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  1. S&V-not_dead_yet

    Great league points of late?

    Had a very good match [4.5] against a tough team. We had several good rallies with reflex volleys and good defense. One point stood out: all 4 of us were at net. Someone hit a short ball to my right, heading into the alley. I dove chest-first, managed to get my racquet under the ball before...
  2. S&V-not_dead_yet

    Criticizing a World Champion

    Not tennis but Chess. World Champion Jose Raul Capablanca was sometimes criticized for playing boring chess. it's not that he couldn't play flashier, sac-laden, eyebrow-raising chess but he often chose the simplest way possible. And lesser players sometimes fell into the trap of thinking that...
  3. S&V-not_dead_yet

    How is your swinging volley?

    I've never attempted the 2HBH SV in a match. My emphasis is on the FH: I rarely hit it well; it usually goes too middle, whether I'm hitting CC or IO. I guess I don't have enough faith that the TS will bring the ball back down.
  4. S&V-not_dead_yet

    Common Shots in Matches That We Never Practice

    I'll go first: chasing down a lob and BH counter-lobbing over my shoulder while still facing the back fence. I have done self feeds rarely but it comes up usually at least once or twice per match. I used to hit it short but I've gotten better at getting it both high and deep.
  5. S&V-not_dead_yet

    Odd Tracking Problem

    I have a problem moving towards the FH side [the Deuce court since I'm a righty] and hitting a winner CC volley: more often than not, I do everything but hit the shot I want. Into the net, wide, long, or too middling. It doesn't seem to be a problem on the BH volley. Possibly related: when...
  6. S&V-not_dead_yet

    Early racquet prep? Watch Serena.

    Watching the Serena v Kontaveit match, I was struck by how early Serena takes her racquet back, particularly on her FH. Not sure why I've never noticed this before. But a great model to strive for.
  7. S&V-not_dead_yet

    "Don't play in reading glasses at night"...

    ...and other sage advice. What's yours? I honestly thought I was wearing my distance glasses and was worried about a sudden decline in vision. Then I remembered I took them off to do something on the computer and forgot to exchange them. No wonder I was having trouble [more than usual]...
  8. S&V-not_dead_yet

    Classic Grunting/Hindrance Scenario

    Playing adjacent to 2 guys playing a singles match. Looked like an even matchup wth some good, longer rallies [unlike my match where typical rallies are about 2-3 shots]. I thought it was just 2 friends playing a set; I didn't realize until later it was a league match [Flex?]. Some ways into...
  9. S&V-not_dead_yet

    5.0 vs 4.5 [no video, just observations]

    I [4.5] played against a 5.0 and made the following observations: - He made very few errors: apart from a lazy service return on the 2nd point of the set, it wasn't until over halfway that he made his first UE - He had most, if not all, of the shots [I didn't see him try a tweener] and could...
  10. S&V-not_dead_yet

    1 of the 3Fs [Fitness]

    I coined the phrase "the 3Fs" to mean footwork, fitness, focus <mental toughness>, and spacing [the space between your body and the ball; according to Tom Avery, this is the #1 problem for rec players]. In recent matches with a teen, I've come to appreciate more the "fitness" part: after the...
  11. S&V-not_dead_yet

    Yandell mentioned in Inside Tennis Nov/Dec issue

    Shout out to @JohnYandell: "Back in the 1980s, Vic Braden and John Yandell were pioneers, among the first teaching pros to extensively deploy videotape technology to provide detailed feedback on various stroke techniques."
  12. S&V-not_dead_yet

    Coincdental occurrence similarly shaking up CrossFit world [not CV-related]

    on Jan 5th, Dave Castro, general manager of sport for CrossFit, was fired without any advance notice or warning. He was consdered by many to be the face of CrossFit for maybe the last 10 years. The debate immediately arose in a very similar fashion to the Djokovic controversy related to...
  13. S&V-not_dead_yet

    "Extending the Match"

    Brent Abel and Jeff Jacklich over at "Gold Ball Hunting" talk about the concept of "extending the match": when you're losing, when things are not going your way, when things feel "off", the best response is to try and extend the match. Lose more slowly. Switch to Plan B. Whatever you want to...
  14. S&V-not_dead_yet

