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  1. TJfederer16


    Only caught the highlights of the Wawrinka match and was really impressed and watching him against Nishikori now he looks like he has huge potential. Great off both wings, lot of power, has variety, touch, good mentality, the lot. Really exciting to watch this guy. Got a very bright future.
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    Federer vs Davydenko IW’s 2004 Rare

    Found this rare gem to feast your eyes on. Never seen these highlights before. Subscribe to this guy, he uploads so many rare matches. *My bad this was in Miami.
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    Roger’s defeatist mindset

    He played great today there’s no doubt about it, and there are many positives that come out of this match but I still can’t escape the fact why Roger can be so defeatist. The way he just went away in that final set tiebreak was just bizarre. The lack of intensity he brought into that tiebreak...
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    Please retire Roger....

    Having been a huge fan of Roger over the years it’s reached the point now where I don’t even enjoy watching him play now. I just end up whincing on every shot he hits, praying another error doesn’t come. He’s had his brilliant rebirth in 2017, now it’s just painful to watch most of the time...
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    This is going longer than Isner/Mahut

    Please I hope I’m wrong.....
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    2017 - Roger and Rafa Celebration Year - Last Hurrah?

    Ok fans have been saying this for years now but this really did feel like the final push for these two greats. Of course looking at the form they've showed during most of the year you would say they can continue for a good few years playing like they have. But just the fairytale way in which...
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    Steve Johnson puts Tomic's lack of effort into Context.

    Just watching Steve putting all his effort into this match at the moment against Cilic and his amazing efforts at the French against Coric, just days after his father passing away really puts Tomic's disgraceful attitude into context. Hope Steve has continued success on the circuit because I...
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    Strongest Mental Display at Grand Slams in the Past Decade?

    The Candidates. RG 09' Federer - Missed out against Nadal the previous four years. Nadal's loss early on placed a huge pressure on Federer's shoulders to finally make it. Fought through brutal matches all the way through to the final and produced an amazing performance in the final. AO 12'...
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    Where would Peak 09' Davydenko Rank?

    How do you think Davydenko at his 2009 best would stack up against today's field? This guy's groundstrokes were godly in his prime and was as agile as a cat. Probably the guy that caused Rafa the most problems on hardcourts with Novak. I think he would definitely make today's top 10 and...
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    Brad Gilbert "Rafa's 10 RG's better than Roger's 18"

    http://www.**************.org/news/news/ATP_Tennis/44378/brad-gilbert-rafael-nadals-10-roland-garros-better-than-federers-18-gs/ Rafa's 'La Decima' is no doubt an astonishing achievement, definitely one of the most extraordinary feats in all sports, but to say its 'better' than Roger's '18'...
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    2006 Season Comparison to 2017

    2006: - Australian Open Winner - Federer - Dubai Winner - Nadal - Indian Wells Winner - Federer - Miami Winner - Federer - Monte Carlo...
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    Rarest Rafa vs Novak Highlights

    I have never seen highlights of this match before until now - Wimbledon 07 SF
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    Thankyou Tennis Australia for Court Surface Speed

    Finally after all these years the organisers of a grand slam event decided to speed up the court surface. By just quickening up the pace a bit made this tournament so much more exciting (not just because Roger won). It made the tournament so much more unpredictable, seeing S&V'ers like Zverev...
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    Good start to matches key for Andy

    I think if Andy is going to beat the likes of Novak and win more slams it is absolutely imperative he gets off to a quick start and wins the first set. In both his slam wins he won the first set and in his last 8 matches against Novak he's lost the first set and gone on to lose those matches...
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    Sara Errani worst serve ever?

    Just watching her now against Serena and I was astounded at how terrible errani's serve is. It has to be the worst serve I've ever seen. Serving first serves at like 120kmph. No forward bodyweight transfer, dreadful take back, all in all just a technique that should be taught on how not to serve.
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    Great video...

