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  1. The Guru

    Casper Ruud with a real chance to get to world number 2

    Ok hear me out here. Ruud is the favorite to win Canada at this point which gets him to 5505 points and the world number 4 and 115 points behind Rafa. Zed is dropping 1000 points next week to fall to 5760 which means Ruud will pass him with a Canada win and a semi in Cinci (which he will be...
  2. The Guru

    Matteo Berrettini boasts the 5th best grass winning percentage in Open Era History

    LOL He only trails Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, John McEnroe, and Rod Laver. Budding grass GOAT indeed. Undeniable strong W final opponent.
  3. The Guru

    What would have been more believable at the time?

    Lleyton's HOF induction got me thinking about just how frontloaded all his career accomplishments are and how at the time no one thought he was done winning slams after 2002. And I thought of this question: What statement would've been more believable at the time? After 2003 that...
  4. The Guru

    Hewitt inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame Can't believe there isn't a thread about this. A well deserved honor for my favorite player growing up. A dude who utilized every drop of his talent and embodied the competitive spirit. Loved watching him play and it's a shame injuries...
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    How does this dude only have 3 US Opens

    Stupid good. So annoying that the wind messed up his peak USO run. He had everything firing on all cylinders.
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    09 Djokovic vs Federer Hypothetical RG Final

    A lot of praise is given to the 09 Djokodal masters trilogy especially the Madrid semi which many consider to be the best BO3 match ever played. As we know now the physical toll of their clay season battles caused both guys to physically falter and fall out in the early rounds of RG. However...
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    Who's making the final?

  8. The Guru

    Rafa Nadal Secures Best Ever Start to a Grand Slam Season at 35!

    His previous record of 10 wins to start a GS season has now fallen as he starts this year with 11 wins. And you idiots are trying to shove him into the retirement home. Father time waits for no man but Rafael Nadal is no mere man.
  9. The Guru

    2022: A Great Year For ABZ

    Ah the 4th Annual ABZ thread. It's a family. It's a community. It's like coming home for the holidays. This thread was first inspired when Ferrer in 2019 took out the trash in Miami. Even in his old age Ferrer was still a great custodian, the greatest most hard working gatekeeper separating the...
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    Unique Djokovic Hypothetical

    We go over all the same matches and same hypotheticals time and time again but one match I hardly ever see discussed is the first Federer-Djokovic clash at the slam level in 4th Round of the Australian Open in 2007. Of course, the Djokovic here was not yet the Djokovic we would come to know but...
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    Both things are true: Medvedev was robbed and he also deserves criticism

    If you don't think that Medvedev wins this match if it was completed yesterday you're just wrong. Medvedev did not face a single break point for 3 and a half sets. He was absolutely dominating Hurkacz even in the set he lost. The fact that he was put on an outer court on the last match of the...
  12. The Guru

    Wimbledon R4: Shapovalov vs RBA

    Shapo looks unplayable so far. Hopefully, he pulls through.
  13. The Guru

    Djokovic now closer to the Grand Slam than he or anyone else has ever been since 1988

    The closest Federer got was the French Open Final. The closest Nadal ever got was the 4th Round of the French Open. The closest man to it since Wilander was Courier in 92 who lost in the 3R of Wimbledon. Novak did the same in 2016. We're past that point now. We're in uncharted waters. 17/28 foes...
  14. The Guru

    Federer and Djokovic team up for doubles how far do they go?

    I think they could beat pretty much anyone. Federer's probably has a case for best doubles player on the planet and Djokovic's elite serve return combo makes up for his average volleys. How far do you think these two would go? I'd give them a good shot at the title honestly.
  15. The Guru

    Worst slam winning runs of the last 20 years

    We're always arguing about who has the highest peak, who's the best of the best and we never agree. How about we do something more fun which we'll probably find a lot more agreement on and trash the 2 worst winning slam levels at each of the slams in the last 20 years. I'll start. AO: 1. 2002...
  16. The Guru

    The torch is being handed whether they’re ready for it or not

    Federer is done. I think we all know that. He’s an old man coming off knee surgery and just doesn’t have much left to give. He’s in the old Jimmy Connors stage of his career at this point and hopefully he does something just as magical before he hangs it up. After today’s announcement and Nadals...
  17. The Guru

