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    Rules question?

    During a doubles match, I hit a dropshot, that with the wind, bounced back over to our side of the court. The opponent ran to it and reached over the net, but stopped his swing because he might have hit my partner who was very close to the ball. Does the opposing team have the right to call a...
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    New camera, new serve video, critique!

    Larger Picasa version Smaller youtube version Sorry it's sideways. Please give me some feedback good and bad!
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    Playing against yourself

    Last night I played a guy who others had told me played alot like myself. He is very tall, gets alot of balls back, slices on one side and hits flat on the other and has decent net game especially good low slice approach shots. His serve is very good, 100mph and also can put good slice on it...
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    What are your USTA match records over the years?

    I looked mine up going back 5 years in both leagues and tournaments. In 2003 I was 11-1 in 3.5 competition (one win from Nationals) and 0-3 againt 4.0s. Bumped to 4.0 due to speed, consistency and first serve. In 2004 I was 3-8 against 4.0s. In 2005 I was 6-6 against 4.0s. In 2006 I was...
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    Playing tennis at high altitudes

    I did this for the first time and noticed that the balls moved much faster and bounced much higher and you also become winded more quickly. Topspin forehands were bouncing 7 feet high instead of 5 feet using new full pressured balls. Balls were often sailing long due to less air to slow them...
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    Won first 4.5 doubles tourney this weekend!

    Of course the draws were small and they put the 4.0s with the 4.5s so we just won two matches to bring home the 1st place trophy. Opponent complained when I hit an overhead near him. My partner said I probably should have apologized. I didn't hit him and wasn't aiming for him but was aiming...
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    25-30 seconds for each serve in doubles

    Last night, my opponents in doubles were taking about 25 seconds for each and every service point which was annoying my partner. With us 10 games into the match and they still wasting time between points and having hit a ball over the fence while returning it, I talked to them about this...
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    Call David Will at 319-291-4320 to find out about the tournament. They only field 32 open players so you will want to call ASAP. They usually pay out to 4th place like $250 and $1000 for first but please call in case anything changed this year. They do have a new tournament director. Your...
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    Watched Federer vs Sampras last night on DVD

    Incredible match with awesome serving and all around great play except for Sampras' backhand and a couple missed jump overheads that cost him. Federer was very cool for a 19 year old and played very similar to how he does now although against Sampras he went to net quite a bit more than he does...
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    Doubles return of second serve

    I noticed alot of D1 guys are now playing two back against first serves but are playing well inside the service line when their partner is returning second serves. The netman is then very aggressive against the server's first volley or groundstroke. Anyone else notice this or play this way...
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    What level and recommendations for these players?
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    The USTA says: A typical match result for a player, for example, with a 3.01 rating versus a 3.49 player, both of whom are 3.5s, would be 6-0, 6-0 in favor of the higher rated player. (I don't agree and the USTA used to say that the typical score between a 4.0 and 3.5 was 6-1, 6-1 and I would...
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    Hit directly at net person or not? Nadal says no.

    Hit once on the hand and sent sprawling by another stinging shot aimed in his direction, Nadal kept his composure in a 7-5, 6-3, 4-6, 6-2 win Thursday over Philipp Kohlschreiber and reached the third round of the Australian Open. After zinging a shot into Nadal's left hand at 1-1 in the...
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    4.5 Team

    So I go to practice with my 4.5 team since I am planning to play doubles this year even though I still have a 4.0 rating but am the strongest 4.0 player at the club and they have me play singles against the new club pro. The rallies are fairly long with me losing most of them after running...
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    I have been playing more and more Australian doubles lately to avoid getting into forehand to forehand rallies with strong players. Australian on the duece side allows me to hit more backhands where I am stronger. Does anyone else play Australian to avoid a weaker crosscourt side? I would...
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    Australian formation in doubles

    Last night I used Australian exclusively when playing a nationally rated D3 guy whose forehand is more steady than mine. I was able to serve harder down the T from the deuce court and then go with my backhand to his forehand where the matchup was more even for me. We pulled out the match...
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    Christmas List

    What is on everyone's Christmas lists? What will you actually get?
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    Normal serve

    I finally figured out how to hit a 'normal' serve using a continental grip and back scratch take back while still hitting it in the 90-100mph range with some topspin on the ball but noticed my opponents seem to return it much easier than my other more extreme serves since this one is just like...
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    Drop volley bounces back over

    Last night I hit my first ever drop volley to go over the net and then bounce back over to my side for a winner in a doubles match. I have hit dropshots and wind aided lobs that have bounced back over but never a drop volley and it was indoors so not wind aided. It cleared the net by about 6...
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    Office Space Wars

    Has anyone seen this?
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    Have you hit a shot around the net for winner?

    Tuesday I was outwide in doubles due to a lefty slice serve so I took my return and hit it around the net, up-the-line back into the doubles alley for a winner. I am not sure if the ball would have cleared the net, but in this case it didn't need to since it was about a foot left of the post...
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    How to beat a dropshotter?

    I beat this guy a couple years back on a fast surface where my serve ruled but this time on a slow surface he just dropshotted me to death and I didn't adjust well and cheat in enough. But he could place his forehand to either corner deep with flat strokes or short with dropshots. I tried to...
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    Sidespin Slice

    I notice when playing 4.5s they can adjust pretty quickly to my slice shots and hard topspin shots and can consistently place the ball from both sides. One thing I have noticed that they still struggle with, is when I hit a forehand approach shot with some sidespin on it, where it kicks away...
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    Halloween Photos

    Anyone have any from this past weekend? I have some cool ones if anyone is interested.
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    Cardio Tennis

    Anyone else do this? I joined a free session last night and really enjoyed it. Our instructor was an Australian woman who plays for the local university. She had us hopping around and constantly moving and hitting a variety of shots and then playing some points out. I ended up playing a...
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    Replay point?

    I am returning in doubles and the guy hits a serve that goes wide but I can't quite tell if it is in or out but suspect it is a little bit wide (like an inch or so) but I play the return anyway and my partner isn't sure either so we play on. The server moves in and hits hits a volley inside...
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    Golden Rule of Tennis

    Last night the guy I hit with told me about the Golden Rule of Tennis and it went something like this. "Hit unto others as they wouldn't like to be hit unto". Has anyone heard that before? I was apologizing for my slice serve and slice forehand since most people hate dealing with them, but...
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    Hit with serve

    Why if you are not standing in the service court does a point get awarded to the server if they strike the opponent who is not inside the service court since obviously the ball is not going to land in the box???? I got hit in the foot last night and immediately gave the point to my opponent's...
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    Wonder Wedge

    What do you think about the wonder wedge that allows you to find proper grips more easily?