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  1. CityTennis22

    NCAA rule against USTA play?

    Hey guys, just kind if wondering if there's a rule stating that a Division 3 athlete currently on a roster can't play other organized sports while in season. I have a guy that wants to play on my USTA team, but he's currently in season. I've been told by another team captain that he can't play...
  2. CityTennis22

    USTA Team Violating NCAA Regulations???

    Hey guys, I'm kind of curious about this, but are there any NCAA regulations barring a coach of a DIII college team playing on the same USTA roster as one of his current players? I'm running a 4.5 team in Pennsylvania and one of my players (the coach) said he couldn't play, because one of his...
  3. CityTennis22

    4.5 Adult League Shenanigans!

    So I run a 4.5 team in Central Pa District of middle states. This year they introduced a new scheduling format for the league in order for the teams to play more matches in the regular season. There are 8 teams so everyone plays each other once in the first round of the regular season. After...
  4. CityTennis22

    Natural gut in prince o3 silver

    I got a racket from a client last night and he had supplied his own string which was the Wilson Champion's Choice. He wanted the natural gut on the mains and the luxilon on the crosses which would have been fine if his racket frame wasn't 118 sq in. It takes 22 feet for the mains and the gut...
  5. CityTennis22

    Sanctioning A Tournament

    If I wanted to start my own Open Division Tournament, how do I get the USTA to sanction it?
  6. CityTennis22

    DIII Recruiting

    What exactly gives certain DIII schools leverage to pull in players who should be playing in DI? DIII tennis is such a mixed bag as far as talent goes, but the great teams are always great. What can a middle of the pack school offer in order to bag these players?