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    Played a SET in Cold Weather

    I coach a local boys' high school team that typically starts preseason workouts in late March and the match schedule usually starts up in early April - I'm in southern New England. Many days are cold and windy, at least through the first several weeks of those spring seasons. I'm now 56, so...
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    What racquet do you think is best for baseline consistency?

    I'd recommend something just a little lighter, a little softer, or a combo of the two. The RF 97 is hefty and relatively stiff. When I've tried that frame, it seemed to be a modern update of the 95" ProStaff 6.1 Classic that I used some years ago. The 6.1 Classic was tough to beat for pure...
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    Best string for a beginner ?

    Agree with the recommendation for synthetic gut (SG). Although this string is often qualified as "basic" and "cheap", don't let that make you think that you're compromising when choosing it. Syn. gut has been around for a long time and it's still an ideal string for many players at many...
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    Softer alternatives to Poly strings

    Synthetic gut could give you an alternative to sorting out stiffer multis, softer polys, and also the endless potential combinations of them. Some syn. guts are rather stiff, several are moderately soft, and Forten Sweet is soft enough to rival some multifibers, but at a much lower cost than...
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    Serve and Volley

    I was a pure serve and volley player as a kid because I learned at a club with grass courts, but I had to work hard at my baseline proficiency later on when I started playing mostly on hard courts. I've never had abilities that could have carried me to a pro level, but I've always had a keen...
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    Best compliment you've received

    Song of the day!!
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    Best compliment you've received

    ...a few years ago I had a kid as me if I was Pierce Brosnan... Full disclosure: I'm not Pierce Brosnan
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    Serving in 12-13 Celsius

    Very much agree with the recommendation for a dynamic warmup. I sometimes like to do a few things before I even get in the car to go to the courts. This includes a few pushups, some slow forearm extensions and rotations while holding an old shovel handle, and maybe a couple other things...
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    Easy tennis vs better tennis

    I have a pair of C10's and a pair of Organix 10 325g's. All have some weight added to their handles and the O10's also have a few grams of lead on their hoops. They're all more than a couple years old, but they ain't broke so I'm not looking to fix them.
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    How is your swinging volley?

    Agree. I'm waiting for the cameras to catch the first time that a coach's head explodes on live TV when that coach's player sprays yet another swinging volley into oblivion at yet another critical point of a match. Too much of a low-percentage hero shot in my book. Conventional volley skills...
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    So soft polys help soften up notoriously stiff frames? Or is it down to tension?

    What specific synthetics are they strung with and what gauges?
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    Accepting that you cannot use poly strings

    I've been a long-time user of the C10 strung with a full bed of 16 or 17 ga. syn. gut and I've found superlative arm-happiness with this combo. The racquet certainly isn't for everybody, but I was using wood frames and playing a pure serve-and-volley game growing up. This heavy, head-light...
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    Easy tennis vs better tennis

    Finding the specific racquet that lets you completely forget it might just be impossible. I believe that they all bring some sort of tradeoff and that Holy Grail doesn't really exist. Brand me a heretic if you must :-D :-D :-D I don't subscribe to any need to make a racquet choice. If you're...
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    String recommendation

    Jumping from a poly hybrid to a full bed of multi is a change to a substantially softer setup. If you haven't tried a full bed of syn. gut yet, this could be the Goldilocks string that's not too stiff and not too soft for you. I usually prefer syn. gut for how it plays and also for how it...
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    Returning newbie. Switched racquets. Started landing slices. How to scale when confronted with better competition?

    I'll probably have more time later on to get blathering a little more about equipment, but I think that you're not crazy in terms of finding more confidence when hitting a slice using a heavier racquet. That sort of shot is more of a redirection of the ball that doesn't depend on high racquet...
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    Comfortable spin friendly string

    Don't know where you're at now that you're two months down the road from your original post up top, but I think that our pal @Brando really nailed it in post #11. You could be an ideal candidate for synthetic gut (SG). Not exotic stuff compared with other offerings out there, but this string...
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    When is it time to cut out multifilament strings?

    I think multis are at their very best when a full bed is on final approach - right on the brink of snapping and a few of the strings right in the heart of the string bed are holding on by only a few stubborn strands. When I say "at their best", I don't exactly mean their performance, but their...
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    High Comfort, High Spin, Low Power

    I can say that my 98" Organix 10 325g's were rather underwhelming when I first inherited them, both in terms of their feel and performance. Even with a few different string setups, they were generally lifeless for me. Before getting rid of them, I decided to experiment with some lead tape to...
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    Should club players use Poly?

    While it doesn't seem to die faster than most others, it doesn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary in terms of service life. I don't play it myself, but more than a few stronger players in my circle who have used one gauge of this poly or another have also noted the plush factor...
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    Strings to have on hand for home stringer branching out to other peoples racquets?

    I'm a bit like you in terms of my situation, but I'm also several years further down the road. I do a little stringing for a couple of local clubs and I also coach the teams at a local high school, so that puts me squarely in the middle of the tennis scene in my area. Most older folks don't...
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    Should club players use Poly?

    Should they be using poly? Short answer: no. As leery as I am of poly - including co-poly - the option that makes me the least nervous about putting somebody's arm health at risk is a hybrid that includes a light gauge poly main usually combined with a syn. gut cross. This sort of layout can...
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    Does the "up together"(as opposed to "delayed arm") leads to less erratic tosses and better extension, but trades power?

    I might be backward. Does "delayed arm" mean delaying the windup and "set" of the racquet arm? If so, I'd say try to get away from that. Even the killers on TV who toss and swing using that progression get messed up (rushed, etc.) sometimes, especially under pressure at the end of a set or a...
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    Does the "up together"(as opposed to "delayed arm") leads to less erratic tosses and better extension, but trades power?

    I think it depends on your tennis DNA - everybody is a little different. I've never made down-together-up-together work well for me, but a few folks I've coached found a much more natural tempo using that style instead of setting the racquet arm ahead of their toss. When somebody is having...
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    Multifilament vs Soft Poly (low tension)

    I'm a lifelong syn. gut (SG) player and K-baum's SG is my all-time favorite in that family. I generally like that syn. gut doesn't progressively soften as I use it compared with many expensive multis and SG is also affordable enough to replace whenever I want. I'm spoiled with a stringing...
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    High Comfort, High Spin, Low Power

    I'm thinking that you might want to also shop racquets here and there if the string adventures don't pan out. I'm basing this on my journey as a reformed S&V player - I spend more time on the baseline now, but I still love to attack a short ball and get to the net. I've also been stringing at...
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    Which string you would play if...

    Never tried natural gut... my arm hates poly... along with the rest of me... I've never enjoyed multi for more than a minute... and I string at home and don't trust anybody else to touch my racquets. Thanks for the offer, but I'll be in my sandbox with my home strung syn. gut.
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    Do Any of You Prefer Regular Syn Gut?

    Nice!!... and thanks for sharing. Maybe I'll need to be taking the plunge in the spring. That wisdom about taking care of the shoulder is no joke.
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    How to transfer your best Service skills from training into the match (for 15yo)

    Your son looks like he's doing great!! The fundamental drive through his legs and torso push both upward and forward toward his target. He's going to have a very potent and reliable serve very soon. My very first thought after watching your son hit a few different serves in that video (thanks...
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    Do Any of You Prefer Regular Syn Gut?

    I try to avoid knocking multis too hard, just because I've seen a few locals reverse rather serious arm issues after switching into them. I always keep some Prince Premier Control on hand for these cases - it doesn't come with quite the same sticker shock as others such as NXT, X-1 Biphase...