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  1. ForehandCross

    There is only one guy that genuinely can trouble Novak on HC and he has reduced himself to a mental mess

    Was watching Medvedev vs Djokovic highlights and it's so apparent that Medvedev's game absolutely annoys Djokovic to no end. At one moment Djokovic might be cruising but on the other he starts to struggle. Every match Medvedev plays against Djokovic, he has equal if not more than equal chance...
  2. ForehandCross

    Prediction : FAA, Sinner will fare as well if not better than Carlos

    Carlos might be touted as the future ATG today but I feel somewhere Sinner and FAA will carve out surface/swing specific niche and overall perform as well if not better than Carlos in terms of achievements. Strong feeling.
  3. ForehandCross

    Goodbye Tennis, 2022 has been nothing but pain

    Freaking pathetic result to wake up to. I wish he could have just dropped that ball in on that break point in the third set in Melbourne. F### this year.
  4. ForehandCross

    I hate to say but I am a big fan of fairy tales and Kyrgios winning WB feels like one.

    Absolutely don't like the guy, but this can be our generation's slam story like 2000s had Goran's. Such an epic run. 2010s we had 3-4 guys killing dreams left right and center. Don't you wanna feel that anything is possible again? What about a once in a life time story of redemption?
  5. ForehandCross

    For all talks of fast and slow surfaces, this is the best surface for exciting tennis

    Fast enough that players have to be athletic and instinctive but supports long rallies too so point construction plays a big role as well. Need one major to play like this.
  6. ForehandCross

    Players who actually play each other day in day out comment on the best volleyers on the tour

    For those who need "experts" to form an opinion. And news flash not a single one picked Rafael. ( Nothing against Rafael, just proving a point here.) Spoiler: People picked up Federer, Murray, Sock, Mahut, Lopez. Atp players perfect player and volley Djokovic and Murray discussing...
  7. ForehandCross

    FAA and Medvedev are playing doubles at Halle????

    Well I didn't see that coming at all.
  8. ForehandCross

    Should we have a limit fir number of threads made by a new user per day?

    Looking at GPPD, it seems it's a must.
  9. ForehandCross

    Rare match highlights: A. Murray vs R. Nadal Rotterdam Final 2009

    Nadal's weird 2009 FH is such an outlier even more so because he used it so aggressively in AO F and then for the rest of the season it was just bring the ball back machine. However the topspin and the shape must have been very difficult to deal with because the ball keeps dropping inside, the...
  10. ForehandCross

    From where does the idea of Nadal being anywhere near being done on grass come from?

    In his last two WB he played he was in the semis. 2018 he was merely points away from winning against Djokovic and the tournament as a whole. 2019 it took an inspired Federer to knock him out. Even in 2017 servebotting Muller played the match of his life on first week grass and the match went on...
  11. ForehandCross

    Sir Andeh Murray has conquered the astute intellectual philosopher from Greece. What do the three sisters of Fate have for him for the coming WB?

    Do miracles happen in Tennis? Will the WB trophy return to its rightful owner? Will Murray mania run wild at WB for one last deep run? If there are Tennis gods, I am making a wish, let Andeh have one deep exciting and entertaining run at WB this year!!
  12. ForehandCross

    A grand slam final from the stands : R. Nadal vs N. Djokovic 2012 RG F

    The shape of Nadal's FH! And the crazy depth of Djokovic BH
  13. ForehandCross

    Apart from tennis what are you a fan of right now?

    Can be anything , like a tv series, movies, actors, books anything! I just started watching Stranger Things and while seasons 2-4 are really mid and nothing to write home about, season 1 is probably one of my favorite season of any tv show ever. Season 1 has made me a fan. Just few days ago...
  14. ForehandCross

    I guess I have a new celebrity crush

    Iga, legit queen material. :giggle::giggle:
  15. ForehandCross

    Let's talk about weather

    42 Celsius presently where I am at, with humidity little low. We have forecasts for thunderstorms tonight . So folks how is it going in your place?
  16. ForehandCross

    Imagine Djokovic doing 5 in a row at WB and tying Fed next year

    This isn't impossible at all. No body is good on grass anymore except Djokovic and Rafael and Rafael is probably not going to risk it. And definitely Djokovic can win it next year too .
  17. ForehandCross

    The real underrated match from RG 2019

    Way better than the quarters imho.
  18. ForehandCross

    Where are the legendary fans?

    Where's @Yugram @Tennis_Hands @Lew II, @Bartelby @ABCD ? There are several more that I must be forgetting. Don't see them as active as before, even many Rafael fans are not active despite his great results.
  19. ForehandCross

    About the big if

    First let's not deny three things : 1.Nadal on RG always finds a way , even if he had lost second set, he was likelier to win 2. This was the worst late stage RG Nadal . 3. Z really had a chance. Poor Zverev probably would not have won, but there was a genuine chance for him simply because...
  20. ForehandCross

    Some opinions about Thiem-Med, GOAT debate, Big 3 and Tennis as a whole

    I have been losing interest in tennis, a sport that used to be a huge part of my life. As you distance from the passion of the sport you see things more clearly. Here are few opinions I have formed lately : 1. Thiem's biggest shortcoming was that he was never a good point constructor, even in...
  21. ForehandCross

    Why exactly was the expectation from Medvedev on clay of all places so high?

    I am genuinely baffled at you guys. Medvedev was coming off a long lay off and an injury, lost the only clay match played before RG. The guy's strokes are antithesis to what generally clay requires, I can't believe some folks who have been watching tennis for more then a decade couldn't see it...
  22. ForehandCross

    Medvedev might not perform as well as people are touting him to, but my god has he improved on clay.

    He literally hated the surface but now feels highly comfortable on it. I don't see why people are saying he will reach the finals or win the trophy, but for someone who saw him literally struggle to win two on clay earlier, it's amazing to see him straight set opponents with authority. That too...
  23. ForehandCross

    Djokovic is winning the French.

    And he might beat Nadal again if need arises. I haven't been following the forum but it seems it's relatively under the radar that Djokovic who had been playing like a low top 100 player up until Belgrade has almost found his usual level . This guy is a robot. And he is a pissed at the world...
  24. ForehandCross

    I had lost interest in Tennis. Haven't even kept up with any news of events since like 3 months, TTW please update me.

    I only know somehow Nadal lost to some guy at IW, and somehow Alcaraz won Miami. Know Thiem is still having the worst luck in the world and Medvedev has unravelled since AO F loss. Fill me in with other info. What's up with Nadal? What's Novak been up to? Was Alcaraz impressive in Miami...
  25. ForehandCross

    Medvedev has lots of things to improve. True. But he will be your next #1. And he is winning at least two of the next 6 slams.

    And I hope he goes on to have his revenge against the big 3 some stage special. As a fan, in my own analysis, he lost the match physically when he threw out two bad service games in 2nd set. Had he kept his focus, Nadal would never believe that he has a chance. That physical vulnerability drew...