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  1. lidoazndiabloboi

    Paula Badosa racket

    Looks like another Wilson pro using a Steam 100 painted. It must be a great racket. Wilson should release the actual in more favorable specs
  2. lidoazndiabloboi

    Congrats Novak according to HEAD

    Just received an email from HEAD
  3. lidoazndiabloboi

    Laver Cup apparel

    For those interested in the gear players are using at the Laver Cup Team World - Nike Crew Team Europe - Nike Crew
  4. lidoazndiabloboi

    SW104 grommets

    Hi TW, I looking to purchase a set of grommets for the Wilson Blade SW104. Do you still have any in-stock? Will the regular Blade 104 grommets fit on the SW104? Thanks
  5. lidoazndiabloboi

    RF97 Laver Cup limited edition

    Sorry for the big picture sizes. Saw this on Wilson IG story
  6. lidoazndiabloboi

    Eli Svitolina racket misweave Saw this on the P1 twitter account. Not a good sign for the Babolat team and stringer. If I understand the rules, this would be considered an illegal stringjob. Are there any consequences for her using this?
  7. lidoazndiabloboi

    Fed's Wimbledon Vapors

    It looks like Fed is using the Flyknit Vapors at Wimbledon. Hopefully we get a much better, up close picture soon.
  8. lidoazndiabloboi

    Nike Vapor 9.5 Flyknit

    Hi TW, Will you be carrying this shoe?? Thanks, Jeff
  9. lidoazndiabloboi

    2016 Babolat Custom Damps

    Hi TW, When will the new Babolat Custom Damps be on sale? Thanks
  10. lidoazndiabloboi

    Head Graphene XT Radical Sakura

    Just saw this racket on a Japanese site. Interesting design..
  11. lidoazndiabloboi

    New Wilson Six.One Team 95

    Just saw thIs racket for sale. I like the paintjob _95/descpageRCWILSON-W61T.html
  12. lidoazndiabloboi

    Caroline Garcia using Pure Aero Play

    Just letting you guys know.
  13. lidoazndiabloboi

    Babolat Natural Leather Grip Black

    I just saw this on TW Looks very nice. Anyone got a chance to try it yet. Feedback and reviews are welcome!
  14. lidoazndiabloboi

    Ana Konjuh with new Babolat Play PD

    just saw these pics from a couple of days ago. Interesting paintjob
  15. lidoazndiabloboi

    Sharapova new Instinct

    Saw this pic in the legs thread. It looks like Sharapova is using the new Instinct. Shared holes, 3 loops in the throat, different throat shape. I wonder if she is going to stick with it or not.
  16. lidoazndiabloboi

    ATP threats players with 3 year ban for Asian Games The ATP has threatened Lu Yen Hsun and other players with a 3 year ban and fine of $100,000 if they were to compete in the 2014 Asian Games and were to miss any matches in next weeks China Open. This is way too excessive...
  17. lidoazndiabloboi

    Babolat Wimbledon Dampener Restock?

    Hi TW, Will you be restocking the Babolat Wimbledon dampener? Thanks
  18. lidoazndiabloboi

    Babolat Aeropro Team customizing suggestions

    My buddy just picked up a Babolat Aeropro Team. He normally uses the Aeropro Drive. I will be helping him customize his racket. Does anyone have suggestions to customize the Team similar to the Drive specs?
  19. lidoazndiabloboi

    New Djokovic Dampener

    I didnt find another thread about this, so I just wanted to point it out.
  20. lidoazndiabloboi

    Luxilon 4G Rough price

    I am curious about the Luxilon 4G Rough price on TW. It's listed as $22. Is that an error? That's a pretty big jump from the regular version. Thanks
  21. lidoazndiabloboi

    Wilson Pro Stock Leather vs Retail Leather

    I was just curious if there is a difference between the Wilson leather that comes on a pro stock racket and the Wilson leather that you can buy from TW or come on the 90. Thanks in advance for any info.
  22. lidoazndiabloboi

    New Babolat logo buttcaps?

    Hi TW, Just wondering if you guys will get the new Babolat logo buttcaps soon. Thanks in advance
  23. lidoazndiabloboi

    ball went through the strings!

    My buddy "ruup2it" was hitting with the TW demos this weekend. He was using the Blade 16x19 with Wilson Sensation strings. He normally breaks strings once or twice each session, so it didnt suprise me that he broke the demo strings. As he took a cut at a forehand, we heard a loud CRACK...
  24. lidoazndiabloboi

    Svetlana Kuznetsova interesting shoe choice

    While watching the Svetlana Kuznetsova vs Wozniacki match, I noticed that she was using the Jordan CP3 VI shoe. Looking back at some pictures, she also used the Kobe VI Camo in the beginning of the year I know the durability on the Kobe VI is not good for outdoors, but is an awesome shoe...
  25. lidoazndiabloboi

    Mcenroe using Vapor 9/Tennis Classic Hybrid

    I know Mcenroe isnt a Pro anymore, but I just found this really interesting and cool. A Vapor 9/Tennis Classic Hybrid is an unique combo. I apologize for the huge pictures. I guess it's easier to see the shoes in detail.
  26. lidoazndiabloboi

    Winners and U/E stat from Djokovic vs Federer

    Does anyone have the stat for their match? The official ATP Ricoh stats dont include this. Thanks in advance.
  27. lidoazndiabloboi

    Wilson Sweeping Wimbledon Singles

    Im not sure if this was brought up, but the Mens single (Roger Federer), womens single (Serena Williams), boys single (Filip Peliwo) and girls single (Genie Bouchard) title was all won with Wilson Rackets. The womens doubles (Venus and Serena) was also won with Wilson. It must be a very good day...
  28. lidoazndiabloboi

    Anyone with Head Pro stock racket pics?

    Ive never seen a Head Pro stock racket in person, so I am really interested at what it looks like when you remove the buttcap. Basically I was hoping to see underneath the trap door. Does anyone have pics of that? Thanks in advance
  29. lidoazndiabloboi

    IG Radical Pro with black CAP grommets

    Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to swap the IG Radical Pro clear grommets with the Youtek/Microgel Prestige Pro black CAP grommets. The string pattern is the same, 16x19, but Im not sure if the drill pattern is the same.