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    Why does Alcaraz..

    Miss so many break points? And generally underperform on important points? Common theme in all his matches of 2022. His BP stats are downright embarrassing for a top player the past 6 months He inevitably has better stats (W/UFE ratio, Total Pts won), than his opponent, even in matches he...
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    UsOpen 2022 Decisive in the GOAT Slam Race

    Nadal had an opportunity to put a 2 slam distance from Novak in the UsOpen. He Failed after losing in R4. 22-21 is close enough to suggest that Novak can be the leader in 2023. This is the final nail in the GOAT race debate. Looks like Nadal knew this, and the pressure got to him..
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    Novak Djokovic's chances of playing US Open rapidly increase after newest regulations change

    Novak Djokovic's chances of playing US Open rapidly increase after newest regulations change The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has not yet updated its travel advice, which currently states that all foreigners must be fully vaccinated before entering the US, although it does...
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    How many Slams will Novak win in total?

    Statistics show Novak gets BETTER with Age. He wins more slams as he gets older. Considering he is unequalled on Grass and in Australia - he may win there for several more years. Again only Nadal can beat him in RG, otherwise he wins there too. Add in an odd RG and a few UsOpen(s) here and...
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    Nadal missed 16 Slams : 4 Years of Slams because of Injury

    12 Slams Missed where he has NOT played because of injury. 4 slams Retired/Injured while playing and had to withdraw Not counting slams where he has finished matches with injury and lost because of it. That's 4 YEARS worth of slams - Nadal has been UNABLE to compete. Possibly more if you see...
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    Who played better in a losing effort: Sinner or Fritz?

    Sinner had a better PEAK level, but his play in set 3 to set 5 was abysmal vs Novak. Fritz had a lower peak, but was generally more consistent except some brain dead moments of NOT attacking Nadal's backhand. Who played the better overall Tennis between these 2 Next gen players?
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    For Nadal is History Repeating Itself...

    UsOpen 2009 - Nadal with a bad abdominal injury. Loses to Del Potro in the SF in straights while serving powder puff serves. Then Delpo, against all odds, beats the 5 time defending champion, Federer in the final. Could we have the same scenario? Can Kygrios do the UNTHINKABLE and win...
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    Invincibility of Novak in Wimbledon

    Novak hasn't lost on Wimbledon center court in 9 years! Last match lost on center court was vs Murray in 2013 Final Novak is on a 24 match winning streak in Wimbledon! Now 26 and counting.. Hasn't lost a completed match on Wimbledon since 6 years/2016. Anyone who thinks that Alcaraz can beat...
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    2022 Wimbledon R16: [5] C. Alcaraz Garfia vs [10] J. Sinner

    Both youngsters in SPARKLING form. Battle of Next gen. Who wins?
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    2022 Wimbledon R32: [5] C. Alcaraz Garfia vs [32] O. Otte

    Otte is in the form of his life. Lost 4 games in 2 rounds (aided by WO in R2). Alcaraz is improving on grass. This one could be better than Alcaraz vs Struff. My pick: Alcaraz in 5 tough sets.
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    Alex Corretja: Not many players will feel they can beat Novak Djokovic at Wimbledon

    Alex Corretja: Not many players will feel they can beat Novak Djokovic at Wimbledon Former world No. 2 Alex Corretja says Novak Djokovic will be "super difficult" to beat at Wimbledon. "He's always going to be there. Novak, I think starting the tournament, you know that he might be probably...
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    Nadal on Retirement : I'm not afraid of my life after tennis, there are many things that make me happy

    Rafa Nadal: I'm not afraid of my life after tennis, there are many things that make me happy Fresh off the back of his 14th Roland Garros success, Rafa Nadal sat down with MARCA to discuss his latest title as well as his future in the sport of tennis. The Spanish legend racked up his 22nd...
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    Nadal has Gone Beyond Greatness in Paris

    The article is THREE years old now. When Nadal won his 12th RG title in 2019. But it's still the best writing on Nadal's legend on RG, that I've EVER read. Next-Level Nadal has Gone Beyond Greatness in Paris It may seem routine to all who saw it coming and who knew better than to expect any...
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    Nadal's Secret Weapon (Article from Drucker)

    RAFAEL NADAL’S SECRET WEAPON IS SOMETHING ALL CAN COPY—AT ROLAND GARROS AND BEYOND By showing concern for injured Alexander Zverev, the 21-time Grand Slam champion displayed a level of humanity too often missing at all levels of the game. Another sprint Nadal took this Friday evening revealed...
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    Nadal to skip Wimbledon

    REPORT: RAFAEL NADAL WILL MISS WIMBLEDON, TO TAKE BREAK FOLLOWING ROLAND GARROS The 21-time major champion has attempted to maintain a judicious schedule, one that would definitively rule him out of the hunt for a Calendar Year Grand Slam. Rafael Nadal may find himself halfway to a Calendar...
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    Nadal talks like Aristotle and acts like Confucius. We can all learn from him.

