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  1. sargeinaz

    Volkl advisory thread. i wonder how this will play stock? I like the retro paint job and that they’re using red again on a 10
  2. sargeinaz

    Head Auxetic Prestige MP-L - bring it to the US of A pls!

    Wow there’s not one new head racket that comes with the classic rectangular shape? I guess the market has spoken.
  3. sargeinaz

    Head Prestige Pro 95 inch

    there was no “attack”. Some of you on this board are way too sensitive. He gave his own opinion after using head rackets for what it seems to be is decades. Classics and modern he has experience with and so he gave his two cents. And like he said, plenty of rackets people like today weren’t so...
  4. sargeinaz

    Why is matte finish so prevalent?

    Matte paint sucks. It’s ugly and looks cheap. But people in general have bad taste now, so it doesn’t surprise me. I still can’t believe black rims on cars hasn’t gone away. You can barely get full silver wheels from any manufacturer anymore. If you’re going to make it matte, at least make it...
  5. sargeinaz

    Tecnifibre Official - Racquets

    Same reason why I don’t like rackets like the blade or TF40. This newer popular spec of 3-4 points headlight and 325-330 swingweight just don’t work for me on my 1HBH or volleying.
  6. sargeinaz

    Tecnifibre Official - Racquets

    16 mains in a 315? Will demo.
  7. sargeinaz

    Volkl C-10 vs. Head Prestige 360 MP

    I’d take the volkl any day. More stable, more pop, easier to get spin. I actually find the prestige midplus more difficult to use than the old prestige mids (I used to use the micro gel prestige mid).
  8. sargeinaz

    This is my Boomstick!

    like an extension of the old pyramid frame? I’ll give the pro a demo….cause why not. Doubt I’ll change from my Fischer’s cause well I never do lol.
  9. sargeinaz

    NEW Prestige MP 360

    That’s a major improvement looks wise. The current prestige is one of the ugliest rackets ever. Sad because the PC600 is one of the nicest ever made.
  10. sargeinaz

    Diary of a Racketaholic

    Sorry, but what ProKennex models are you all referring to with these nicknames? I searched, but I’m still lost. also, random thought. If ProKennex released an extended version of the BlackAce Pro, it would probably be the closest thing to Rios old extended RD7
  11. sargeinaz

    Federer with ON Tennis shoes Dubai

    I like the shoe a lot and hope it comes to retail. Very clean and understated. Matches Federer. I’m sure they made it feel vapor like. Good job (looks wise at least, we don’t know how they fit/perform) especially for a first shoe in tennis from a brand with no previous experience.
  12. sargeinaz

    Volkl V Cell range

    So disappointing to read :cry: I wish we could get an explanation as to why volkl keeps straying away from its roots and when most companies are going back to softer rackets why they’re still not even doing that. They could really just use the T10 V-engine mold they already have (V throat for...
  13. sargeinaz

    Volkl V Cell range

    Good to see some new Volkl 10 news. Wish it had a V engine throat (bummer), but good news with fiberglass in the mix. It will depend on flex like @Pneumated1 said above. They need to have a softer frame in their 10. some other observations. Interesting it has a tapered beam that’s wider in the...
  14. sargeinaz

    Volkl V-Cell 10

    I thought this would be new info on the 10 line. Head released the PT2.0. Wilson releases prostocks and the 6.1 again. Prince brings the cross bar back. Volkl is sitting on their thumbs probably waiting to release another stiff 10 midplus *sighs*
  15. sargeinaz

    The Fischer Faction!

  16. sargeinaz

    Wilson Pro Stock Line

    The 6.1 is amazing. I had the Ncode 16x18. Spin. Plow through. Awesome on serves and volleys. Very point and shoot and super comfortable. I hope this new one does well. I always thought people would like the 6.1 even more now in the “modern game”. I was surprised Wilson canned it. Guess it...
  17. sargeinaz

    2020 Prostaff update

    Gloss 6.1!! Thank the tennis gawds. No matte BS!
  18. sargeinaz

    New Ezone 2020 PJ: White and Gold N.Osaka LTD edition

    That is a beautiful paint job.
  19. sargeinaz

    2020 Prostaff update

    Velvet paint sucks so bad. I feel like Wilson is pot committed so they have to keep using it.
  20. sargeinaz

    Volkl V-Cell 10

    Any updates on this?
  21. sargeinaz

    2020 Prostaff update

    makes sense since head and yonex are making the nicest playing sticks out now. Head did an amazing job with the gravity pro and I hate anything bigger than a 98. Love the Vcores too. Green and red ones.
  22. sargeinaz

    Kafelnikov: The Man Who Sparked Tennis' Russian Revolution

    I really like his strokes. Love his backhand. Had power and hit relatively flat. Could finish at the net. Plus he used Fischer rackets ❤️
  23. sargeinaz

    The Fischer Faction! just got this black granite pro 1 320gm. It’s still 105+ in Scottsdale, so no tennis anytime soon. Going to get it restrung with my usual 17G NRG2 and get a new gamma hi-tech grip on it. Will do a comparison with my black/red pro 1 whenever it cools down and I get it hit...
  24. sargeinaz

    The Fischer Faction!

    I always wanted to try those extended length Fischer’s. I bet they’re amazing. Nice rackets!
  25. sargeinaz

    The Fischer Faction!

    What’s the new grip system?
  26. sargeinaz

    2012 Pro Staff BLX Six.One 95 16x19: This cheapskate is always a day late

    I demoed it. Was excited for it. It was one of the most anemic rackets I remember hitting. No plow. No power. Swingweight was pretty low from what I recall. I don’t really lead up rackets and this racket definitely didn’t feel like it was worth the effort. Also, I think it looks absolutely...
  27. sargeinaz

    2020 Prostaff update

    @Geoff hows the new paint job in person?
  28. sargeinaz

    The Fischer Faction!

    Nice sticks! However, we need better pictures my friend. Fischer frames are too sexy to be viewed through plastic. Happy hitting!
  29. sargeinaz

    PT57A - just couldn’t connect with it.

    I owned the regular PT630. I simply didn’t gel with it either. Sold it and never regretted it. I much prefer the PC600. I think it’s better and easier to use. Go figure.
  30. sargeinaz

    The Fischer Faction!

    I should be getting a Fischer Pro 1 Black Granite 320gm in a week or two. Looking forward to getting the new mould back so I can hit them Back to back (with 17G NRG2. I don’t do Poly boys). I wish I had a super old Kafelnikov Pro 1 to compare. 320 gm or Especially the 330gm oh baby.