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  1. AmericanTemplar

    Doubles--the equalizer?

    I'm consider myself more of a singles player than a doubles player. One thing that I notice though is that I can play doubles against people who are at a lower level than I am & still have a decent match. Is that normal or do I just suck at doubles? I guess that one of my greatest assets as a...
  2. AmericanTemplar

    Piece of tennis equipment that has the greatest impact on one's game?

    Which piece of tennis equipment do you think has the greatest impact on your game?
  3. AmericanTemplar

    Fila backpack restock?

    Hello, I was wondering when we should see a restock of the red & blue Fila backpacks? It's said 6/19 for a couple of weeks now. Thanks, Grant
  4. AmericanTemplar

    Fila backpack?

    Does anyone have the Fila backpack that TW is selling right now? If so, could you tell me your opinion of it? I'm currently using last year's Yonex backpack & I find that it's not roomy enough for what I need. I'd like to be able to carry a can of balls, a bottle of water, tennis shoes, a...
  5. AmericanTemplar

    Tennis without the Tennis Channel.

    So my roommates no longer want to pay for cable. I don't even really watch TV except for tennis, The Office, & sometimes stuff on HBO. I said that I would be OK with getting rid of cable, although I'm going to be bummed about not being able watch much tennis anymore. I know that I could still...
  6. AmericanTemplar

    Tennis (Again) lyrics?

    Does anyone know the lyrics to the old Canadian punk bands song "Tennis (Again)?"
  7. AmericanTemplar

    4.0-5.0 player in Dallas October 6-8.

    Anyone in Dallas want to play some tennis while I'm in town October 6-8? I'll be staying downtown & I won't have a car, so I would hope to be able to play near there or someplace that is accessible by public transportation.
  8. AmericanTemplar

    So I received my Apex II...

    ...and I'm totally lost. It didn't come with an owner's manual or any instructions. It only came with assembly instructions. I put it together, but I don't know where to go from there. I looked through YULitle's videos to see if I might be able to piece together a curriculum that would...
  9. AmericanTemplar

    How do you track tension loss in poly?

    I recall reading that those stringmeters are designed only to be used with synthetic gut. Are there any other reasonable priced tools that I could get to track tension loss?
  10. AmericanTemplar

    Backpack: Nike or Yonex?

    Does anyone have either of these backpacks? I was thinking of getting one of the Yonex backpacks (2007 or 2008?) or one of the Nike backpacks. It looks like the Nike backpack can hold up to 3 racquets, while the Yonex's can only hold 2, but does anyone know if either of these are big enough to...
  11. AmericanTemplar

    9 pack on a bike?

    Do any of you ride your bikes carrying a 9 pack? I'm thinking that my bag might be too big to use when I ride my bike but I wanted to check and see if anyone has any experience riding around with a big bag.
  12. AmericanTemplar

    What are some bikes that I should be looking at?

    So I've decided that I'm going to start riding my bike more & I'm thinking that I might upgrade from my current Bianchi Boardwalk. The trend here in SF seems to be fixed gear bikes but I don't think that I'm ballsy enough to mess with one of those, although I like their clean stripped down...
  13. AmericanTemplar

    Zhou: Are you still going to wait?

    Looks like the Apex II's aren't going to arrive at the Alpha warehouse until the 9th of May now. Are you still going to wait in light of what LitlElvis has told us about his experience?
  14. AmericanTemplar

    How much tennis is healthy?

    I play tennis nearly everyday but I'm still extremely inconsistent. I find that I play my best when my body is loose. I think that maybe I don't give myself enough time to recover playing as much as I do, and I always tell myself that I'm going to cut back. The problem is that I love to play...
  15. AmericanTemplar

    Name 2 or 3 reels that I should keep in stock for customers!

    I have no plans of having a high volume stringing business, but I would like to string a few racquets a week for other people. I use Pro Supex Big Ace myself, so I will already have that on hand for anyone else who is interested. Aside from that I was thinking of keeping a synthetic gut in...
  16. AmericanTemplar

    Durable Ipod headphones

    I've been using the Shure E2c's for the past two years or so and I have had to send them back for replacement twice. Now they have broken once again and the warranty has expired, so I'm looking into other earphones/headphones. Does anyone have any recommendation for good, durable headphones...
  17. AmericanTemplar

    Any DIY methods for grommet flaring?

