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  1. ForehandCross

    There is only one guy that genuinely can trouble Novak on HC and he has reduced himself to a mental mess

    Was watching Medvedev vs Djokovic highlights and it's so apparent that Medvedev's game absolutely annoys Djokovic to no end. At one moment Djokovic might be cruising but on the other he starts to struggle. Every match Medvedev plays against Djokovic, he has equal if not more than equal chance...
  2. ForehandCross

    ATP Finals Groups Revealed

    I am sorry but isn't Djokovic's group like group of absolute hell and Nadal's the easiest possible??
  3. ForehandCross

    Court speed homogenization blah! It's all a myth... here is the proof!

    You know what ticks me off when people say stuff like this? You folks have been watching the sport for decades. Dedicated hours and hours to watching it. You don't need numbers to tell you something that is so intuitive. Trust me as someone going into the field of data science, numbers can be...
  4. ForehandCross

    Court speed homogenization blah! It's all a myth... here is the proof!

    And Milos Raonic is a club player with lesser intellect and insight about court speeds than a YouTube guy Burguera know less about courts of 90s and 2000s than some rando with a YouTube account Fraud must be going senile and his 24-25 year worth of experience must be a less worth than a...
  5. ForehandCross

    Court speed homogenization blah! It's all a myth... here is the proof!

    Let alone 2004-08. Watch any of Fraud's 2012 matches against the big 4 and you will see how much more competent he is from the baseline. Even in losing efforts like 2012 AO SF and YEC F he gave better competition from the baseline than what later years Fraud did on his best days. Later year...
  6. ForehandCross

    Court speed homogenization blah! It's all a myth... here is the proof!

    I tend to watch lots and lots of highlights. I have always and I mean always felt that early 2000s courts were faster, and it's not the aspect ratio of the videos, it's how the players react to the ball. Case in point : 2003 USO F, watched an hour of it last week, and it gave me pure Paris...
  7. ForehandCross

    Roger Federer to work as BBC pundit at Wimbledon next year?

    It will just be unbearable. Fraud would be a decent commentator but the rest of the crew will just fawn over him and make every single thing about him. Nose needs to take some time off the lime light and enjoy his well earned retirement with his wife and children.
  8. ForehandCross

    Federer needs to switch to a bigger racquet

    It's literally amazing to read the "he is already at 90!!!! " when everyone and their mother was at least already playing with a 95. Even in 2009.
  9. ForehandCross

    A tennis point that made you go....

    WOW. Never saw this one Fraud getting insane depth on his FH without any effort in movement. The new racquet gave speed but took away potency on that shot.
  10. ForehandCross

    4-time world champion John Higgins: Federer retirement was cringey.

    Two people Federer and Nadal, have emotions that only they have rights over. They expressed it the way they wanted and felt right to them. Why the **** should it matter that anyone famous or not feels about it? You won't do so, you are absolutely welcome to. But don't try to be a condescending...
  11. ForehandCross

    Djokovic is living on borrowed time

    There is literally only one guy who is proven to and also can stop Djokovic from winning two HC slams a year for next three years : His name is Medvedev. And that guy's body is no longer supporting him. Alcaraz is too streaky to beat Djokovic.
  12. ForehandCross

    Thiem: “Sinner and Alcaraz are changing the game “

    Educate yourself a bit more, this is on the very first search. And most of it is from old man Fed, younger Nose used to go on FH bombs more. Also Nose in his last full time season was hitting as big as Alcaraz in some matches, especially the 2019 WTF against Novak.
  13. ForehandCross

    Thiem: “Sinner and Alcaraz are changing the game “

    Folks need something to cling on. Thiem himself used to hit as big if not bigger from both wings than these guys.
  14. ForehandCross

    Thiem: “Sinner and Alcaraz are changing the game “

    Utter lies. Dude has loads of 90 mph+ and 100+ mph FHs.
  15. ForehandCross

    Thiem: “Sinner and Alcaraz are changing the game “

    Fraud 2015 is thousand times more aggressive than these two can hope to be.
  16. ForehandCross

    Wow Nadal I have no words...

    Lol. Someone received a strong ear pulling from Xisca after the match, no?
  17. ForehandCross

    what are the user ranges in ttw?

    Posting just to check my station
  18. ForehandCross

    A Reminder of what Real Power Tennis Looks Like

    This feels exactly the right balance, rallies but not wars of attrition. Aggression but not just one two punches
  19. ForehandCross

    Poll Players Marriage

    And 5 years later they are still together. Nobody's perfect. No marriage is always a fairy tale. And accusations are just accusations. Let them be just that. The fact that they stayed together speaks of a strong bond.
  20. ForehandCross

    Poll Players Marriage

    Three of the most successful players ever are in decads long relationship. They have been as good as married since 2001 and 2005 and two of them were married for almost the better part of their career. What that tells you?
  21. ForehandCross

    Djokovic: “I’m worried about my wrist”

    Nose's grand plan is working. Emotional Nadal is now way more allured towards retirement and Nose made Novak play injured. Everyone retires and nobody adds more slams. If above didn't read like sarcasm to you, Y'all need to log off.
  22. ForehandCross

    Prediction : FAA, Sinner will fare as well if not better than Carlos

    Carlos might be touted as the future ATG today but I feel somewhere Sinner and FAA will carve out surface/swing specific niche and overall perform as well if not better than Carlos in terms of achievements. Strong feeling.
  23. ForehandCross

    The „great“ Fedal rivalry wasn’t one

    I had to log in just to say this. What a stupendousily stupid place this has become. Stop watching the sport. You have no idea about quality tennis is. Rome 2006 is the highest level of play from both of Fedal in a match together.
  24. ForehandCross

    Djokovic's uncle says Nole missing tournaments in 2022 has extended his career by a few years

    The fact that Fred just retired and this thread is still the most active wow.
  25. ForehandCross

    Federer officially retiring (serious)

    Tributes to the man who defined tennis for two - three generations. One of the greatest ever and maybe the greatest ever. Tennis shall forever remember the one of it's most beloved and cherished stars. Cmon Fed!
  26. ForehandCross

    Djokovic's uncle says Nole missing tournaments in 2022 has extended his career by a few years

    Novak is the worthy slam leader. Each of the big 3 are near equals but Novak has better achievements in literally almost any other metric. He deserves to have this one too.
  27. ForehandCross

    Is Alcaraz's peak level already superior to the ones of Medvedev, Zverev, and Tsitsipas ?

    Alcaraz might eventually surpass Med's peak, but right now it's firmly in Med's favor. People get carried away with baseline firepower. Med at his best has an unreturnable serve , returns every single serve thrown his way and is much a wall from back of the court as Novak. If an in form...
  28. ForehandCross

    Who deserves to have the most Slams?

    Novak. Deep down everyone knows it. Even Nadal and Federer.
  29. ForehandCross

    Forecast. Federer will never again play French Open

    Actually the reason you make this prediction might be the prediction's undoing. He is definitely retiring, and if he is in any shape and doesn't retire in 2022 itself he probably will want to play the 4 slams+ cincy+ dubai+ basel (retiring finally in basel) as a good bye tour.
  30. ForehandCross

    How would Alcaraz fare against prime Federer?

    Alcaraz doesn't have the return yet, and while his rpms are high, his bounce isn't as high Nadal's. Also he probably has never faced anyone like Federer, who would use the entire court, still engage in baseline rallies and be heavily protected on serve. You need to be an ATG to have a...