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    ATP Comeback player of the year selections

    Coric by a mile. Make it ten miles.
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    Greater YEC player: Djokovic vs Federer

    Djokovic beat a well past his best Federer in those finals. Djokovic was nowhere to be seen while Federer was in his prime. 2008 was a good one for him because Federer wasn't in the final.
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    When it comes to Novak Djokovic, age doesn't matter

    You'll have back up :happydevil:
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    Iga Swiatek claimed number 2 spot in 2022 prize money

    Because of the final big pay cheque. Think about it.
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    Opinion: Marty Fish needs to be fired immediately

    Davis cup is irrelevant now. No one wants the job.
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    Ram left off US Davis Cup Team

    Fish says they’re good friends, too. Who needs friends like that lol.
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    Did Murray Overachieve?

    Yes, very much so. A very mentally weak player who benefitted when stuff got weak post 2013.
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    What's Djokovic's most impressive slam run and win in his career?

    Only 1 slam win from 06-10? Weird. He couldn’t do much when Federer and Nadal were at their best.
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    The new King of Qatar

    Player thread, surely.
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    Who is a better player off clay Agassi or Nadal?

    Agassi. Won on fast grass and had to go up against hard court Sampras. Won HC slams in a more competitive era.
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    Do you know any actual or former WTA player with such muscles?

    Wow that’s a good looking bunch of people!
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    Toni Nadal: The YEC is too difficult for Rafa because he has to play the best from match one unlike Slams!

    I already exposed and dispelled this myth. Just because you are facing world no.8 at WTF it doesn’t mean they’re in form.
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    Interi Tennis, telling it like it is......

    Lol. Of course you like him.
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    "One of my goals about Nadal is to surpass him in head-to-heads."

    It would be weird for a pro with Alcaraz’ potential to not want these records. Op just making threads with tweets in them is lazy. Must try harder.
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    AO 04 QF vs Wim 15 F?

    AO 04 because Nalbandian
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    AO 04 QF vs Wim 15 F?

    There were four AO QFs.
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    Djo increases the overall winning %

    Player forum, surely. Such threads seem a little indulgent.
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    Is this how a depleted and declined Djokovic perform?

    Sinner, Alcaraz, Rune. Some Chung like player on a hot streak.
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    Is this how a depleted and declined Djokovic perform?

    I see a similar defeat coming for him this AO. He’s been flattering to deceive in a weak, tired end of year field.
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    Novak Djokovic at the World Tour Finals.

    Funny he could play so well in 2008 but flopped in 2009 and 2010. He was definitely of age to peak. Meanwhile Nadal at just a year older was putting together the Golden career slam and handling the pressure like a champ.
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    Rafa Nadal jokes with Casper Ruud: “Maybe we can call Novak...he can send Trophy (AO 2012)”

    Media is obsessed with big 3. It’s an easy sell. Poor Ruud has to sit around at these media things listening to all these lazy questions about big 3 this, big 3 that. No wonder they tune out and just enjoy the money.
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    Let the old thread digging begin!

    We've done the awards. The season has confirmed Nadal as Goat. We've had our next gen breakthrough. Tiny Carlos :notworthy: So, with not much to discuss...let the old thread digging begin! What old gems will we see on page 1 of GPPD the next several weeks?
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    Does Djokovic deserve 7 Wim Titles?

    What other threads will be dug up in the off season?
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    So, Medvedev still didn't recovered from AO loss..

    This. People don’t mention the injury because it suited some fans that we had another no.1 who didn’t win much.
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    So, Medvedev still didn't recovered from AO loss..

    Lol at Federer fans shoehorning Federer into this thread.
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    ATP Finals Myth Exposed

    I've been reading an interesting myth on here about ATP finals. Apparently, it has the toughest competition because the top 8 are there (though often 1 or 2 are not there and we can end up with players outside the top ten, like Nalbandian in 05 who ended up winning ranked 12). Meanwhile slams...
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    Nadal: “Now tennis is mostly about power. I would like to see more different gamestyles. Tactic doesn't exist anymore."

    My favorite thing about TTW- it's not okay to call people Nadal haters but it's fine for people to hate on Nadal :p