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  1. v-verb

    Prince RipStick

    broke my RipStick out for the first time in 3-4 years. Serves were INSANE! I had several 3 ace games. For reference we're about 4.0 Groundstrokes all went out for the first several games. However when I dialed in my strokes the power and spin were unbelievable. One of my hitting buddies...
  2. v-verb

    What are the symptoms of poly tension loss?

    Apologies if this has been covered before, but I've never really noticed this before. However my Cyclone 19/MonoGut ZX 17 combo has been in my Ultra XP 100LS for about 25 hours now, and I'm spraying balls long. It's only happened in the last 3 hours, and I'm no sure if it's tension loss or...
  3. v-verb

    Slipperiest most comfortable cross string - is it Ashaway MonoGut ZX or?

    I'm relying on your experiences because I can't try everything unfortunately. Here's what I want - a thin slippery cross that I can use with a Volkl Cyclone 19 cross. Racquets would be Wilson KPS88 - 16 mains. 18 crosses, and Head Prestige - 18 mains 20 crosses Thanks in advance!
  4. v-verb

    Anyone replicate spin from Spaghetti stringing in a legal format?

    Sorry for the awkward title. I'm trying to find if anyone has gotten the obscene amount of spin that the spaghetti pattern imparts, in a legal string pattern? If so, what type of strings, tension, etc did you use? I have a pretty large assortment of frames with 12x16, 14x17, 16x15 etc I can...
  5. v-verb

    Who has plated with a Wilson Outer Limits or The Limits?

    Who has played with a Wilson Outer Limits or The Limits? Yes those big beastly 135 sq inch 29 inch long frames? I'm getting a The Limits and will string it low about 35 lbs with poly. (I've found low tension poly works great in old power sticks.) So who uses these things? I'm trying it...
  6. v-verb

    Prince Thunderstick Rollcall - who uses these?

    I've come to the dark side. Picked up a TS 110 for serving and this thing is a weapon!!! Just got a 90 to see if I can get more RHS and faster serves even. The 110 isn't bad for groundstrokes. So who uses one and how do you like it? I still love my Wilson Woodfordes best but these...
  7. v-verb

    Shot-Stats, Babolat Play, Zepp, etc - let's discuss!

    I'm interested in all these feedback devices. Just want to have a place to discuss features and benefits of each. Anyone know when an APD Play is coming out? I may jump on that. Looking forward to checking out Shot-Stats when it's ready as well. I'm sure the other big racquet companies will...
  8. v-verb

    What is best for fast serves - head heavy or head light frames?

    I'm wondering what is best to get maximum velocity on serves? Looking for advise from the TT community. I'm basically going to mess around with one of my Wilson Woodforde's and alter the balance and weights and wondering where I should start to get maximum crankage on my servers Thanks in...
  9. v-verb

    The one time I didn't silicone my strings before playing

    SNAP!! Those 12 x 16 patterns need siliconing. I do it to all my racquets and got 24 hrs out of a 99S that way. Boy that blue headtape looks just wrong! But what a KILLER stick. Serves like a dream, I can rip groundies like crazy - even get that curvy topspin/sidespin thing happening...
  10. v-verb

    Is this a paint crack or racquet crack?

    Got this back from my stringer - who I'll never use again but that's another story as this may have nothing to do with him. So do I play with this or hang it on the wall? Thanks in advance!
  11. v-verb

    Who makes the thickest poly strings?

    Just wondering as I got a Snauwaert ATP drilled Hi-Ten style for Mark Woodforde and the largest strings I've found are the Lux 4G s are 1.41 mm. Thanks in advance
  12. v-verb

    Anyone try yhr VOlkl Team Blast? Spin Monster?

    Anyone try a Volkl Team Blast? Spin Monster? At 115 sq ins and 16 mains x 17 crosses, it seems like a potential spin monster! Has anyone tried this? For $59 I'm sorely tempted!!
  13. v-verb

    String pattern for Pro Staff 125?

    I was lucky enough to get a Chicago Pro Staff 125 from a great member on this board. I'm thinking of restringing it but have sets of 40 ft string. This is a huge stick with 18 mains and 22 crosses. Has anyone strung one of these and what are the lengths needed? I'm stringing hybrid...
  14. v-verb

    Most open string pattern?

