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    Why are we acting like USO was a forgone conclusion if Novak was in it?

    I dont really know why TTW is acting as if USO is an asterisked slam inspite of Only one person not being able to play who has been beaten left right centre this year and has only won 2 tournaments this year and that too he won Wimbledon without playing a single top 10 player (LOL) The said...
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    Can we add another moral title to Rafa's tally

    So Rafa was the only one who was able to take a set from Borna Coric and we all know Nadal was very very rusty and still should have won in straight sets. Nadal will destroy everyone in USO because no one can touch Nadal in Bo5 and Nadal is undefeated in Bo5 this year. We also know Djokovic is...
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    A pretty underrated match

    This match has good quality. Nadal’s FH and BH was on fire and Kyrgios was just running for everything. Thiem unfortunately GOATED in the QFs along with Nadal choking the first set otherwise Nadal’s level was quite good this tournament
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    Is it just me or are the shots in this match ridiculously slow??

    Zed and Nadal were hitting bigger even on the super humid clay than the shots played here. I mean it wasn't even looking like a grass match to me. Am I seeing something wrong?
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    Which Big3 weapon has help up the best after all these years

    So while replying to a thread about the longevity this thought came to my mind. I think most agree that Fedal FH and Djokovic BH are GOAT tier strokes. I think most will also agree that all three shots have had a decline with age which is quite normal. Now which shot has declined the least or...
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    Nadal’s level today!!!

    I don’t know why is there so much fuss regarding Nadal’s level. Time and again he has shown this tournament that he ups his intensity according to situation and opponents. He went to a different level in the 5th set against FAA when he needed it. He blew away Djokovic from the start itself...
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    Ok, Does Nadal ever go beyond zero on the shot clock without warning?

    I do not watch all his match point by point so I may have missed something but I have rarely seen Nadal not ready to toss the ball and the shot clock has come to 0. In the rare cases shot clock goes to 0 I have seen umpires give him warnings. He uses the full 25 secs on the shot clock but is it...
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    Nadal on the precipice of yet another record at RG

    No one has beaten 4 top 10 players in a row to win a slam in like around 40 years. Nadal has the chance to do this. Should he win the final he would have beaten #9 in R16, #1 in the QF, #3 in the SF and #8 in the F. Just Nadal things at RG. Isnt he the definition of epic @MichaelNadal ? Edit...
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    The only previous slam meeting between Nadal and Zverev

    This is the only slam meeting between these two players. Zverev at that time was an unknown and Nadal was returning after having arguably his 2 worst seasons on the tour. Looking at these highlights does anyone else think that Zverev was much much more aggressive on his FH in this match than in...
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    I was wrong and I apologize to everyone especially the Nadal fans for being a debbie downer

    I was wrong and I really apologize for being so negative this last week. Nothing justifies my behaviour and as a punishment, I will stop posting any further on this forum for at least a months. I am really sorry. @NeutralFan I concede that you know about tennis and @Kralingen you are also a genius.
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    Congratulations Djokovic for winning your first slam without dropping a set

    With the loss of Alcaraz all hopes of Novak losing a set are gone. Congrats to him and his fans for winning the 21st slam.
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    Things that are going against Nadal and Djokovic

    Things going against Nadal today: 1. Nadals form 2. Novaks form 3. Night time conditions 4. Crowd being against Novak 5. Nadals movement 6. Played a 5 setter in the previous match whereas Novak only played 3 sers Things going against Djokovic today: 1. Pressure of being the heavy favourite 2...
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    Nadal is Finnish!!!

    Going 5 against FAA of all people on Phillipe Chatrier might be the final coffin in Nadals tennis career. He has given his fans so many good moments and so many epic matches. But seeing Nadal struggle to hit 2 BHs in a row is too painstaking for fans who have watched him at his pomp in 2008. I...
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    Current Nadal….

