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  1. JohnnyCracker

    Is Monaco building momentum for Wimbly?

    :mrgreen: you guys know this thread had to be created, right? discuss :mrgreen: which was more surprising, Federer's defeat or Monaco handing out a bagel? discuss :lol:
  2. JohnnyCracker

    "No can defend"

    Mr. Miyagi would be proud.
  3. JohnnyCracker

    What are you craving for right now?

    It's a gloomy Sunday, dark, rainy and chilly. I'm craving for some hot chicken soup with french rolls for dipping, and a cup of hot tea. What are you craving for? :)
  4. JohnnyCracker

    Ufc 117

    Silva v Sonnen. did anyone see this fight? :) wow. One mistake and it's over. Silva was very very very fortunate. But he is still the champ and showed why he is the champ. Funny thing is everyone thought Silva will gas in the late rounds but it looked like Sonnen was the one who ran out...
  5. JohnnyCracker

    Nadal v. Gasol

    Gasol ftw with a KO :lol:
  6. JohnnyCracker

    Origami City

    A beautiful work of art that's going to be burn.
  7. JohnnyCracker

    Arturo Gatti found dead in Brazil Strange couple of weeks it has been RIP, Arturo.
  8. JohnnyCracker

    Streakers' love story

    A couple of odd balls fell in love online. :lol: It's so funny when they finally meet in person. Made me laugh. :lol:
  9. JohnnyCracker


    This little guy is so smart. :lol: Hilarious. :) NOT FANNNAAYYY!! LOL haha Beebee Blooduh hahaha
  10. JohnnyCracker

    Djokovic misfired in Madrid

    This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Years from now Djokovic might be telling his kids "This is how I met your mother." LOL :-D The girl is gorgeous. :)