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    ESPN Wimbledon Coverage

    Is it just me, or is it the worst? Never show matches. 1 hour of taling when matches are being played. Today coverage starts an hour after matches start. Listening to John McEnroe talk about players he knows nothing about. Really sad. With Tennis Channel had the live coverage
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    6 Month Warranty Shoes

    So now that the Diadoras no longer have 6 month warranty, I need a new option. Head Revolt 4.0? Nike Cage 4 (I am very hesitant as I dislike Nike and the reviews are poor) - Where else for a wide-ish high arched foot to go? My experiment with Mizunos were a failure and the Gel Res 8s do not...
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    Diadora Speed Blushield 5 AG

    Received last night. I am normally a 10.5 but ordered in 10 based upon recent ASICS Gel Res 8 experience and reviews saying they ran big. Length is almost identical if not slightly longer than the Gel Res. Appears slightly wider Only worn around house so far - first time on court with them...
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    Big Ace Replacement

    Any suggestions? Thinking of Proline X from Kirchbaum. Priorities are: tension maintenance and relative ease on arm for a poly
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    Who else is using it? How do you like it? So far, I have found it excellent. Multiple playlists, lots of songs. Free.
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    Left Handed Forehand for Rightie

    I am a righty - So I am playing a 4.5 league match last night, and my opponent hits an overhead directly at me to the left side of my body - I did not have time to move and would not have been able to get out of the way to hit a backhand - without thinking I swung with the frame only in my let...
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    Dunlop M-Fil 200+ 16x19 Grommets

    I know these are out of stock and hard to find - does anyone know what other frames' grommets, if any, fit this frame? Do the AG200+ 16+19 grommets fit? Any of the Technifibres?
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    BMW Championships - Sunrise Florida - FloridaAg's Thursday Night

    Well - I was supposed to have a match last night, but the clay courts were oversaturated from the rain and it was canceeled. So my wife and I went to the event last night. Were supposed to go Wednesday night but it was rained out. We were able to get half price tickets so it was $10 each for...
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    Old School Grips

    I bought 2 M-Fil 200 Plus from another board member - the grips were replaced with Babolat leather, and then a tournagrip replacement grip and then I added regular tournagrip. I have not had a frame with a leather grip (whether covered by tourna or not) since 1988 or so when I switched to a...
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    Grass Courts

    Some of the South Florida Chapter, met up for a hit on the grass courts at Key Biscayne on Saturday - I was curious whether these courts were typical for grass...
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    Set-up for M-Fil 200 - Multis?

    Here is the situation - just got an M-Fil 200 Plus (16 x 19) from another poster. I currently use a Proline II, NRG2 hybrid in my AG500 - which I have found the be a string eater. That is the only reason I went for the poly. I find the poly a little hard on the arm and am considering for...
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    Argentina in November

    Any tips for a trip to Argentina in November? Wife and I are going - probably only 4-5 days - due to the short time will probably focus on Buenos Aires and vicinity - unfortunately probably not time to hit Mendoza etc. Tips do not need to relate to tennis, so all you Argentines - please...
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    The Book of Lies - Brad Meltzer

    Just picked this up - new thriller - anyone else? In Chapter 4 of the Bible, Cain kills Abel. But the Bible is silent about the weapon Cain used to kill his brother. That weapon is still lost to history. In 1932, Mitchell Siegel was killed by three gunshots to his chest. While mourning...
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    ProlineII - NRG2 Hybrid

    Just got a new set up - Kirschbaum Proline II in the mains, Technifbre NRG2 in the crosses in Dunlop Aerogel 500 at 62 lbs. Picked up yesterday and hit last night. First reaction is that I need to drop tension with this set up - felt much tighter than previous set ups at the same tension...
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    Question re Timed Matches

    For you DC area players with timed matches that I keep reading about, what percentage of matches end due to time? It sounds like any competitive match goes over the time limit (from what I have been reading anyway) - Seems like a flawed system to me. Seems like if this is as consistent a...
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    String Breaking setup Ideas

    Been playing with a Dunlop AG 500 with strung at 62 pounds with 16 gauge. Strings have been breaking in about 12 hours or so of court time. Far faster than they ever did on my I-Radicals - Last two strings were Wilson Sensation and PSG with Dura - Is this a normal amount of time for the...
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    New England Tennis Holidays

    I have read other threads on this, but my wife and I are planning on going in August - Strong leaning on going to the Vermont site over New Hampshire - anyone have any thoughts on the camps generally and Vermont vs. New Hampshire locations? I am a 4.0, wife is a 3.0 to 3.5