    Djokobots and Nadal haters are just hyping up Nadal so that when Novak inevitably destroys Rafa they can gloat and claim that Novak beat a great opponent. Current Nadals BH is at par or maybe slightly worse than Berrettini especially the movement to his BH side. Atleast in 2015 Nadal’s BH was...
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    Coria 2005 Rome vs Djokovic 2022 Madrid

    So inspired by @RS I have come up with a hypothetical scenario. So what will happen if 2005 Rome Coria came up against 2022 Madrid Djokovic and played a 10 match H2H series on clay. Is Coria a much tougher opponent or will Djokovic come up victorious in this hypothetical? As you can guess my...
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    Rome Masters R3: [3] Rafael Nadal vs [13] Denis Shapovalov

    Ok this match has the ingredients to be an error fest as both players are not in very good form. Last year Shapo squandered 2 MPs against Nadal on the same court and gave Nadal a scare at the AO this year. The H2H is Nadal leading 4-1 with Shapo winning their first match. Who you got in this match?
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    Kecmanovic just won a friggin match with 0 unforced errors

    This guy hit 17 winners and 0 unforced error in the whole match against Bublik. Does someone remember any other match where a player hit 0 unforced errors. This is ridiculously good from Kec. He has improved a lot.
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    Is this one of the best FH performances from Rafa?

    I was rewatching the highlights of this match and I feel it's quite underrated. Rafa's FH after the first set was GOD level. I mean it is astonishing how many times an elite mover like Novak was burned DTL by that FH. This RG after first set of QF 2 was a great level was Rafa. Discuss
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    Alcaraz v Djokovic at Madrid

    Though we did not get their match in MC here is a video of their practice in Madrid. Enjoy :). Someone in the youtube comments mentioned that Alcaraz is struggling with the altitude and he lost the practice set 6-1. Djokovic looks good in this video ngl.
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    Nadal's injury is a blessing in disguise for him

    I am 100% sure that nadal would have played all the big clay court tournaments and would have broken down by RG. Now he is forced to play at most 2 tournaments before RG where most probably he will go out early in one of them them. At this stage a schedule like 2020 where he played only Rome and...
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    The third set was a great level

    I know haters will believe Alcaraz is a mug, propaganda and whatnot, but that third set was very high quality and Nadal at the net was godlike and Alcaraz was hitting the cover off the ball.
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    Peaceful future of TTW

    Feels like there will be peace in TTW in the future as both Fed fans and Nadal fans and even Novak fans seem to favor Alcaraz. So once the big 3, we all can unite in harmony and celebrate Alcaraz winning 3 consecutive CYGS in peace without nonsense arguments and debates. What a wonderful place...
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    2022 ATP 1000 Indian Wells R64. Rafa Nadal (4) VS Seb Korda (38)

    I think we can have a thread for this match as Korda is not a pushover and is an up-and-coming next-gen. Will Korda get rid of his fanboyism and give Nadal a good match or will the veteran blow away the youngling? This match is scheduled right after the first match on court 1 between Medvedev...
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    LOL Zverev!!!!

    Zverev says that his best shot must be a winner because thats what he does LOL. ABZers disgust. Also check out the rest of the video. Its good
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    Lol just Zverev things at Grand Slams

    Here is a statistic that shows how ridiculous Nadal is at RG and how memeworthy is Zverev in slams Nadal has lost 27 sets in 102 matches at RG Zverev has lost 32 sets in 19 matches at RG I have counted yesterdays match for Zverev Discuss/Disgust
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    The WTF Curse is the truth

    2016: Andy Murray 2017: Grigor Dimitrov 2018: Alexander Zverev 2019: Stefanos Tsitsipas I think in the following year these players have hardly won any title. Nole Fans do you still want Nole to win the WTF?
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    Mubadala Tennis Championship 2020 Final: Rafael Nadal vs Stefanos Tsitsipas

    Rafael Nadal has been playing really well on hardcourts lately as has Tsitsipas. Their last encounter was quite close with Nadal winning in 3. Although Tsitsi didnt break nadal in their last encounter, I think Nadal did not serve very well yesterday against Khachanov. I would go with Nadal in 3.
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    How come fedal have so much to talk about

    I wonder what do fedal discuss and how come they have so much in common to talk about. I think they dont talk about tennis all the time. Also the advice that they were giving sascha at around 7:00 is the type of advice he needs. Actually a good video.
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    Slam count this decade

    Contrary to popular belief the slam race for most slams is a lot closer than it seems. It feels as though djokovic is tearing apart in this decade. But from 2010 the slam race has been like this. Nadal - Djokovic(at the end of) 2010 3-0 2011 4-3 2012 5-4 2013 7-5 2014 8-6 2015 8-9...
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    Comment about Rafas forehand**************.org/amp_tennis/news/Rafael_Nadal/63434/rafael-nadal-s-forehand-has-wrong-technique-says-kuznetsova/ According to Svetlana Kuznetsova Nadals forehand technique is wrong. Comments