    Nadal and Philosophy: A great article from CNN This world-class athlete talks like Aristotle and acts like Confucius. We can all learn from him Sports, it's been said, reveals character. It also reveals something else: philosophy. There's no better example of this than Rafael Nadal, the...
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    How far will Alcaraz go in RG 2022

    Please select the round Alcaraz will lose in F.O 2022. Please be advised your vote will be Public. Just putting this thread out there to tamper the Alcaraz hype. Please feel free to quote this post, if Alcaraz goes far in RG 2022. IMO he lacks experience at the slam level. BO3 Master wins...
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    Nadal says injuries leave him in pain 'every single day'

    An interaction with a reporter laid bare the toll a 21-year career has taken on Rafael Nadal's body, as the Spanish tennis star said he endures pain "every single day." After his round of 16 win over David Goffin -- which was decided by a mammoth third-set tiebreaker -- Nadal limped into his...
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    Why Djokovic will get a temporary Injunction and Play AO

    Please see the video below as it explains everything:
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    If Djokovic wins AO 2022, will this be his GREATEST slam victory?

    Technically speaking all this controversy will have ZERO effect on Novak on court. Most of the top athletes are very good at removing distractions and focussing on their matches. Given his tempramental history, stuff like this would even make him more determined. So will this be Novak...
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    Djokovic situation "a circus," says rival Nadal

    Rafael Nadal insists the Novak Djokovic's visa controversy has developed into a “a circus” ahead of the 2022 Australian Open. Whether or not I agree with Djokovic on some things, justice has spoken and has said that he has the right to participate in the Australian Open and I think it is the...
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    Medvedev is the ONLY player with a winning record over Novak when the Serb is #1

    Impressive achievement from Medvedev: Eighty-two players have faced Djokovic more than once when he’s ranked No. 1, and Medvedev is the ONLY ONE with a WINNING H2H record. Medvedev leads Djokovic: 4-2 when Djokovic has been #1. So Medvedev has been beating a Peak/Prime Novak which almost no...
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    Medvedev wins the Match but Novak wins the Hearts

    HISTORY made in UsOpen 2021. Novak for the first time cheered by the WHOLE crowd. From now on he HAS won the HEARTS of all Tennis Public. They LOVE him MORE than EVER. Watch him ECLIPSE Fed and Nadal in POPULARITY as well. Watershed Moment for Novak. He is now the HUMBLE Champion -ala...
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    Harris to expose Zverev's false dawn

    Lloyd Harris - Put some respect to the name. Thrashed Shapo in STRAIGHT SETS. Beat Opelka in 4 sets: Sets 2, 3 and 4 - were the HIGHEST TENNIS level in the UsOpen 2021. Harris hit 62 Winners, 36 aces and only 16 Unforced Errors! No one - not even Novak - could produce such a performance...
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    Carlos Alcaraz just handed Medvedev a Final in the UsOpen

    Great victory for the 18 yr old Kid. Lot of heart to defeat World #3. However, this basically ENSURES Daniil Medvedev gets to the Final of the UsOpen! Only Titspas could have potentially stopped Medvedev. No one else in the bottom half has much of chance. Golden opportunity for the...
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    Djokovic's Complete Dominance of Next Gen: 27 wins 8 losses!

    Djokovic's record vs all the Big Next gen stars: Alexander Zverev Career record against Djokovic: 3-6 Record vs. Djokovic since 2019: 1-4 Stefanos Tsitsipas Career record against Djokovic: 2-6 Record vs. Djokovic since 2019: 1-6 Matteo Berrettini Career record against Djokovic: 0-3 Record...
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    Rafael Nadal had "Pain for Months,” Admits Coach Carlos Moya Nadal recently revealed he has 'Muller-Weiss syndrome,' a foot condition caused by an improperly developed bone, starting as a teenager in 2005. Though he has used special footwear and played through...
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    "If we operate on Nadal, he may never be able to run again" warns specialist Gilbert Versier, former chief of the orthopaedic surgery department at Vincennes military hospital, explained the symptoms of Muller-Weiss syndrome. Nadal's problems with his feet "It usually affect people who have flat...
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    Wilander: Djokovic can continue playing for 10 more years, says the Serb is "smarter" than ever before The physical shape of Novak Djokovic still seems to be at its best and despite the 34 years of age, many think that Nole can continue on the circuit for several more...
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    Djokovic Trailed Federer by 15 slams and Nadal by 8 slams in 2010

    At the end of 2010 - Novak trailed Fed by 15 slams and Nadal by 8 slams! Federer: 16 Nadal: 9 Djokovic:1 10.5 years later: Federer: 20 Nadal: 20 Djokovic:20 In 10.5 years (from 2010-2021) , Novak won 19 slams and counting! This is unbelievable. Has there been any other player who has...