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  1. FuriousYellow

    US Open in 3D Again this Year

    Saw a few of the French Open matches and they were awesome. The camera angles are better than normal HD broadcasts IMO.
  2. FuriousYellow

    Adidas Men's Fall Response Line

    I noticed the women's Fall Response line is available but not the men's. This is not just TW, but everywhere. Any idea what the delay is?
  3. FuriousYellow

    Adidas Spring/Summer Spezial Polos and Crews

    These are the ones Murray wore at the WTF. Has anyone bought one of these? I'm interested in hearing about fit and comfort. They look great, but I notice it they're no tech features like venting which probably why they're reasonably priced.
  4. FuriousYellow

    TW Europe Already Selling Adidas Roland Garros Gear

    Glad they brought back the terre battue colors after last year's black/flourescent green, but not really liking the designs.
  5. FuriousYellow

    R.i.p. Tp

    Saddened to learn Teddy Pendergrass died yesterday. Truly great R&B singer. You'll be missed.
  6. FuriousYellow

    Demos for Dunlop AG300 (16x18( & AG200 (16x19)?

    TW, Will demos for both of these racquets be available? Thx.
  7. FuriousYellow

    Question for Players Who've Used Wilson Hollow Core

    I got my free sample and plan on trying them out in a KBlade 98, but not sure what tension to try. I've only demoed the KB98 from TW which either had NXT or Sensation. Can anyone give a comparison between Hollow Core and those two? Is Hollow Core stiffer? Thanks!
  8. FuriousYellow

    Donating Tennis Racquets

    Does anyone know of any tennis programs that would like a couple of tennis racquets still in very good condition?
  9. FuriousYellow

    Sweeney Todd

    Anyone else like this movie? I thought it was terrific. I've never seen the musical or listened to the score before, but I've been a fan of Tim Burton movies since Pee Wee's Big Adventure. I thought he'd lost it after horrible remakes of Apes and Choclate Factory, so it's great to see him...
  10. FuriousYellow

    Prince Speedport Tour Demos

    Any chance of getting demos setup with both sets of grommet systems so we can see how differently they play?
  11. FuriousYellow

    TTC Coming to DIRECTV in May

    My sources tell me TTC will be coming to DIRECTV in time for the FO and will be in free preview throughout the tournament.
  12. FuriousYellow

    Adjusting Tension in Hybrid Setup

    I'm using Klip X-plosive (Gut mains@61/Poly crosses@58 ) in my PK Ki5. I'm very happy with the feel, but I'd like to take a little bit of power off it as my forehand often goes about a foot long. Should I increase tension in the mains, crosses or both?
  13. FuriousYellow


    Anyone else besides me not watching Roger spank Tim Henman again? It's too bad this match was scheduled at the same time on Court 11. They've been two of the hottest players on tour this summer. I have to admit I was more interested in seeing one of two most volatile players in the...
  14. FuriousYellow

    What Has Gone Wrong With Alicia Molik?

    What is/was the nature of this illness she's suffered? She's hardly played in the last two years and now I'm watching her getting smoked by Vania King. Any Aussie fans have more info on what's gone wrong with Molik's career.
  15. FuriousYellow

    Aqua (Deep Water) Running

    Does anyone have any knowledge they can share about this activity? I've been running 3 times a week for cardio, but I'm starting to experience pain and stiffness in the patellar tendon of my right knee afterwards. It's not a big problem yet, but I've had this problem before and know it's only...
  16. FuriousYellow

    Okay, What is Up With the White Grips?

    So many of the new racquets coming out have white grips on them. First it was the M-Fils, now the new O3s and new Flexpoints. Are the manufacturers trying to create a new market for replacement grips or something?
  17. FuriousYellow

    Some Tennis To Hold Us Yanks Over Until Roland Garros

    For those of us NOT lucky enough to have TTC. Apr 8-WTA Bausch & Lomb Championships 1:00-2:30pm EST ESPN2 Apr 9-WTA Bausch & Lomb Championships 12:00-2:30pm EST ESPN2 Apr 10-WTA Bausch & Lomb Championships 1:00-3:00 EST ESPN2 Players scheduled to play...
  18. FuriousYellow

    Molik Vs. Henin-Hardenne *SPOILER*

    Great win for Justine against a high quality player. Just wish we could have seen it. At least the chances are good we'll get to see her play ESPN's darling Maria Sharapova. Allez Justine!!
  19. FuriousYellow

    TV Schedule for NASDAQ-100 Open

    I noticed on the NASDAQ-100 Open website they have two additional days of national TV coverage that TW doesn't have in their TV Schedule listings. 2-Apr Saturday Noon - 2 pm CBS TV 3-Apr Sunday Noon - 3 pm CBS TV
  20. FuriousYellow

    ESPN Coverage During Clay Court Season

    Does anyone know if ESPN covers any of the clay court tournaments besides Roland Garros? Did they cover any of the ATP Master Series tournaments like Monaco, Rome, or Hamburg last year? Thanks.
  21. FuriousYellow

    A Few Questions About Racquet Customization

    I have a Head LM 4 that's become my backup racquet and I want to play around with customizing it. The first thing I'd like to do is increase static weight from 10.7 to ~11.5 (to start). The majority of that weight is going in the handle, so I can change the balance from 1pt. HH to ?pts. HL...
  22. FuriousYellow

    What Do Tecnifibre X-One Strings Look Like?

    I recently purchased a racquet and requested it strung with X-One Biphase 17. This is the first time I'm trying these strings and I just want to make sure the seller put in the strings I requested. The strings I received have no markings and it also looks strange because the crosses are a...