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    When will you people learn?

    Threads that turn into political posts battling back and forth always get deleted.
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    1975 Australian Open Final

    The final between Newk and Jimbo is now on Yo u t u b e. What a poorly played match. The facilities look horrible, and the umpire sounds like he is asleep. The partisan crown is silent until Newk wins. I can see why the tournament was skipped back then.
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    Sam Querrey: does he care?

    First we had the admission in the French Open and he had the same disposition in Melbourne.
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    Anyone have a link to the Harrison match?

    Thanks in advance!!!
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    Prime Gulbis vs Prime Mahut

    Who wins this?
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    Disappointing from Sam Querrey

    It's one thing to lose. I hope he gets serious becuase he has some serious game.
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    Best Arena Rock Song Of All Time

    More Than a Feeling - Boston
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    Does the SlapChop actually work?

    Has anyone bought or tried this thing?
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    Thanks for Nothing NBC

    They didn't show the Roddick Match here in NY on TV or on the website.
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    What happened to Connors Serve?

    I was watching 'Tube clips of Connors destroying Rosewall in 1974 and he was just blasting serves all over the place. Where did this serve go? What year did he lose the cannon??
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    The state of the game.
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    Racquet Suggestions for 4.5 rated serve and volley player.

    Hello, I am looking for suggestions for a new racquet to suit my game because I do not want to go through the process again of play testing dozens of frames again. I am a 4.5 player who serves and volleys. When I am not serving I am always looking to chip and charge with my one handed...