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    Lol Ruud will be beaten worse than RG F here
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    Should Nadal consider any change in coaching staff during post/pre season?

    I am amazed where did his Wimby form go? In Wimby even with the hampered serve he was absolutely demolishing the ball off the FH. Nadal looks Finnish to me
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    2022 Nitto ATP Finals' 1st Round Robin - (1) Rafael Nadal [SPN] vs (8) Taylor Fritz [USA]

    Lol how many matches will Nadal lose to Americans?? Americans are owning him
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    2022 Nitto ATP Finals' 1st Round Robin - (1) Rafael Nadal [SPN] vs (8) Taylor Fritz [USA]

    Any live stream links available for this match??? Please share on dm
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    Injured Nadal beats Peak Fritz - Wimby 22 QF HD highlights

    Still a better grass player than anyone not named Djokovic currently. He was hitting the cover off the ball that day. It was unreal FH shotmaking
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    2022 ATP Sudden Death League: Paris

    R2: Norrie BU: Fritz
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    2022 ATP Sudden Death League: Paris

    R1: Khachanov BU Murray
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    Murray should retire.

    What is the difference between Murray and my dishes? My dishes arent washed
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    Rolex Paris Masters 1000: Oct 2022

    Nadal can lose to Shapo quite early given he is pretty rusty and Shapo just beat Taylor Fritz showing he has form
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    What would be Big 3 slam totals if ....

    Nadal would have still racked up RG's since normal legends would not have worked against Nadal on clay
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    Rolex Paris Masters 1000: Oct 2022

    Some tasty matchups. Potential Alcaraz Med SF and Djokodal SF with a potential Alcaraz Djoko final. Med also seems to have regained some form in Vienna. Also Potential Sinner Djokovic match
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    Bold prediction: Nadal will not beat Djokovic ever again, even on clay!

    I love how Djokobots always use Nadal to stay relevant LOL. The saddest bunch of fans
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    Bold prediction: Nadal will not beat Djokovic ever again, even on clay!

    This thread would make for such a tasty bump. @MichaelNadal to bump this with tasty breakfast
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    Nadal, Djokovic both confirm Bercy participation

    Wow Djokobots have such an inferiority complex its something else LOL. I mean 90% of the thread is just talking about Nadal LOL.
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    Why Novak never plays Queens or Halle?

    Throwing salt into @Beerus wounds
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    2022 Astana Open SF - Novak Djokovic vs Daniil Medvedev

    LOL this Zombie Med will be destroyed by Djokovic and it will not be pretty LOL
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    What does Nadal, Murray, DelPo and Zverev all have in common?

    Yes absolutely 30-29 is the definition of absolute owning LOL
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    LOL the irony of a Fed fan mocking someone's 250 titles.
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    Djokovic v Federer ( End of 2010 - 2011 )

    LOL what happened to you? I remember you cheering for Nadal during AO22 and now you behave like a Djokobot in almost every thread. I remember you standing up for Novak even against a fellow Fed fan and almost always you drag Nadal into it
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    Sinner’s fall.

    Sinner falls too many times for it to be a coincidence anymore. He needs to ensure he does not go the Nishikori way
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    Kazakhstan Open Draw is out

    What is happening. Is sinner made of glass? I hope he does not go down the Nishikori path
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    Do we need to reevaluate the Big 3’s mental toughness?

    Djokovic strongest against fellow Big 3. Federer weakest against fellow Big 3( some of it due to age). Tie between Nadal and Federer (maybe Nadal a smidge more) against non Big3 players and Djokovic clearly weakest against non Big 3 players
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    Laver Cup getting more serious?

    There is huge money for the winners if I am not wrong and mind you Wimbledon did not give ATP points. So was that a exho?
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    Djokovic injury incoming at Laver Cup

    What I am trying to say is two wrongs dont make a right. I know Fed fans previously and Djoker fans now have been pretty nasty towards Nadal and they are scums but I dont think we should ever wish injury for a person
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    Djokovic injury incoming at Laver Cup

    LOL I knew Fed fans and Djoker fans have been wishing Nadal injury always and they are pretty awful. I did not think some Nadal fans would also be wishing the same. I feel we should not wish injury upon any human being. I personally wish Djokovic to lose every match he plays but I always hope he...
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    Djokovic injury incoming at Laver Cup

    Nadal fans have reached a new low hoping for an injury on a human being. I say this being a Nadal Fan. I hope Novak is ok and I also hope he lost fair and square
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    Laver Cup 2022

    Is this the first match Roger lost in the laver cup?