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  1. dak95_00

    traveling tw donnay pro one os?

    Is this going to be like the "Traveling Radical"? Sign me up! I participated last time. I'm up to video and share again!
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    Bonjour from Babolat: Part Trois

    @Babolat Official I just strung a 26” 2021 Pure Drive for a 9 y/o. Evidently this is the 4th time this particular racquet needed strung this year. Upon a quick inspection I noticed the string had broken in the center at the head of the racquet. The dreaded shallow grommet channel is the culprit...
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    The Snauwaert fanclub _/¯

    I just picked one of these up and it’s in excellent condition. I’ll have to take it for a hit soon or pass it along to another.
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    Happy Hour at Tennis Warehouse!

    You did see that posted. It’s in the QUESTION section and ASK TW.
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    Stringing a Madraq.

    Almost bought a Dunlop McEnroe MadRaq a month or so back at a thrift store. It was pretty beat up so I saved my $5.
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    I was wrong....

    I just string one piece whenever possible and that ends the discussion. Two identical knots. What about hybrids? They don’t work!!!! Roger retired!!! Edit note: I did string a gut poly hybrid the other day and used a starting clamp but I usually use a starting knot. I don’t have a starting...
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    Lobster battery not fully charging

    The battery life definitely shortens over time. It's a sealed lead acid battery. I recommend
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    Tennis Warehouse: ProKennex Black Ace Playtest

    I really didn't like the 107G. It felt harsh to me. The POG OS felt good. I've played a number of the Radicals; Bumblebee, Microgel, etc. The Microgel was closer to my weight wheelhouse these days but just didn't serve well for me. The Gravity S has been my main stick for 3 years now. I...
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    Tennis Warehouse: ProKennex Black Ace Playtest

    I feel the same except I would be comparing to the Head Gravity S. I'd like to try a newer Blade 104 since they've gone to the 16x19 from the 18x19. I've liked the Gravity S over the Blade due to the more open string pattern.
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    Happy hour?

    Saw this again yesterday. @TW Staff Is Happy Hour going to be a regular Wednesday thing again? (I just spent $108 I wouldn’t normally have spent.)
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    Tennis Balls to use to prepare for high altitude matches

    I think you are missing the real problem here and trying to replicate the impossible. The real issue is the pre match warmup. It must be poor preparation. A good warmup should prepare a player for the current conditions both mentally and physically. It shouldn’t matter what the elevation...
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    Working as Wilson Stringer for US Open

    I'm in my 28th year. I'm 50 now. In Ohio I have to teach until I'm 60 to receive the pension. Had I stayed in Kentucky where I started, I'd be eligible now for retirement. I feel immune to all of the BS people throw at me. I just do what I do, which is teach HS mathematics successfully...
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    Tennis Balls to use to prepare for high altitude matches

    Wow. How much money is on the line in this match? This is a lot of pressure and thought going into this. What level are these girls?
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    Is there a lower paying job than stringer?

    This thread is very interesting. I'm just now reading many of these posts. We've got artists (sculptures) and snow plow operators. And now we've got myself (soccer official) and some soccer mom chasers. If we get a few more entertaining ideas, this could go on for another couple of years.
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    Is there a lower paying job than stringer?

    I've gone back to officiating soccer (aka futbol or football). I get paid $1/minute to exercise while I'm walking, jogging, or running around with 7-12 year old kids. The games pay me $50 for two 25 minute halves or $60 for two 30 minute halves. My wife has taken a chunk of my money in the...
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    For those with ball machines - What do you actually bring to the court with you?

    I own a Chrysler Pacifica minivan. I put the back row of seats down and it serves as my truck. I have a Playmate Volley. I have 150 balls. I have a 150 ball hopper but dread that thing. I should go back to the 75 ball hopper and use a box or container to hold the other balls while they’re in...
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    Best items you found at thrift stores (Goodwill)?

    I passed last weekend on a Dunlop Black Max with bumper guard model for $3. It was still usable but had many sets under its belt. I also passed on a Dunlop McEnroe Mad Raq. They wanted $7 for it and it also had many sets of tennis on it. I just decided I didn’t need more stuff. Maybe my...
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    Which companies exit from tennis hurts you the most?

    Brooks. I miss their super comfortable and durable tennis shoes. Sure there are others but I really liked my Brooks shoes back in the 1980s.
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    Wilson pro staff 6.1 classic 16 /18 grommet

    No one sells them other than the famous Tennis Menace or the auction site. Prepare to pay at least $40/set.
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    Classic Racquets? How about playing on real "Classic" Grass?

    @kevin qmto What's the fee for playing there? I've only sort of hit on a grass court once. It wasn't really prepped for play and the balls literally didn't bounce. You could hit a skiy high lob and it might bounce up to your knees.
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    Will I die if I start riding motorcycle

    I used to run and completed a marathon. Then my feet had injuries so I took up road cycling. WHEW! That was dangerous. I had no idea how much people despise other people of bicycles. I only did it for a short while and had a handful of incidents where I was almost hit.....on purpose. I...
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    Will I die if I start riding motorcycle

    It was many years ago when I lived in the Cincinnati area that we hung out. I had no idea about this fire. It was probably around 1995-1997. As another mentioned, he is a super nice guy.
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    Will I die if I start riding motorcycle

    Some thoughts here. 1) No matter the decision, you will eventually die. 2) I used to run around with Scott Summers who was a World Champion endurance motorcycle racer. He never owned a street bike. I asked him why. His response, “ They’re too dangerous.” It wasn’t his lack of skills that...
  24. dak95_00

    Handling dissolving grips on vintage rackets...

    All synthetic grips rot eventually. We can expect more of this. Leather is the only way to go. My most recent rotten culprit is a Head i.Radical MP. But I’ve also got some NOS Prince overgrips that deteriorate upon the simple wrapping of the handle and accelerate if touched.
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    Does the winner of Kygrios vs Medvedev really automatically make the final

    Nick. He’ll stop himself from success. History is a great predictor.
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    Working as Wilson Stringer for US Open

    Great analogy and explanation! I’m a public school educator and run into the same sort of nonsensical ignorance often. Just because you’ve been in a classroom and helped a person with their homework doesn’t mean you can teach or have any idea what it’s like to lesson plan, grade, and answer...
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    Yonex Rexking Rexplay History?

    I just picked up a Rexplay aka R-440 that’s probably never hit a ball before. It doesn’t have a blemish and I couldn’t let it sit there at $15 so I bought it. I swing it in the house to hit a foam ball and it feels good compared to the many other racquets I do the same with. I’m not a Yonex...
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    Best items you found at thrift stores (Goodwill)?

    Ever been to a Goodwill Outlet Store? I fished a really nice Head i.Radical MP out of one of the bins. It was 0.80/lb that day. I also purchased an agility ladder and a golf swing trainer; one of the weighted whippy things. It was all for maybe $4.