    Came across this great video, such a fantastic camera angle of one of Roger's matches at last years RG. The angle really makes you see how fluid and powerful Roger's shots really are, so beautiful.
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    Roger's route to his 6th RG final

    Ok Roger hasn't got Rafa or Andy in his half but let's have a look at his possible route to the final and the lurking dangers enroute. R1: Falla R2: Granollers R3: Karlovic R4: Monfils QF: Wawrinka SF: Berdych/Nishikori I think...
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    Davis Cup 2010 key to all of Novaks success?

    Some people say the USO 10 win against Roger was the turning point but I think it only looks like that because they won the Davis cup. Because after USO 10' he still had a pretty poor end to the year only winning the title in Beijing and lost three times to Roger and once to Nadal. I really do...
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    Anger key to Novak's success?

    I've seen it countless times when Djokovic has gotten very angry and broken racket's etc. he seems to then play better. When he doesn't show this anger he seems to lose big matches e.g. Wimby 12' SF, USO 12' Final, Wimby 13' Final. But when that angers burst out of him e.g. USO 11' SF, Miami 15'...
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    WTF's location?

    I realise the contract for the venue is staying in London until the end of this year. Anyone know when they will make a decision of where they are moving it or extending the contract?
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    Will Federer pass Lendl's 94 titles mark?

    Fed is currently 10 behind with 84 titles how many titles do you think Roger will finish his career with? I think Lendl's 94 titles is a good target for Roger over the next couple of years if he stays fit and as consistent as he has been at the moment, its still a lot of titles but the way he...
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    Slow court surfaces

    Watching IW's and how difficult it is to even come close to the top four on these courts is just ridiculous. I mean to get close to Roger and Novak on this court the way they were playing this week would take a stupidly ridiculous level of tennis. I know its been a topic that has been heavily...
  23. TJfederer16

    Janowicz grunting cheating?

    Listening to him in his match against Monfils today, it is ridiculous. It seems most of his grunts trail on after he's hit the ball and almost into the others player contact with the ball. I know this is no knew thing, have any of the players complained about his grunting before? Because it...
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    Ranking The Best Years of the WTF's in London

    Ok this years WTF's has been a bit of an anti-climax to say the least and has now been overshadowed by the recent Stan-Mirka incident. The tournament was looking like being saved after that epic semi-final between the two and decent match between Novak and Kei and all looked set for a great...
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    Davydenko vs Nalbandian

    Two incredibly talented players that when they were on they could beat anyone but who do you think out of the two was the greater overall? Two similarly aggressive attacking baseliners - Forehand - Davy Backhand - Nalbandian Serve - Nalbandian Movement/Agility - Davy Volley's -...
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    Robbie Koenig "I don't think i've seen a better S&V performance in 10 years"

    Roger's display of ultra aggressive S&V tennis today worked pretty much to perfection today against Novak and as Robbie said i don't think there's been a better demonstration of it in the last decade in terms of how effective it proved to be. I'm trying to think of other great S&V performances...
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    Yet another painful loss for Mathieu

    Losing whilst having 6 match points to fellow Frenchman Monfils, ouch... Will he keep having the motivation to go on after this.
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    Magnus Norman

    I think Magnus deserves a lot of credit for what he's done with Wawrinka. He just seems to have that knack of inspiring his players, namely Wawrinka and Soderling. Ever since he joined Stan we've seen massive improvements mainly in Stan's belief that he can match and now beat the top players on...
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    Federer Lookalike

    Was just looking at some of the latest news on Federer meeting and playing a bit of football with Juan and Batistuta, then suddenly noticed this guy stood behind Federer as he's kicking the ball dressed in all the same gear. Took a couple of looks to realize he's not wearing a mask or is he lol...
  30. TJfederer16

    Worst Performances of Federer & Nadal's career's?

    We talk a lot about their best performances but what about their worst? Fed: RG 08' Final, Miami 09' SF, Miami 11' SF or perhaps against Volandri in Rome 07' come to mind. Nadal: Chennai Final 08', Couple of matches at the WTF's in 09' come to mind not just one match but just a terrible...