    Anyone? Besides buying the "flare-it" tool? The only suggestion that I found after doing a search was to jam an awl in there and do a circular motion. It sounds like a good way to break an awl to me. I was thinking of looking around at the hardware store for something that I could jam in...
  18. AmericanTemplar

    Advice on how to deal with partners who don't slowly warm up?

    The past 2 days I have been asked to hit with people who had already been hitting for a while. I, on the other hand, wasn't warmed up. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to warm up in these situations, in which my partner is already hitting with full swings, while I'm just trying to get...
  19. AmericanTemplar

    Sizing: BFII vs BCII

    It's time to replace my Breathe Cage II's & I was thinking of trying the Breathe Free II's again, as I remember them being the most comfortable of the "Breathe" line. I'm currently wearing an 11 1/2 in the BCII's, but if I recall correctly, I wore an 11 in the BFII's. Can anyone verify that...
  20. AmericanTemplar

    Vapor Durability

    Can anyone compare the amount of time before they've worn out a pair of Vapors to the amount of time that they've worn out any of the shoes from the Breathe Line? I've never worn any of the Vapors & I was considering giving them a try if they would last long enough to warrant the price.
  21. AmericanTemplar

    How to bring down stringing time on a Klippermate.

    I remember it took me about 2 hours string my first racquet on my Klippermate. The manual said that with practice you should be able to bring your stringing time down to around 30 minutes per frame. While that is true, I don't think that it's possible to string a frame in 30 minutes following...
  22. AmericanTemplar

    Looks like maybe I'll have to change strings.

    I'm getting to the end of my Pro Supex Big Ace Micro reel & although I would love to reorder more of the same, I'm thinking that I should probably move to something else. I love the way this string plays! It has tons of pop and feel. I find it to be the ideal string for an all-courter, since...
  23. AmericanTemplar

    Machine dilemma!

    So I was on the waiting list for one of the used Prince Neos machines from TW but once they had one available for me, I passed because I was low on money and I wasn't sure that I wanted such a big machine. I currently have a Klippermate that I have been using for a couple of years now and I am...
  24. AmericanTemplar

    Why is tennis un-cool?

    I recall past threads on here debating why tennis doesn't have a very cool image in the US. I stumbled apon this article today & it reminded me of those threads:
  25. AmericanTemplar

    Laserfibre - Tourfits vs. Tourfit Twintones

    So I had been using the normal Laserfibre Tourfits after deciding that I didn't like the extra weight of leather, but I liked leather's firmness & the pronounced bevels. The problem that I found with the Tourfits is that they couldn't be stretched too tightly without tearing, so they still...
  26. AmericanTemplar

    Any tennis players in Stowe, VT?

    I'm going to be going to Stowe for a week in late June/early July this summer and I was hoping that I might be able to find some people to hit with while I'm there. Anyone from Stowe? Anyone know anywhere to find a pickup game or a wall to hit against in Stowe?
  27. AmericanTemplar

    Thin, firm, synthetic grip?

    I was playing with leather and while I loved the bevel feel, I found it to be too harsh and heavy. Then I tried the Laserfibre Tourfits & while they are supposed to be the thinnest grip, the bevels still aren't nearly as sharp as leather. Anyone have any other recommendations?
  28. AmericanTemplar

    Going for balls when you don't have time to set up properly?

    So yesterday I was able to film my strokes for the first time, and one thing that was glaringly obvious to me is that I often go for balls that should be out of reach, but I would still manage to get them over the net with hideous form. Today, like many days I am walking like and old man even...
  29. AmericanTemplar

    Sticky starting point of Supergrap tearing grip.

    Does anyone have any tricks to keep the sticky starting point of Yonex Supergrap from tearing ones grip while it is being removed? I was thinking of turning it inside out so that it sticks to itself. Is Supergrap the same on both sides?
  30. AmericanTemplar

    Is this supposed to be current season Nike?

    Does anyone know when this warmup suit will be coming out?