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  1. catskillthunder

    youR Fan forever

    @Hitman Great freakin post man. As the beginning of the end of an era starts, I look back on so many moments in the mid 2000's when these guys had their baby faces and have so many fond memories. We all know this day has to come for our sports figures we support, but we never realize how...
  2. catskillthunder

    Rolex Federer tribute

    All good, my friend. I'm talking about time pieces I cannot afford anyway. I have 1 Date Just Arabic dial that I purchased myself and also a Day Date which was gifted to me by my grandfather before he passed away. The Day/Date needs to be serviced, but its just too much money for me to get...
  3. catskillthunder

    Rolex Federer tribute

    Agree with your post. However, I did specify "even better"
  4. catskillthunder

    Rolex Federer tribute

    There are many, even better. Omega, Audermars Piguet, Vacheron Constantine, Richard Mille, Patek Philippe. Rolex created the niche market for timepieces and pretty much are the standard for quality.
  5. catskillthunder

    Gulbis in extreme anger - Should this have disqualfied him?

    That doesn't even look like a Challenger event. It literally looks like your everyday local tennis club's outdoor courts.
  6. catskillthunder

    Gulbis in extreme anger - Should this have disqualfied him?

    Is that at his local tennis club year end pro/am event? Sheesh...
  7. catskillthunder

    Who will replace Federer as the premier ambassador to the sport?

    There will be a replacement, but there will never be another Roger Federer. Nadal will carry the torch until he's gone, then after that, I have no idea. Carlos?
  8. catskillthunder

    Djokovic congratulates Roger on retirement

    I wonder if Roger even reads the Twitter and Instagram messages from these guys? He's got 40 zillion followers that post on his accounts, how does he see certain ones? Are the verified accounts the only ones he sees?
  9. catskillthunder

    Djokovic's uncle says Nole missing tournaments in 2022 has extended his career by a few years

    Novak is always in supreme condition and not sure if missing a lot of 2022 will have anything to do with extending his career. He is still fast as a deer, has laser sharp focus and has the desire to keep playing. He will be a serious threat to challenge for GS titles for the next few years at...
  10. catskillthunder

    Federer officially retiring (serious)

    Even as a Nadal fan, waking up to this sucks! Rog will be missed by all of us tennis fans. He truly was an ambassador to the sport and will continue being one in his retirement. I tip my hat to you today, Mr. Federer, go enjoy time with your family and don't be afraid to drop in on some of...
  11. catskillthunder

    The icon retiring today NEVER retired from a single professional tennis match in his life

    An exquisite champion on and off the court. Wishing Rog the best in his retirement.
  12. catskillthunder

    Dimon and Rothenberg say that the Alcaraz - Sinner QF is possibly in the top 3 matches this century (including Big 3 ones). Are they right?

    Incredible match for sure, but a little bit of recency bias here. Within a nano second I thought of 2 better. AO12 Final. WM08 Final
  13. catskillthunder

    Alcaraz playing style is unsustainable unless he wants end up like Murray in a few years

    Wasn't this the same exact thing we all thought about Nadal? Especially when he was taping his knees and continued to run around his BH 4000 times a match.
  14. catskillthunder

    Nick Kyrgios US Open meltdown

    I have no idea why this comes to a surprise to anyone. Nick has no self control of himself in his profession. Imagine what he's like when the spotlight is not on him and the doors are closed?
  15. catskillthunder

    Kyrgios will retire after winning USO

    Some will miss him, some wont. I personally wont.
  16. catskillthunder

    Tiafoe says

    I would say 2nd-3rd tier is accurate. It's why the matches are played because on any given day anyone can beat anyone. I don't think the match was a testament of Nadal not being able to win slams anymore, heck he won two this year and possibly could have won WM if he was healthy enough. I...
  17. catskillthunder

    Tiafoe says

    It clearly was not Nadal's best day serving and most important, returning. Hats off to Big Foe for seizing the opportunity and taking advantage of Nadal's ineptness on the day.
  18. catskillthunder

    Nadal: Night sessions in New York are the best.

    The crowd + night match atmosphere really brings out the moment. There wont be too many more of those left for Rafa, so enjoy it while we can.
  19. catskillthunder

    Losing to Serena in the USO

    The disturbing part of watching the match was when Chrissy kept saying how incredible Serena looked. Other then a few games where her first serve was working, I thought she looked exactly like a player that is old and rusty. No disrespect to Serena as I think she belongs on the Mt Rushmore of...
  20. catskillthunder

    If Serena wins the US Open in a few weeks

    Man you guys/girls are tough. Let Serena go out on her terms, whether its a Rd1 loss or whatever. She's earned that right.
  21. catskillthunder

    Nagal out of US Open

    Amazing to see the small 3 all back together again in the same tournament. Nagal, Novak & Rojer
  22. catskillthunder

    Tuesday media news: Novak set to play in the 2022 USO

    We've all been waiting for this. Hope it makes it onto TV! :-D
  23. catskillthunder


    I fully believe AJ will try to utilize his size and strength vs Usyk in the rematch. However, I personally feel AJ is just too bulky to be effective vs top tier guys. I think if he's going to be aggressive and gets cracked by Usyk, he will revert back to his staying on the outside and not risk...
  24. catskillthunder

    I Just Bet a Mint on Roger Federer to Win the United States Open

    Without verification of bet slip or agreement, I call bullsh*t.
  25. catskillthunder

    A message to Nick Kyrgios!

    There are so many posts on this forum on things that have not happened yet. Talk about premature ejaculation! This forum should be renamed the Hypothetical Talk Tennis Forums
  26. catskillthunder

    Can we all agree that if Djokovic wins on Sunday, he is the 2nd best man ever at Wimbledon?

    With all due respect. Can we save these threads until a winner is determined?