    Besides the Snauwaert Hi-Tens, which racquets have the most open string pattern? I'm looking for a pattern that will just grab and rip the ball. I do have a Wilson Steam 99S, a few POGs both mid and OS and of course my beloved Pro Staffs in 85, 110 and 125. Just looking for the most extreme...
  15. v-verb

    Wilson Pro Staff 85 vs Pro Staf Largehead

    Wilson Pro Staff 85 vs Pro Staff Largehead Anyone played both? I love my Pro Staff mids but have a Largehead coming Wednesday and am curious what the consensus is on the differences. I'm hoping the Largehead has the same easy swing but perhaps more spin due to the larger head size but same...
  16. v-verb

    Silent Bans real?

    I didn't think so until I read this. Apologies if it's old news. Doping Discourse: A Legal Silent Ban? Fernando Romboli isn’t a household name in the tennis world, but the timeline surrounding his...
  17. v-verb

    Steam 99S and 105s users - now the hype is dying...

    how do you like your racquets? Apart from the string wear issues, has the stick helped your game a lot or hindered it? I picked up a used Steam 99s from TW (for a racquet graded "B", it was in fantastic shape!) for my league doubles matches. I used a Yamaha Secret 04 strung at 35 lbs last...
  18. v-verb

    Yamaha Secret 04 - shockingly good Dubs stick!

    Took my Secret 04 strung with Spiky Shark 17 at 35 lbs. I think the stiffness rating on this stick is 80 (!). But with the low tension it was very comfortable. Everything worked well. Groundstrokes, volleys, backhands, slices. Well except serves I was totally off. FOr singles I'll...
  19. v-verb

    Has anyone compared the spin from a Steam 99s to a Prince Graphite mid?

    The Steam 99s and 105s has the 16 x 15 pattern. The Prince Graphite mid has a 14 x 17 pattern. Both patterns are really has anyone tried those 2 racquets back to back? And if so how do they compare spinwise? Thanks!
  20. v-verb

    Old Pro Staff's - are they prone to breakage?

    Just wondering from obsessively poring through posts about vintage Pro Staffs including St. Vincents, and reading a couple of posts about broken PS's. Is there something in the construction that makes them weaker than other sticks? I've got 2 St Vincents on the way and sold my TW Pro Staff, so...
  21. v-verb

    Pro Staff 85 (TW edition) + Klip Legend Gut = Love!!

    I've played a ton or racquets since the 80's. Tons. Presently I've got over 30 sticks. But never played a Pro Staff 6.0 85 strangely enough. That changed tonight. I'm stunned. I expected it to be very demanding and frankly pretty unplayable with the heavy weight and small surface area...
  22. v-verb

    Has anyone compared the spin from an extended reacquet to a Steam 99S or 105S?

    I was wondering how they compare as the extended (28" or longer) sticks were supposed to generate 10% more spin than regular racquets. Which I think is what the Steam S's are supposed to do? Very curious if anyone has done a comparo! Cheers
  23. v-verb

    Best 18 Ga string for spin and durability?

    I've done some searches and didn't find the answers so looking for your help. I'll be stringing in POG Mids (14 by 18, 30 lbs) and POG OS (16 by 19, 35 lbs) and Prince Borons (POG OS Size, 35 lbs) What strings will impart the most spin and last more than a few hours? I hit hard, long strokes...
  24. v-verb

    Anyone tried to mimic a Steam 99s?

    It's the new Wilson that is supposed to enhance spin by up to 200 RPM and it has a 16 by 15 pattern which is supposed to increase spin by lessening the pressure on the crosses so they move and snap back easier. Thread here I ask because...
  25. v-verb

    My wrist finally stopped hurting!

    Probably not worthy of a new thread, but I'm pretty happy that - for the first time since summer - my right wrist is not hurting. It was likely brought on by my use of a Prince Ripstick (29") and Thunderbolt (28.5") during summer league. At the end of summer I switched to a regular...
  26. v-verb

    Prince Boron (110) Grommets?

    hi TW I realize it's a shot in the dark but would you carry grommets that would fit this racquet? For some reason the color is dark brown instead of the usual black on the Prince Graphite tours Thanks! nigel