    A great opponent

    I'm fortunate to have an opponent that is a fair bit better than I but he's usually content to defend and let me attack. So, while the score is usually lopsided, I'm not getting blown off the court with power and I get a chance to construct a point. We always end up with several highlight reel...
  15. S&V-not_dead_yet

    How To Slowly and Ponderously Start Improving Your Tennis

    Most people spend about 95% on stroke technique, 4% on fitness, and 1% on everything else. To shake things up, I propose that concentrating on the 3Fs will produce the biggest impact vs the standard allotment above. Footwork Fitness Focus [mental strength] spacing [the distance between your...
  16. S&V-not_dead_yet

    Great preparation tip

    From Brent Abel and Jeff Jacklich over at "Gold Ball Hunting": "Don't send your hand and your racquet to do what your feet should be doing." I'm guilty of this, especially on volleys: I will lean at the waist and lunge rather than taking that extra step or two.
  17. S&V-not_dead_yet

    What am I missing here?

    Look at this lob by Sinner: even in single frame mode, I see it out by 2'. Do I need my eyes checked?
  18. S&V-not_dead_yet

    Return Serendipity

    I went to the local park to practice serve because my regular partner got TE. What I really wanted was return practice but beggars can't be choosers. On one of the courts, however, a really tall young guy was practicing serve solo. I could tell just by watching his trophy pose that he likely...
  19. S&V-not_dead_yet

    Hamstring Inflexibility

    I've always had tighter hamstrings on the left [I'm a righty]. I work and work and work but don't seem to make much progress on improving the flexibility. I also notice I cramp easier on the left when I bend my knee with my foot moving towards my butt. If I grab my foot and pull upwards, no...
  20. S&V-not_dead_yet

    Tournament sportsmanship

    No, this thread is not about the negative but rather the positive. I went and watched part of an adult tournament and saw no disputes over line calls, no gamesmanship, no whining, etc. OTOH, I did see a lot of "benefit of the doubt" line calls, racquet claps, "nice shot"s, and "good luck in...
  21. S&V-not_dead_yet

    UTR Fluctuations

    For those who have resumed sanctioned match play, what has your experience been with your UTR? Was there a big spike initially which then settled out? Or are the #s still wildly fluctuating?
  22. S&V-not_dead_yet

    How Broad is Your NTRP?

    As a mid-4.5, I've handed out bagels and received them. Recently, I hit with another 4.5 and I couldn't even handle his warmup shots very well; too much heat. I don't often run into that large of a skill differential, especially since I'm roughly in the middle of the range. What have your...
  23. S&V-not_dead_yet

    Brengle's Serve

    Starts off in a WT position and then at the last second, goes to on-edge. Still, seems a bit awkward? Reminds me a bit of Bartoli and Siniackova.
  24. S&V-not_dead_yet

    The Art and Science of Ball Watching

    @SystemicAnomaly @JohnYandell Some of you may have noticed an advert in the latest Inside Tennis magazine for this book by Paul Hamori. Given that I sometimes have shaky consistency due to poor contact, I thought it would be an interesting read. It's only 81 pages with large type and many...
  25. S&V-not_dead_yet

    How to play relaxed doubles

    Djokovic/Djokovic v Haas/Lopez
  26. S&V-not_dead_yet

    5th Metatarsal Fracture

    Asking for a friend: she fractured her 5th metatarsal [foot, connected to pinky toe] and the bone is not healing in the right direction. Doc recommends surgery to fix. A) Is this a relatively minor procedure with a very high success rate? B) Are there non-surgical alternatives? I was...
  27. S&V-not_dead_yet

    UR in UTR

    It would seem to me that UTR should have extended the period of retained matches to 2 years to account for the gap due to the pandemic. Without that, there must be a whole bunch of players who no longer have a UTR. If one wants to enter a UTR tournmanent before having played any USTA matches...
  28. S&V-not_dead_yet

    Cam Norrie's BH: ugly?

    Note that I'm not commenting on its effectiveness but the aesthetic: it looks very uncomfortable with those locked elbows. Then again, for someone like me who tends to get jammed on the BH, it would probably help my game.