 140 are deducted from his total points? Is he not lose points and number 1 place? I just wonder and I think there is something mistake in this live scores. Please correct me or share any thoughts on this.
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    ATP's revised ranking system makes no sense: Zverev Thoughts please. IMO, I agree with this Sascha that on this revised system is completely ruining the deserved players, without playing a match for almost year but still on top...
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    Suggestion Required; Which racket/string generates more power with pace?

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a new racket for advanced player who would like to hit with more power but the pace is not coming as expected. I know there might some other criterias might involved like action, legs etc.. but adding new racket to practice to generate pace. Please suggest either head...
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    Why Nadal good in Laver Cup but not in WTF

    I was watching Nadal-Raonic match. I agree that Raonic doesn't match Nadal in many area including his intensity. But look at how his body language like aggressiveness, going with his favorite shots with full confidence, am really amazed. Just wondering why he cant play in this manner in O2 even...
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    Can Nadal complete double Career Slam?

    As a Nadal fan, I'm completely devastated by his Sunday's performance. But I cant hate him, he is such fighter that am sure he can bounce back in 2019 win against Djokovic. But big question is, can he complete double career slam? Or even before Djokovic?
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    Turning Pro - 9yrs old kid

    Hi Guys, I am trying to seek TW forum experts on turning pro steps - may be that one going to help us in making future pro. My 9 yrs old daughter is trying her best and going well with coaching weekly 6 hrs and 2 hrs private lessons with coach on technicalities. Last two years she has played...
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    Djokovic Splits With Becker I think Djokovic gone into arrogant mood after 3 years of dominated tennis world with the help of Becker. I was so sure that he lacks humility character likes of Federer and Nadal but once again its proved. Am i right??
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    Indian Wells - What is problem with court?

    I was watching few matches and realized that, why most of the matches are playing like so lethargic. I was watching nadal-young match thought that may be both are sort of out of form. berdych -rosol match too was so slow. Djokovic is most fit player and like to show athletism but - he too...
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    Cilic : “Nadal is not here, so that opened the gate a little bit for everybody else”

    New US Open champion Cilic, says - "I think the guys from the second line were a bit lucky because Andy Murray was also having trouble with his back; [Stan] Wawrinka was up and down with his tennis after Australia; few other players were not playing at the best all the time,” said Cilic. “And...
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    Year End No 1 for Djokovic is still possible?

    Just I was reading article about YE No 1 2014 , Djokovic is still not assured for that? If not then any chance for Nadal and Federer to grab it? For some reason Djokovic's US season ended not so good after loosing out early rounds in two masters and he was hoping and was so confident about...
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    Nadal is out of Canada & Cinci - very disappointed

    I just see his message on Facebook that he has pulled out of these very important tournament. "Disappointed for not being able to compete in Toronto and Cincinnati due to a wrist injury on my right hand. Sad also for the fans in North America who always support me. I expect to be well for the...
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    Congratulations Nadal for winning ESPY Award

    Congratulations to Rafael Nadal!! for winning the ESPY award for Best Male Tennis Player. I know he is the most prolific and admired tennis player in the world. Again even in the award competition he had beaten Novak (LOL). At the same, am bit...
  14. tennis4jags

    Petition to Rafa: Play either Hamburg or Washington to regain No. 1

    Djokovic is just 460 points ahead from Nadal. If Nadal played either of these two 500 tournaments he can regain No. 1 position again for U.S. series. What do you guys think on competing this No. 1 race?
  15. tennis4jags

    Djokovic's rude celebration in todays match

    Its really disgusting and mere insult to the opponent. After winning the todays match, the kind of roar and action was not necessary.. it was just 4th round See the other end, Nadal / Fed - how genuinely claps for opponent and acknowledges from the crowd. Djokovic please give credit where...
  16. tennis4jags

    Uncle Toni: ´Rafael Nadal didn´t deserve to win the final, Nishikori did´

    "We didn't deserve the win, our opponent did. Nishikori played better throughout the entire match. It's an unfair victory, and we have been really lucky. Rafa was very nervous, all because of the great level of Nishikori. The tournament was a very good one, with the exception of the final, but...
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    Stan for Year end No 1

    After seeing the yesterday match am fully convinced that Nadal is not going to defend any of his hard court titles. U.S. season will repeat the way it has happened yesterday with fatigue body, no movement, mental frustration for opponent superiority. That's the place he has loads of points to...
  18. tennis4jags

    Djokovic - can he still bounce back to regain No. 1 & YER?

    Djokovic - poor chap. The way he is playing with the help of Becker's input, I do not think he can make any major impact in slams & masters. He is talking a lot than actions. This year's first two tournament he has failed to reach final. Next IW & Miami - He is not going there with any great...
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    Where is Wawrinka?

    I see most of all the top players are playing one or another tournament. However, I do not see Wawrinka.. Where is he? or still under AusOpen champion hangover :)
  20. tennis4jags

    Record for highest ATP points - Nadal can reach 15030

    Just I was wondering to see Nadal's points in 2013 he has amassed 13030 without playing two majors (Wimbledon payed but lost in 1R means equally not played). If he continue his form and wins AO, then he can reach 15030 - wowwww Is that kind of record to collect highest ATP points? I was...
  21. tennis4jags

    Nadal Clinches Year-end No. 1

    As expected.. Nadal No1 , Congratulations!!! Rafa, what can anyone say.. don't know where to begin. What a man, what a will to win, Just outstanding! Still is there any chance is left for Djokovic to gain top spot?
  22. tennis4jags

    Djokovic is riding on very high confidence level.. no one can stop him

    3 consecutive tournament win.. another one is [WTF] almost in his basket, I doubt any one can stop him. As per his interview he is riding on very high confidence / self believe like 2011. He is so much serious about No1, he is behaving like wounded lion after Nadal grabbed top spot. I feel...
  23. tennis4jags ranking glitches again..

    Ranking points are showing completely diifferent than what they are upto.. this is not first time they messed up with ranking points. How do we trust this official website for data? :confused:
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    Davis Cup Points World Group Play-off

    Nadal is playing Davis Cup match against Ukraine this week end? Does he gets any points, if he wins the match against Ukrainian team? Just curiosity about when is going to be No. 1
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    Ranking updates on

    They are updated with latest points; does that mean Rafa has been declared winner? 1 Novak DJOKOVIC 10980 2 Rafael NADAL 10060 3 Andy MURRAY 7060 4 David FERRER 6850 5 Tomas BERDYCH 4535 6 Roger FEDERER 4515