    Rank the top 5 best performances vs Nadal at RG

    Some contenders for you to consider in chronological order: Djokovic 2021 SF Thiem 2019 F Djokovic 2015 QF Djokovic 2014 F Djokovic 2013 SF Brands 2013 1R Djokovic 2012 F Federer 2011 F Isner 2011 1R Soderling 2009 4R Djokovic 2008 SF Federer 2007 F Federer 2006 F Mathieu 2006 3R Puerta 2005 F...
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    About Nadal's RG losses

    The first one came in 2009 in the 4th round. The second came in 2015 in the QF. The third coming in 2021 in the SF? Anyone else see a pattern emerging? In all seriousness Nadal's a fairly big favorite here but Djokovic's showing in Rome does give the ABTN crew a little bit of hope. Honestly...
  19. The Guru

    Djoko fans - Would it feel right/earned if Djokovic won without beating Nadal?

    I'm not sure how to feel about this one. No matter how Djokovic wins, if he wins, I will be over the moon ecstatic but I just get the sense that it would feel a bit hollow if he didn't beat Nadal. If Sinner or Schwartzman somehow take him out then it just wouldn't be as special or significant. I...
  20. The Guru

    19 confirmed

    Djokovic has played Sandgren three times in his career prior to today each at one of the major venues (2x Flushing Meadows 1x SW 19) and would go on to win the title each time. After his dominant win over Tennys at RG today we can all but guarantee that another title is coming soon. You're...
  21. The Guru

    Nole Fans: What was more special the first or the second three-peat?

    I think it's pretty obvious that Djokovic was at a higher level in the first one but this second one feels pretty dang good after the struggles in 17-18 and him being written out of the GOAT conversation. Our boy's just two away now with no signs of slowing down. Idemo!
  22. The Guru

    2021 A Great Year for ABZ

    This thread has become an annual tradition and I'm bringing it back for the 3rd straight year. Last year was a wild ride for us. With Zverev getting just two points away from destroying the Zvirginity of slams we had some stressful moments. Thankfully he choked gloriously and we have another...
  23. The Guru

    The end of the weak era

    Is it coming soon? Is it already over and we just haven't realized it yet? I don't know about you guys but I'm starting the feeling that the weak era is over. I don't think many people disagree that the last few years have been fairly weak but with Medvedev truly emerging and Thiem becoming...
  24. The Guru

    Strongest Slam each year of the Big 3 Era

    2004: AO 2005: AO 2006: W HM: USO 2007: W HM: RG 2008: RG HM: USO 2009: AO 2010: USO 2011: RG 2012: AO 2013: AO 2014: AO 2015: RG HM: W 2016: AO 2017: AO 2018: W 2019: RG HM: W 2020: AO It's interesting but also logical that AO is frequently the strongest while USO being the strongest is quite...
  25. The Guru

    Andrey Rublev is the hard court Ferrer

    TTW needs a break from the fan wars so hears a hopefully interesting topic to discuss instead. Rublev made a huge leap this year from outside the top 20 to qualifying for the ATP finals, winning 5 titles, and career best results at all 3 slams he played. However, I'm really doubting how much...
  26. The Guru

    Hehe no memes

    Djoko's play up MP was not so clean It reminds you of a certain famous scene The finger up from a Fed fan queen The Nolefam's most treasured meme Because of Tsitsi's cramps it will be evergreen And Fed fans will never have a response for 40-15 Come on Novak go get eighteen :p
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    Djokovic has made the least amount of his SFs at the AO

    AO-8 (8-0) RG-10 (4-5) W-9 (6-3) USO-11 (8-3) Pretty weird his SFs are the lowest in his 2 most successful slams.
  28. The Guru

    Why do people think Thiem is the 2nd favorite for RG?

    The 2019 clay season as evidence for Thiem's superiority is at best inconclusive. Djokovic won Madrid beating Thiem in the process and followed it up with a final at Rome. Thiem didn't make a clay masters final. The RG match went 7-5 in the 5th and that match is weird to use as proof because of...
  29. The Guru

    RG 2008: Federer vs. Djokovic

    A hooded figure muttering "the king is dead" and "my son is a god" snuck into Rafael Nadal's hotel room on June 5th, 2008. Witnesses say loud banging noises and screams of agony emitted from the Spanish superstar's hotel room. The next day Novak Djokovic takes down a limping Rafa Nadal in...